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Your company/firm/business needs a website, does it? The Internet isn't going anywhere, you need a website to stay on top of the competition, and above all, you need a web developer more. In other words, you need us to create a website for you.

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What Website Development entails

Website development, also known as web programming, is the work that goes on when building a website over the internet or through an intranet. It applies to simple actions like creating a single plain text webpage to building a more complex web app. Web development refers to coding and web markup with tasks like server-side scripting, E-commerce development, client-side scripting, content management system, and network security configuration.
Why is Web Development Significant?

Your company will adjust or change the services or products you render, prices, company structures, and many more. You need a website to keep your customers updated. You will be able to save up alot on an advertisement, no worry about paying advertising money as you can go ahead and invest in an SEO promotion for your site. It saves time for customers and enhances the easier sealing of deals; your contact information on the site makes it easier and fast for customers to reach you. A website works day and night; it doesn't matter whether you are in the office or not. It makes you appear credible; with the investment in building a website, customers can trust that you won't disappear anytime soon. The website is there to work for you, and so are guru solutions here to build you a website.
Types of Websites

There are many types of websites that it would not be possible to mention all of them. We've come across the most common ones: business websites, personal websites, small business websites, brochure and catalog websites, e-commerce websites, educational websites, and blog websites. Others include non-profit websites, entertainment websites, an online newspaper, business directory websites, portal websites, search engines websites, crowdfunding websites, and CV/portfolio websites.
Web Development Overview

Web development is classified into front-end development (client-side development) and back-end (server-side development). The first one involves building what the user sees once they load the site. It's done with three codes, HTML, javascript, and CSS. The second one is all about what happens behind the scenes of a web app. It gets help from databases to generate the front-end development. The language coding and framework of the back end are PHP, Perl, java, python, ASP.NET, node.js.
How Guru Solutions Help

We at Guru solutions are here to listen to you, advise you, and offer solutions for all your website needs. We go down from creating to hosting websites; generally, we are all about website solutions and much more. Our friendly customer care will attend to you as they direct you to our web developers' experts. If you have any questions, we will address them before we can get to work; we will clarify any worries. You are just a call away from your web developer.

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