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Cloud-native apps have been in meaningful use recently, and chances are they will be the future of software. This is the time for you to get this app built for your business, and our primary purpose is to render the service to you.

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What is Cloud-native Development

The phrase cloud-native has brought so much confusion; you may wonder, is it born in clouds? Are you using cloud-native apps on a specific ground? In simple terms, cloud-native development is a way to build, run, and improve applications following cloud computing technology.
Features of a Cloud-native App

Microservices are part of the cloud-native app, packaged in storage that communicates and connects via APIs. They are container-based; this helps the app to run independently. Hence microservices can't interfere with each other. API-based: helps in connecting containers and microservices while providing security and maintenance at the same time. They are dynamically orchestrated in that they manage container lifecycles, control resource management, load balancing, scheduling a restart after an unintended failure.
Benefits of Cloud-native Apps

They are designed to take advantage of the cloud's speed and efficiency. They are cost-effective; microservice can run on host hence saving time, money, and resources. They are reliable in that if a microservice fails, other services will still run as the apps use containers. They are easy to manage, apps use automation to deploy app features plus updates, making it easy for developers to track all activities as they get updated. They are scalable on their own. This discussion would be ideal for a one-on-one meeting; call us to arrange that.
Best Practices for Cloud-native Development

Best practices in creating a cloud-native app highly depend on the DevOps principle of operational excellence. Our cloud architectures have no special rules; they approach developments differently based on the issues we are solving and their type of software. Our creation of apps follows specific considerations, like, how the app will be built, how performance will be measured, and the continuous improvement of the app lifecycle. There are five parts of the design: automate, monitor, document, make incremental changes, and design for failure. All these parts will be well explained to you by our cloud-native experts.
How Guru Solutions Help

We at guru solutions are all about cloud matters, not just cloud-native development but cloud backup, cloud hosting, and cloud migration. For all your cloud software solutions, reach out to us; you don't have to worry about visiting us, for we will visit, whether in your office or even at home. We are friendly, easy to work with, professional, and affordable. Consultation is free!

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