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Do you have a business idea but lack a business plan to help you achieve it? Are you about to startup your business and need help doing it? We offer startups solutions to our clients and walk with them into achieving their goals. Reach out to us for all your startup solutions!

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Start-up Defined

A startup is a small company in its initial stages of operations. It's founded by one or two individuals who believe a certain product or service will be a hit in the market. They are mainly focused on one product. They lack a fully developed business model and capital.
Types of Startups

Scalable startups: these are companies in a tech niche. Small business startups: they are self funded and created by regular individuals. Lifestyle startups: these are for people with hobbies and want to work on their passion to create a business. Buyable startups: these are startups created from scratch to be sold to big companies like amazon and uber. Big business startups: these are startups for upgrading big firms, as technology, customers preferences and competitors change over time, it makes them stay on top of competition. Social startups: these are the startups that intend to do good for others, no intention to make money.
Steps to Startup Building

To launch a startup on your own you need to follow a few steps: find a good idea, you need to offer services or products that are in high demand, something that customers really need. Develop a business plan: having an idea won't be enough without a business plan, and guru solutions can help you on that. Ensure you have enough capital: there's no definite amount of capital for a startup, it all depends on the industry you want to venture in and the results you expect, you may need much or little capital. Choose the right people: you have to accept that you can't do everything on your own, you need help but go for people you can trust, remember your business is just starting up. Pick a location and create a site, learn tactics on how to leverage marketing skills and create your customer base.
How Startups Work

A startup is just like any other company with employees who work hand in hand to create products that are accepted in the market, the only difference is how startups go into achieving the above. Startups aim at building an idea from scratch and achieving it, the idea has to be unique ofcourse. Startups also aim at growing fast. As we help you on your startup journey we will give you all the necessary tips and advice. We want you to grow, and what better way than to grow with guru solutions.
How we Help Out

As long as you have a business idea, you can count on us, we will help you on the business plan, build you a website, advise you on marketing strategies,in short, we will journey with you. We have a team of experts who are highly specialised in that field, at the end of the day we want the best for your business. Our services are all you need, consult with us, our services are very affordable. Make that call now!

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