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Nancy Museo is a freelance writer at Geek Computer, where she just got hired. She is a graduate of Maseno University and holds a bachelor's in English Literature. She is a teacher at Kisasi Boys High School, where she taught for three years; before then, she taught in different schools within Kisumu city.  Nancy has always loved writing and drawing since she was a child. She would write short stories, poetry, and at some point, she knew she would be a great writer in the future. Being a teacher has helped her writing dream come true, as teaching is a part of passing knowledge to others, which she loves so much. She loves writing about business and technology most, but even at that, she believes she can write about any topic on the planet. She is good at researching and writing SEO articles. She started her writing career at ProWriters Time; later, she joined freelancer and Upwork, working for multiple clients. She has written content for several websites and blogs and worked with several writing agents. Most of her articles are ghost-written, though, currently, she's working on developing her parenting blog, where she feels she will grow her writing career more. Her knowledge is vast, and her teaching career does not limit her to writing. She always strives to deliver content that answers her readers' questions. She is easy to work with and accepts criticism, whether positive or negative, taking it to her benefit. She works toward her client's satisfaction and her readers. She always works hard to get your site ranked. She also works under pressure and ensures timely deliveries. She loves challenges in writing. Hiring her will be the best choice for your site!  Nancy is a mother; you will find her spending time with her kid if she's not teaching or writing. She always makes sure to create time for him because family is just as important. She has an eatery store in Kisumu city where she has several employees to help her manage it, and she also offers cooking lessons in the same store. She is a business-oriented person and never lets any business opportunity pass her. She is an entrepreneur by nature as she has developed a few spices under her store name, which are sold in several cities here in Kenya. Her hobbies include writing, reading, cycling, and dancing. She is generally friendly and curious about the current trends; of course, being a writer and a teacher is expected. She always carries her laptop with her because, according to her, she is always inspired to write. She loves jogging early in the morning before she begins her daily activities; it always keeps her fresh and energized throughout the day.  She loves learning new skills and trying out different activities like zip-lining and bungee jumping. She loves watching football and going to the cinema. Family, teaching, business, and writing are her life. If you are looking to hire Nancy, you can reach her through her email: 


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Nancy Museo

9/22/2022 8:52:59 PM


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