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Enhancing Business Efficiency Through Custom Solutions

A Software vendor from Topeka, Kansas, we specialize in delivering software solutions to automate and expedite business processes, ensuring goal achievement. Our unbeaten custom applications serve local and nationwide businesses, reducing redundancy, boosting staff efficiency, and cutting operational costs to increase profit margins.
Our Solutions enhance office productivity, minimize paperwork, and consolidate operations on a single platfrom. We equip businesses to communicate effectively with employees, partners, customers, and suppliers through tailored applications.
Thanks to our high-quality products and services, we've fostered long-term, mutually benefical client relationships, as evidenced by consistent positive reviews and referrals.
Seeking Automation, We offer a spectrum of services, from consultations to advanced artificial intelligence, guided by specialized business analyst to ensure you receive the most suitable software for your needs.
Committed to our Clients, we deliver applications that enhance productivity, outstrip competition, and elevate customer service and satisfaction, supported by around-the-clock assitance for seamless, uninterrupted business operations.

Ready to Transform your Business? Contact us for a tailored Consultation.

Empowering Your Business Growth

Comprehensive Solutions Tailored for Your Success

Our Approach to Service Delivery

Our Customer is the most important visitor to our premises, and we want to see you happy. Since we enjoy seeing your buiness grow, we offer consultation services and the best quality applications for increased productivity. As you grow, so do we. For this reason, our teams work tirelessly to address all our customer concerns to their satisfaction.



We offer wide range of solutions for different businesses. Our highly experienced software developers will assess your business needs and provide you with the best application to boost your productivity and help you stay ahead of your competitors. Thanks to our wide range of highly developers, you are assured of personalized software that effectively meets your specific business needs.



At Guru Solutions, we don't compromise on quality. We offer the best solutions with low maintenance to reduce your business running costs. With our applications, you don't need to worry about possible defects, bugs, or the constant need for care. Our experts will advise you on the best services and products with the required ISO 8402-1986 standards that meet the stipulated business requirements.



Time is of essence to any business, and we deliver the industry's fastest services. Committed to meeting client needs swiftly, we provide rapid solutions to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. Upon contact via phone or email, our response and action are prompt.



Every business aims to reduce it's running costs. Wating your enterprise to grow, we offer solutions at the lowest prices. Operating on a tight budget? Our experts will evaluate your automation needs and offer customized software with necessary features Affordably.



We provide ongoing support and maintenance, aiming to fully satisfy customer needs. Offering round-the-clock support ensures your business runs smoothly. Our teams are always ready to address concerns and deliver timely assistance.


More About Us __

Who Are Our Customers

We provide software solutions to small and medium businesses across different industries. Our highly technical app developers are experienced in sofware design and development for restaurants, hospitals, learning institutions, chain stores, eCommerce, and transportation industries, among others. We enjoy serving our local commnity in Topeka, KS. However, we are not limited to our locality as we have national and international clients.

  • Support via e-mail and phone.
  • Digital project planning

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IT Solution Expert

Charlotte Anne
Software Developer
Newton Waweru
James Fleming
Software Engineer

Why Choose Us

Tailoring Technological Excellence!

Let us create and customize a website/mobile/desktop application for you. Every business is different, and in the modern world, scalability is essential. As your business grows, your customer needs shift calling for an upgrade in your application and software. If you are running a small business, you need an app with the basics features for your business. At the same time, you must provide your customers with the most recent features for communication, purchasing products, making payments, and providing feedback. For this reason, we don't burden you with the additional cost of parts but a system we can upgrade on demand.

We are proud to state we are the best at what we do.
Here's why our customers choose us over our competitors:

  • We Provide you with value for money
  • Our Customer service is available around the clock by phone and email
  • We offere quick and efficient software solutions
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority
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Our Story Success With IT Solution

Guru Solutions' founder is a born-computer-geek developing passion for computer systems for age 12. In addition to having 20+ Years of IT experience, he also deeply desired to server his commnunity and country. Soon after high school, he joined Marine Corp as a Tactical Data Network Specialist- this paved the way for him to pursue an IT course in college.

He remained in service for six years, where he accumulated knowledge and experience in all areas of software development.
Soon after leaving his service in the Marines, he extended his passion by putting up Guru Solutions. This software company brings together highly specialized app developers to cater to diverse business needs. Through this enterprise, he continued to provide the necessary software solutions to small businesses and start-ups at affordable prices.
Over the years, Guru Solutions has made it possible for thousands of businesses to compete at the same level as giants in the industry through the use of apps and automated operations.
Ours is a story of hard work, passion, resilience, and dedication in delivering outstanding services to our local and national communities. Looking into the future, we look forward to growing with our clients, helping more businesses harness technology and boost their service delivery


What Our Clients Say

Hear what our clients have to say about our impactful solutions and exceptional service.

  • Execllent!!

"GURU Solutions exceeded our expectations. Their dedicated team not only delivered on time but also went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. The techhnical support has been exceptional - always available and responsive."


Avery Johnson Technology Officer

  • Execllent!!

"Partnering with GURU Solutions has been a game-changer. Their innovative approach to problem-solving has helped streamline our operations, resuting in increased efficiency and reduced costs. A big thank you to their agile and accomodating team!"


Morgan BaileyOperations Director