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Need intro text to LP overview For this i want to use a Lego as a metaphor

Programmable Logic Control

We have a range of solutions, including PC-based and PLC control systems, necessary to streamline your manufacturing needs. The PLC is an industrial state computer which is effective in industrial automation applications and similar harsh working environments. We have the best bespoke PLC solutions to cater to your needs.


Guru Solutions wants to free you from the burden of patch deployment, upgrades, and policy management by providing monitoring, administration, and maintenance services of your firewall. We provide you navigation in your firewall management journey to maximize the value of your investment.

Cloud or On-Premises

One of the most critical factors of evaluation when a company is setting up a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is whether to deploy it in the cloud or on-premises. The increased adoption of cloud services is making companies keen on these options. We offer the right solutions to your business and objectives.


It is time to connect with your new automated network. With our help, you can integrate new LAN (local area network) switches confidently into your network as you transition into a digital foundation with simplicity, security, intelligence, and automation.

Microsoft Windows Server

Guru Solutions offers very responsive and comprehensive Microsoft Windows Server Support services. We have acquired in-depth resources in these services, giving us a competitive edge when dealing with problems from small and large-sized company server issues.

Phone System

Having the right phone system that best fits your organization will boost your business speed and growth. At Guru, we are hell bent on delivering a phone system to suit your business desires. Our installed systems will enable effective collaboration, enable better customer support, and increase working flexibility.

Linux Server

Having a team of consultants that can easily fish you out of web and server issues and prevent them, improve code deployments that are time consuming, and handle server migrations easily, is a steal. We have a variety of ways to engage with our customers depending on the kind of service they are after.

Email Services

Business emails can be a bit tricky to understand at first. From IP black listing to poor email deliverability, web hosts can encounter several issues. However, with scalable and flexible email sending services you can start sending your emails without hiccups right away and receive benefits from professionals.

Load Balancer

With the power of load balancing, you can improve application availability and performance by dispersing traffic from unwanted servers and distributing it dynamically to the most responsive and available server pools. Combined with our custom dashboard, you can manage your local and global traffic in a safe environment.


If your business still uses keys for security, it means that you need a major upgrade. Keys are very easy to copy, steal, misuse or lose. However, everything changes when you replace that old security system with smarter modes of access control like smart locks, user codes, and card readers that put you in control of user interactions.