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What Data Warehouse ETL Entails

ETL stands for extract, transform and load. It's a process in a data warehouse whereby an ETL tool extracts from several data systems, transforms it, and eventually loads it in the data warehouse systems. Both ETL and data warehouses go hand in hand. The pipeline concept is also possible in the ETL process in that you can extract data and transform it while still extracting more data; while still loading data, you can transform the extracted one. It's more like a merry-go-round.
Steps involved in ETL

The first step is extraction. This step extracts data from different sources in various formats such as No SQL, relational database, XML, and flat files. They are then taken into the staging area. The second step is transformation here, a set of rules is applied to the data to convert it into a single format. The controls consist of filtering, cleaning, joining, splitting, and sorting. The final step is loading; the data is loaded in the data warehouse. You can load the data regularly to keep it updated.
Factors to consider in ETL building

You should consider data changes; there are times when data structures change, and your pipeline should handle the changes. Error management should be tackled well; think of what can happen if a disaster strikes; how will the ETL process handle the situation? Sc scalability requirements should be addressed by methods of ETL like input data size paralyzed data loads, and service provider invocations scale in various ways. Other factors to consider are transformation dependencies, changes to pipelines, and performance tuning.
Why Data Warehouse ETL?

The significance of ETL in a business marges with how much your business depends on data warehousing. The tools collect, read and migrate heaps of raw data in different platforms. It improves the consistency and quality of data during the ETL process. You get better and timely insights as data is organized correctly and systematically.
How Guru Solutions Help

Our team is software experts; data warehouse ETL is one of our specialties, among many more. We care for your data; that's why we do our best to make sure it's in a safe place. We do all this professionally. Call us now for a free consultation.

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