Writer Content Checklist

Creating Titles and Subtopics

Before you start the article creation process, you need to submit a list of your researched subtopics in order to proceed. The process has a natural flow, therefore, it is quite straightforward. This is how you do it:

  1. Having already done research on the kind of content you want to create, start by inserting the title in the ‘Create a New Article' section. Make sure to read the guidelines provided about the title i.e. length and dates. 
  2. When you move to ‘Immerse Yourself,' the titles and subtopics start getting saved automatically in the CMS. So the admin will see it once they are alerted. 
  3. Go to the ‘Subtopic' tab and insert the rest of the subtopics, making sure to stick to character rules. 


Writers should note that, after submitting the subtopics, send a message to the Facebook group to alert James. He will then guide you from there. Whenever you encounter a problem in the subtopic or article submission process, alert James in the Facebook group. Sending a screenshot of the problem is highly recommended. 


Tips on Adding Content to the CMS

Adding content to the CMS is easy once you understand the flow and can easily submit subtopics. Here are tips to make sure you finalize your work within a short time. 

  1. Have a framework of what is required in each section, paying attention to the wording and other article writing guidelines. 
  2. Do not copy-paste your article from Word. It will generate an error and you will not be able to get past the ‘No word copy-paste' check.
  3. Write the article in the order of submission for easier copy-paste



    • Title length has to be between 40 and 70 characters long
    • Make sure the essential words are first in the title name
    • Tell them clearly what they get by clicking the link
    • Do not include dates or other factors that may change over time.
    • When creating a title, it is essential to know that the Title will become the alias for the article and cannot be changed. If a modification is needed to the URL of that article, you will need to contact the administrator.
    • Don't include the Title or any summary of the Title in the content.
    • Try to make an actionable item for them

Immerse Yourself

    • Learn and use what they learn to become experts in the content you create.
    • Authentic Content
    • Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (E.A.T.) by doing and living the content you write about in the first-person view of the topic.
    • Y.M.Y.L. is a methodology we use here (Y = Your, M = Money, Y = Your, L = Life) Which means you are producing content that you make your life about.
    • In your profile, fill in your B.I.O. section to show why you are an expert in this field and why the information you present is helpful.
    • Becoming Expert
      -- Join 5 Facebook Groups
      -- Join 3 Podcast Channels
      -- Read Books on the subject matter
      -- Subscribe to 5 YouTube Channels
      -- Get an Amazon Audible account
      -- Take an Online Course
      -- Subscribe to News Feeds
      -- Review products related to the field
    • Get Cited as a source
    • Get Feature as Author on Another Site
    • Unique Image of You
    • Unique Image of You
    • Media Mentions of You
      -- Podcast or Video
      -- Name & Link to you
    • Linked In Profile with your Expertise on it
    • Create a Quora Profile
    • Create a Reddit Profile
    • H.A.R.O. Sign Up Help a Reporter Out
    • Authoritative Sources to Cite From
    • Create Authorship Profiles on Google Scholar
    • Example


    • Grammar and spell checks must be completed according to American English standards.
    • Using a utility like Grammarly is required.
    • Use a reading software like reading Aloud to help you check tenses and fluidity.
    • Make sure all text utility/tools are set to U.S. English and not British.
    • Example


    • Refer to the immerse yourself resource button
    • Tone: Approach article as though answering a question for a neighbor
      - Friendly
      - Use a "How about this solution mentality."
      - Research and Write as you find each sub-item the main topic
    • Expert Outreach Ideas:
      -- Phone Expert
      -- Quote
      -- Email Expert
      -- Linking to Expert
      -- Email
      -- Blogger
      -- YouTuber
      -- PodCast
      -- Tweet Texting
      -- Poll
      -- Non-Offical Poll, Like forums & comments
    • Pick a Post Type: - Response Post-1300- Words (Straight forward post that has answer target and supporting details)
      - Staple Post 2200+ Words (Respond to multiple search queries to broad for a response post)
      - List Post (Start by listing each item in the title area of the sub-item then, use sub-items body context to explain them)
      - How To (Introduce what they are doing; list of material and tools at the start; sub item stand-alone content)
      - Query Group Up (Each Title and sub-item is a different question related to the overall topic)
      - Review Post (Product posts that highlight commerce solutions, not a sale pitch)
      - Round-Up (Directly compare similar items that have something in common to be tagged with review post)

Reference A Experts

    • In this section, we want to know the source of truth you used to gather the knowledge for this article?
      - Url
      - Media (YouTube/Infographic/Audio)
      - Books
      - Life experience and the details of it

Tee Up

    • Tell google you are about to answer the question
    • Use 400 words or less
    • Identify the topic
    • Establish rapport with the reader
    • Give confidence you can help
    • Be empathic to their need for help
    • Give a sense a natural person is writing this that has looked into the issue directly.
    • Say what this article is about
    • Don't use h tags for headers; the wizard will add them to the Title when published.

Answer Target

    • Answer the question directly in this section; you will have time in the support answer target to get details and caveats.
    • Your answer target should be less than 700 characters.
    • Your answer target should sound like an encyclopedia or dictionary response
    • The content being written is meant to be consumed by a person of average literacy with little experience.
    • Your response can be a list or a table comparing
    • Don't Use No/Yes in your response
    • Start your Answer Target by one of the following:
      There are...
      In total...
      On average...
      As a whole...
    • Don't use h tags for headers; the wizard will add them to the Title when published.

Read On

    • Convince the reader you have more to share in a friendly manner. Explain what else you have to offer on this topic
    • This section can be no longer than 400 characters.
    • Don't use h tags for headers; the wizard will add them to the Title when published.

Tag Word

    • Add a minimum of 5 keywords or five phrases separated by a comma "for site search.

Internal Back Links

    • Internal Link Content: Look at listed articles and compare your topic to similar ones already on the website.
    • Use these links in your article where they make sense. Group phrases together when creating links, so they know what they are clicking on rather than one-word links.
      - e.g., How to format your computer
    • Another Method for Backlinks: Use Google phrases in your search to get internal links for your article.
      - e.g., Google Search "site:geek-computer.com backup windows 10"


    • Internal Link Content: Look at listed articles and compare your topic to similar ones already on the website.
    • Use these links in your article where they make sense. Group phrases together when creating links to know what they are clicking on rather than one-word links.
      - e.g., How to format your computer
    • Another Method for Backlinks: Use Google phrases in your search to get internal links for your article.
      - e.g., Google Search "site:geek-computer.com backup windows 10"

Media Selection

    • All images should be authentic and originals of yours as often as possible. The reader should feel that you have dealt with or have learned the topic you are writing about.
    • There is a 45-minute delay from when you upload your image to viewable in the article. This results in the picture not showing after you upload it and save it. If you still have no idea after 1hr let the content editor know.
    • The first media image must be above the fold in the content when possible. (Above the area where the screen cuts off on Desktop/Tablet/Mobile)
    • Videos cannot be more than 9 minutes long. If your video is longer, you will need to add a topic heading and break the video down into subsections in length that can be tagged.
    • Media Required
      • One image per 650 words
      • One video for every 4000 words
    • Attention Getter
      • Images
      • Infographic
      • Charts & Stats
      • Video
      • Quote Boxed In text
      • Highlights text
    • Media Resource
      • Unsplash
      • LifeOfPix
      • Pixels
      • Flickr
      • StockSnap
      • PixaBay
      • Burst
      • Reshot
      • FoodiesFeed
      • Gratisography
      • 123RF

Support Answer Target

    • Answer the main topic question in detail
    • Include a table of information, charts, or listing of examples if able
    • Discuss caveats to the answer target statement
    • Focus on making sure you answer it so they don't have any more questions about it and move on to the next step.
    • Keep paragraph 5 lines or less.
    • The detailed answer has a limit of 800 characters.
    • Don't use h tags for headers; the wizard will add them to the Title when published.


    • When every possible, an experiment should be done to help with the original research. Some items to consider when before passing this area is the following:
      -- Involved
      -- Methodology
      -- Tool for Measuring
      -- Accuracy
      -- Battery Life
      -- Energy Use
      -- Durability
      -- Easy of Use
      -- Feature Set
      -- Cost
    • In the section below, explain what experiment you did or why you did not complete an investigation and discuss the results of the Topic.

Sub Topic

    • Topic Title has to be between 40 and 70 characters long and follows the same guidelines as the main topic.
    • What do I have to add to the conversation already on the internet? You want to bring more thoughts into how to solve for X than repeating context on the net. Be unique and bring more to the table.
    • It should always be in the order of the person searching the information. List sub item topic as if you were asking them what would be the first thing you asked, "Now what would be the second thing you would want to know." etc...
    • Topic titles must be enough to write in-depth but shouldn't bleed into other areas. Headings must follow a logical and easy-to-understand logical path of information gathering.
    • One method would be to google the phrase and then look at the other query asked about this topic to choose a sub-topic. By considering the "people also ask" & "other search" shown below, you can create subtopics and write a concise answer for the question, as well as start the sub-topic to support the main question/topic being asked.
    • Don't leave the reader with remaining doubts and be direct with topic answers. Write the most in-depth reply on the web.
    • Don't stray from the main topic very far, but ask what they need to know next, keeping as close to the main topic as possible.
    • Consider what the reader's next question would be without straying from the main topic.
    • Keep paragraphs to 5 lines or less separate by paragraph and formatting of elements. We want the non-boring text to be read and not like dictionary-style. Format your text style to be easy to read by section of content and separated by format elements from the above list of items.
    • Max sub-items/topic is 30
    • Before writing all the sub-items that may not align with our vision, you should request a review of the sub-topic using Facebook chat.
    • Don't use h tags for headers; the wizard will add them to the Title when published.
    • Having unique content to separate us from the rest is a necessity for your growth.
      Unique formating critical elements in the body context where they make sense are recommended.
      • Charts
      • Tables
      • List Items
      • Images
      • Box In Text
      • Table Data
      • Videos
      • Short text on point
      • Original research
      • PDF
      • Help them
      • Quotes
      • What did you do differently
    • Example


    • This image should be the first image in your article
    • The site will format the size automatically


    • This section is to finalize all your answers and sub-items to come to an ending conclusion.
    • The conclusion has a 700 character max limit.
    • Don't use h tags for headers; the wizard will add them to the Title when published.


    • Preview the content as it will be published as an article on the website once accepted


    • By submitting this item as a completed deliverable, you agree it aligns with the requirement per each section.
    • You are given two edits after submitting the deliverable before we start marking the asset as not usable.
    • Each time we evaluate an article, it is reviewed until we find a problem. After an issue is discovered, it is sent back to the writer per discovered issue.
    • Penalties:
      If the asset has to be edited for the 3rd time, we remove $0.01 per word from the total payment due.

Payout Chart

General Payment Matrix: 

  • $0.01 per word
  • $0.01 per media image
  • $0.15 per quote (Pre Approval Required)
  • $8.00 per data chart (Pre Approval Required)
  • $5.00 per infographic (Pre Approval Required)
  • $0.01 per other files  (Pre Approval Required)
  • $1.00 per minute of a video (Pre Approval Required)

    Penalty Matrix:

  • Documents requiring more than 2 edits will be adjusted to $0.01 a word.
  • Documents that do not follow the topic assigned will not be accepted.
  • Any item that is not formatted correctly will be rejected.
  • Any content that is not in-depth enough to be considered useful by a beginner will be rejected.
  • Any item not put in the C.M.S. and formatted correctly with media will be rejected.
  • Any item that does not follow the guide line provided on each screen in the staging area will be rejected.









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