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You Should Be Focused on Your Business, I Can Deal With the Rest.


Hi! My name is James Fleming. I am a .NET full stack developer. My business is to make sure business works for you. Will it be yours today?

Let Me Tell You How We Can Help You

We love what we do. My great team can craft the best code and design amazing user experiences for our clients. We are versatile enough to effectively handle every sector of your business. My services range from both on-call and on-site, giving you the flexibility to choose the type of service that suits you best. I am adept in dealing with the following services:

  • Design, Development, and Deployment of Web and Mobile Apps
  • Creating and maintaining high-end business sites
  • PLC Development and Management
  • 3rd Party Component Integration
  • Sitecore component creation, maintenance, and integration
  • Windows Server and Network Device Management
  • Troubleshooting and enhancing business functionality
  • Team Guiding and Mentoring 


My Story 


My passion for technology has seen me achieve 20 successful years in the information technology industry. I have been actively involved in the tech field as a web programmer, software engineer, developer and manager. I am motivated by the heart of every business I constantly touch. 


My work is to uplift the technology needs of both our community and that of the larger global business market. I understand that relationships are very key in business and profit building; this is the reason why I establish a lot of trust with my clients. I wholeheartedly believe that we can change the world together using technology. 


The Mission: Creating robotic artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning


The Vision: To bring automation to business an make life easier.

People Don’t Buy What I Do, They Buy Why I Do It


Why should you seek my services? Are you not tired of always receiving substandard and overpriced services? My brand is a humane brand. I understand what it is like to want something and want it done to the tee. I offer my services so that you can get your business rolling effectively without denting your pockets. 


We Can Partner


We want to tell your story by being part of it. By working with Guru Solutions, you get a full taste of professionalism, accountability, and growth. We have what it takes. To have a better glimpse of my work experience, visit my LinkedIn profile by clicking here