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Berts Njoroge is a content writer and a journalist by profession. He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Journalism and Mass Communication from The Technical University of Kenya.  He started content writing in the era of Elance and Odesk, and now Upwork. Later, he decided to pitch to direct clients and has successfully written hundreds of articles and blogs across the web.  You will find some of his work on Geek Computer. Here, he has written many tech articles and has shown his prowess in long-form content.  He has written hundreds of blogs for Muscle Gains, a fitness and bodybuilding website. Here he wrote so well that Madam Katina, a project manager, was impressed.  You will also find some ghostwritten articles on the biggest sites like Windows Report and Tech Central. He has recently gotten a role to write for Thou Curator, a crucial baby for Tesames global family. He joined this family in mid-2021 and has since published many articles.  Those are just a few. He has written many other works for different clients.  Locally, he worked for Kenya Writers, a content agency. Here, he grew from a content writer to an editor before resigning to start his goal to become an independent global content guru. Berts loved matters Tech way back in the early 2000s. He would show his parents how to use their phones and later use computers with little training. He now interacts with his PC more than people.  He is a curious individual who constantly questions tech advancements. He has a nose for tech news and whatever is happening around the globe.  His most robust niches include technology, bodybuilding, business, finance, and health. However, with vast content writing experience, he can handle any topic. He believes in taking more time to research than actual writing.  He skillfully structures his content for SEO but does not write for Search Engines instead for people. His content is engaging, informative, and fun.  Interesting facts about Berts Njoroge Has never missed a deadline. Love criticism(positive). He writes in native-level English. He is a great researcher. He is self-motivated.  Some of the tools he has worked with include:  Dashword Tesames Slack Grammarly Notion Trello WordPress Wix Apart from writing, Berts loves to spend time with his family, trying new recipes, camping, traveling, and game drives.  His passion for the future is to be a world-renown content writer and teach as many writers as possible. He is also aspiring to fill his Youtube Chanel with tech videos and more. He also intends to dive more into adventure and tours and give more attention to his startup- Trakk Kenya Adventures.  He is also looking forward to publishing articles in global online magazines like New York Times, ITworld, Business Insider, Laptop Magazine, and Lifehacker.  However, writing is his blood, and he will always write as long as he is alive. He will consistently deliver pure gold. He is open to recruiting one or two clients who would like to rank better on Google.  You can reach out to him via email: 
Berts Njoroge

9/23/2022 5:03:25 AM


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