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Don’t be the last to jump into the bandwagon; embrace automation, the future of work. You can transform your work and get more benefits from your business process automation by trusting in Guru Solutions. Through automation, your company will always be functional with optimized business operations that provide continuity.

Programmable Logic Controllers

If you are on the search for PLC Control Systems and repair services, Guru Solutions has the solution for you. We have a wide range of PLC services that are applicable in many sectors in the industry like manufacturing, refrigeration, and food and beverages. What more do you get by choosing to work with us?

3rd Party Interfacing

Having to pick the right 3rd party support service vendor for your business can be a tasking decision. This might be a contributing factor as to why many companies end up with a retainer based or a break/fix IT support relationship. By working with us, you can save up to 50% by trusting our independent maintenance services.

Micro Processing

Microservice architecture is a distinctive way of developing software systems focused on building single-function modules that have well defined operations and interfaces. Our microservice architecture will enable the frequent, rapid, and reliable delivery of large and complex ideas to you.


The world is constantly changing. Today’s businesses have the responsibility to respond to a myriad of evolving threats in order to protect their companies from attacks. This means that every business, regardless of the size, is in need of secure data and communication access. Having security to protect you across your entire infrastructure is a big deal that can be a challenge.


Being loyal service providers behind building, developing and operating various E-commerce solutions, we are focused on increasing operation margins and sales, and generating more customer interest. If you are looking for a fully supportive, functional, and leading E-commerce business, we are the perfect ally.


Just like any other business, the user experience is what defines the web presence. Therefore, the website created must be compelling enough to attract the attention of and meet the needs of the target market. The goal of any website is to convert the visitors into paying clients. Is your website meeting your goals? We can get you there.

Andriod Application

Guru Solutions is known prominently for its custom android application development efforts. We have developed highly secure, reliable, scalable, and innovative apps. We are on a mission to help startups and other businesses develop futuristic Android applications to power billions of devices all over the world using our advanced Android application services.

Apple Application

We understand iOS development, and when it comes to feature-packed, high-performance, and user-friendly iOS experiences, there is no better team than the Guru Team. We utilize a thorough app development approach that does not ignore important bits like design look and feel, app functionality, user experience and business requirements.


IT infrastructure can be strategically used across the business to help it achieve its goals. It is also the primary origin of qualities like performance, cost reduction, scalability, and modifiability. Guru Solutions can help your company plan and deliver a foundational architecture to amplify scalability and performance.

Big Data

Big data has emerged to become a heavily resourceful business tool. Using insight and data that we capture with our big data solutions, your company can find innovative ways to improve business operations, discover unexpected efficiencies, and uncover insights.


Guru Solutions assumes a number of different roles when it comes down to documentation support. The services we offer go beyond writing manuals; our custom solutions simplify the most complex processes and products. If the documentation for internal applications goes missing or is incomplete, a lot of productivity will be lost and operations will be more difficult. How can we help?

Cloud Software

The cloud is a secure space to host programs, data, and infrastructure. Furthermore, companies need on-demand access to all the tools and applications in use. Guru can make the cloud be more for your business and enjoy the benefits of the cloud. This means more agility, productivity, mobility, accessibility, resilience, and security.