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Geek Computer is hiring writers to add valuable content that will enrich our site and help our clients. Our topic list is 300+ and growing. We need writers that are capable of producing at least one post every two weeks.

Example Post https://www.geek-computer.com/wiki/what-is-a-computer-processor-thread
Response Post Topic (1300 ~ 1500 Words)
1. What is processor L2 Cache?
2. How do you find what socket processor/CPU you have?

Basic Requirements:
Colloquial English with the proficiency of a native speaker
Knowledge of Grammar
Experience proof-reading
Facebook for messaging https://www.facebook.com/cpurepair785
An email address that you check regularly
An active PayPal account for payment
Topic Sample Post: https://www.geek-computer.com/agenda/objective
Must follow our Content Writer Guidelines: https://www.geek-computer.com/policy/content-checklist
Must agree to our Contract: https://www.geek-computer.com/policy/freelance-writer-agreement
Must be able to follow our standard operating procedure: https://www.geek-computer.com/policy/tutorial-adding-an-article-to-the-cms

To Apply:
Facebook for messaging https://www.facebook.com/cpurepair785