How To Content Editor


Let's start by defining the expectation of a content editor.  For Tesames and its partner sites, you will be in charge of the content that our employees and contractor submit.  This includes but is not limited to wiki/article, blog/post, forum/post, and public-facing HTML pages like this one.  Most of your time will be on this page /contributor/evaluation, which will have been designed to give you a full range of all standard content items.  The flow of the content contributor can be found here /global/tutorial-adding-an-article-to-the-cms so you can review it as you will be responsible for guiding them to putting in good quality content.  You can use referrer to the /global/writer-content-checklist for what each article should intel.

With this, let's talk about tools to help you on your way.  First, we have our build-in toolset to first glance at the content to make sure it fits in our guidelines using automation where we can.  Below you will find our tool on the /contributor/evaluation page under content.  By selecting any content listed on that page for review, you will get the following modal.  Click the "Property" button to show the screen below.  

How To Content Editor

This page will give you a brief overview and know how much to approve the content.  If you follow the /global/writer-content-checklist, you use the word count, images, & video to produce payment for the writer from this page only. So don't use words or any other tools to figure out word count etc.

The next tool that we use a lot is the "PDF" button at the bottom of this screen.  This button will export this doc as a PDF for you to download.  The reason for this is to make any voice-over application able to read it and not have a lot of other junk.  Google Chrome and Google Play have an application called @Voice which will read PDF.  You will have to play with this application to understand it and how to navigate to the PDF to read it. 

How To Content Editor

Our standard operating procedure is detailed below of your daily routine:

  1. Content Contributor Login and Request work from this page /account/console
    1. How To Content Editor
  2. This triggers an email to you.  Once you get the email, click the link inside it to be taken to that content piece.  
    1. When you get this email, the link will take you to the /contributor/evaluation page to review and approve this task.
      1. How To Content Editor
      2. You will then click the edit button on the modal that pops up.
        1. How To Content Editor
        2. It will bring up the screen to edit the objective.  Before saving, change the member to the person that requested it, check the context to make sure there is an objective to fulfill, check the role to say, writer, agenda to say "Content Writer," then change the status to "InProgress," and check the "Send Email" checkbox then press save.  This will set the objective as their task and will show up on their/account/console screen as an objective for them to complete.
          1. How To Content Editor
    2. After they have completed the work and are ready to submit it for evaluation, they will go to the /account/console, click the "Request Review" button & my let you know in the Facebook group chat.
      1. How To Content Editor
    3. Once they do that, they will send another email to you. Again, the first link is the agenda/objective you assigned them, and the second link is the content they linked to this objective which could be a wiki/article or blog/post, etc.
      1. How To Content Editor
      2. You want to select the wiki article first and review the "Property" tab for the grade.  If you see anything that is false or Media Ratio below 100%, you will need to click the "Item" button and review the document manually.  After you have figured out why it's not passing, you can then report any back to them in the Facebook group chat of any issue.
        1. How To Content Editor
      3. Once you have reviewed it, you will need to set the agenda as either paid or set it as in progress again.
        1. How To Content Editor
        2. You will want to either set the status to InProgress or Completed based on your review and Facebook conversation on this screen.  This is my cycle of this process a few times to get it corrected with new contributors.  When you review the /global/writer-content-checklist, you will see a penalty matrix for contributors after they have done 3 or more content pieces.
          1. How To Content Editor
          2. If everything checks out and it's ready to pass, you want to calculate our payment.  You can use the formula from the /global/writer-content-checklist to figure it out.  Once you do insert it into the "Context" area seen above, labeling each item of what is being paid for, e.g.(word count 0.03 + image count 0.50 * 6 = x)
          3. Then make sure you set the status to completed (if you don't, it will not generate an invoice)
          4. Now check the box send email to notify the contribution it has been approved
          5. whatever the calculation formula came up with goes in the "Budget" field for payment and then selects the next payday available. (Don't backdate the payday)
          6. Then click "Save."


Please don't spend a lot of time reviewing the doc after you produce a PDF and listen to it by spot-checking to make sure it sounds right that the English used sounds right when it is read to you.

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