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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Are you Embarrassed by your Sitecore skills? Here's What to do!

Lack of Sitecore skills can embarrass you; everyone wants to be the best at what they do; whether a company owner or a Sitecore developer, you must be good at Sitecore. I have talked to several people about the feeling and how they resolved it, and my findings will be found in this article. 

There are several factors highlighted below you can consider to avoid being embarrassed by your Sitecore skills. 

  1. Attend Sitecore training and seminars
  2. Have a clear understanding of web principals
  3. Be a  regular reader of Sitecore materials
  4. Have strong programming skills
  5. Acquire tier breaker skills
  6. Hire a Sitecore manager to guide you

The above factors are just a mention; this article will help you find more details on the matter. 

Do you know why you should hire a Sitecore developer? Do you know the qualities to look out for? Read on. 

Are you Embarrassed by your Sitecore skills? Here's What to do!

Sitecore is in high demand with great features that keep on getting better with each upgrade, high-end ecommerce, Al integration, and social media. All those are reasons for you to acquire a Sitecore website for your business and get the necessary skills to stay ahead of competitors. You can hire a Sitecore developer like us to help you out, but even at that, you will need to be a little bit knowledgeable about Sitecore and its operations. Do you have the right skills to handle Sitecore for your business?

Are you Embarrassed by your Sitecore skills? Here's What to do!

Your Sitecore skills can fail you terribly, which will be so embarrassing. Maybe you are a developer or a business owner and feel ashamed of your skills, but it shouldnt trouble you much because, fortunately, you are not alone. You get to hear others being praised about their abilities, how good they are, how their Sitecore websites are doing well, then you get to think, what can I do for my situation? Here are steps you can take to make your situation much better:

Attend training and seminars 
This works like magic; the training and seminars will allow you to learn more about Sitecore from experts and interact with other people in the same industry or with the same problem. You will learn more techniques on approaching Sitecore matters, and you will be more encouraged to learn more, knowing you are not alone. 

Have a clear understanding of web principals
System programming and web programming are different; you need to understand each better. Whether you are a developer or a business owner, it's essential to know this. It would be more embarrassing not to know the functioning of CMS, information architecture, or the basics of content management and publishing. You need to know all this before attempting to work on any Sitecore development.

Be an avid reader of Sitecore materials.
To learn about Sitecore, you must read a lot, not just a one-day task. It is said that learning never stops; you can read paperbacks available both online and offline, books written about Sitecore, blogs about Sitecore, social media, and other places. 

Have strong programming skills
Basic knowledge of Sitecore is not enough; lest you want to be embarrassed, you need strong programming skills and a deeper understanding of software deployment. Getting to know about skills like Html, Javascript, CSS, XML, and expert databases will provide up your Sitecore skills and keep you ahead of competitors.

Acquire tier-breaker skills
There are the average mandatory skills you need to have for a Sitecore; then there are tier breaker skills; these are not commonly known skills; hence knowing them will place you in a better position and gauge you with knowledge. That will be a step further towards beating your competitors. Get to know about marketing automation, social media integration, personalization, and integrated Al. 

Hire a Sitecore manager to guide you
If you are a company owner and feel that you are straining with your Sitecore skills, it's time to consider hiring a Sitecore manager. Delegate all the Sitecore roles to him, and he will make your Sitecore work effectively with higher returns. This will be a win-win situation for both you and the Sitecore manager. 

Are you Embarrassed by your Sitecore skills? Here's What to do!

Why you Should Hire a Sitecore Developer

Sitecore is among the world's leading CMS. It collects and analyzes all your customer's data and insight in one place for your team to leverage as you desire. This allows you to connect and pass information to the preferred audience at the right time. In addition, Sitecore provides what your customers want to see. 

By investing in Sitecore, your online sales increase, and the customer self-service experience is improved, but only if you have to work with the best Sitecore Developer. There are a few who possess such critical skills. Our team has the expertise needed to execute Sitecore projects in the shortest time possible successfully. In this hyper-competitive software market, you need to work with only the best to elevate your market to new heights. 

What do we do?
We primarily focus on improving and updating a business's Sitecore experience and ensuring a quality Content management system. We make sure you can create customized digital experiences promptly and reach your customers in time. You don't have to worry about our genuinity, as we have all the necessary credentials needed in Sitecore development. Let's dive into some of the essential components a Sitecore Developer should have:

Requirements Analysis
A skilled developer will initially look into the necessities required to suit your Sitecore. He should understand what the project needs and how to ensure maximum performance while minimizing cost.

Architecture Planning and Documentation
This is very important in Sitecore development as it serves as the foundation. A developer should develop a sound and organized plan for the project. Poor planning will lead to delays in the future as most time will be spent modifying the application.

It's a developer's work to move an existing website or application into the Sitecore environment: this is simply moving data and information from one place to another within a given Sitecore.

Mobile App Development
Currently, most people employ online services by simply using smart devices like smartphones and tablets. To reach out to a wide range of customers, your Sitecore Developer should ensure that the Sitecore is compatible with mobile devices.

Expanding Functionality
Developers may be called upon when the need to add additional features due to the ever-changing and advancing software technology arises.

Are you Embarrassed by your Sitecore skills? Here's What to do!

Top three Sitecore Developer Skills
Developers have a lot of roles. Therefore, the need for critical capabilities and prowess in Sitecore. Their top three skills are;

1. Strong .NET Programming Skills
Programming skills are essential and highly appreciated. A developer should be knowledgeable in deploying software applications and ensuring a successful Sitecore.

2. Database expertise
The database is a core part of its architecture, and Sitecore is no exception. Developers must have strong database management in SQL Server, for instance. Moreover, they should work under pressure to strengthen Sitecore competence.

3. Web principles and web scripting languages
A  good developer should understand and translate ideas and business needs into technical requirements by developing high-end websites and other web-enabled applications. He has to have tactics on how to boost the modern worldwide web.


With the rate at which Sitecore is becoming popular and taking businesses to great levels, your Sitecore skills should be top-notch. You need to be very knowledgeable about Sitecore to be able to harvest the benefits that come with it. You can do this by involving  Guru Solutions, experts in Sitecore development, to help you with all the Sitecore services. 


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