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Need intro text to LP overview For this i want to use a Lego as a metaphor

Branding & Strategy

A winning brand has many dimensions, like a human being, it is a representation of the personality, soul, and customer experiences that will tell you apart from existing brands. Brands stand out because of the levels of intrigue they pose to people.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are not at the top of site engine result pages, it means you are losing valuable leads. At this point in time, SEO is no longer an option to shove aside; it is indispensable to market items and attract qualified sales and leads

Funneling & Marketing

You want the visitors who come to your site to take certain actions: purchasing, filling out forms, or signing up. With funneling, you can easily pinpoint where you are losing customers by keeping track of the funnel process.

Analytic Reporting

Is this for you? Does your business find value in predicting the present, managing the present, and understanding the past? Business analytics can be of high value in turning useful data into valuable insight.


Our advertisement strategy will increase customer engagement, retention, and acquisition. It is targeted and measurable, creating a tangible part of your marketing mix. We are experts in helping brands connect with consumers.


We offer an indispensable line of defense against modern attacks. We cushion your business security by offering the following services: Threat detection and response on a myriad of attack vectors Compliance and risk advising Expert consultation services for maximum I.T. support

Company Policy

More than ever, due to the current economic uncertainty, small and medium scale businesses need to ensure that the core fundamentals of their companies are grounded. You can become compliant for a low cost by allowing us to write and review your company policies.

Solutions Tooling

At Guru Solutions, we want to impact your business with comprehensive tooling capabilities. We can assist you with whatever you need: Prototype and Pre-series Tooling, Production/Low Volume Tooling, Rapid, plus a wide range of other tooling services.


People are run by emotional impulses. One of the surest ways of tagging the attention of your desired consumer and changing their purchasing decisions is by tapping into their emotion. We are very adept in emotional marketing, using it to leverage your customer base and urging them to act on their purchasing potential.

Operational Standards

Nowadays, customers feel more at ease when they know what to expect from a service i.e. how fast, suitable or accurate it will be. However, such standards remain limited in many sectors. At Guru, we want to fill this gap. A good and defined service standard is imperial to the general image of any organization.


Design starts by seeking something desirable. By having people at the heart of its operation, design aspires to come up with solutions. Through the research that we carry out, we see that potential users demand a set of requirements from future services. Thus, design steps in to make sure the services created are relevant and desirable.