Position Writer

GURU Solutions is hiring freelance writers to create original content that will enrich our brands. We are a fast-developing website interested in writers who can produce at least one post in two weeks at a minimum.

Position Writer

Topic Examples:

Who We Want:


  • Our payment system is based on an auction system.   
  • Most items in the auction go for around $400.00 per agenda objective
  • We use PayPal as a payment method, and it is required
  • Payments are bi-weekly on a schedule


  • The writer's Bio will appear in their articles. Over time, those who wish to build a social media following can include their social media link in their Bio.
  • However, some special occasions require writers to have their content to ghostwriter status. Our company makes this decision during planning sessions and will happen without notice.
  • For example, we might ask a writer to review an item based on our opinions and personal experience. In that case, we might ask them to use a pseudonym. 


  • Every writer must be able to produce two articles per month. 
  • Every Wednesday is our review day, and all articles must be turned in before 5 PM CST.


  • You will agree that written content, videos, photos, and other media submitted to GURU Solutions becomes its exclusive property. You also have no right to republish it on your own or on other sites. 


  • This is a worldwide freelance opportunity. You will be an independent contractor who will receive a 1099 at the beginning of the year US citizen only. GURU Solutions is owned and operated by James Fleming, a company headquartered in Topeka, KS. 

Are you ready? 

We look forward to hearing from you! :)



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