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How to Create My App Idea Turning Ideas to Reality

The first step to a successful app ideation process is understanding your audience. When you have a clear grasp of who your target clients are, and what they need, you can develop applications that benefit them. Creating a mobile app idea constitutes discovering strategies that improve workflow and livelihoods

There are over 3 million mobile apps on Google Play Store. Each of these app is a reflection of an idea that was conceptualized into reality. For all these apps, meticulous planning, exploration, and implementation of thoughts took place. So, if you have an app idea and are stuck on where to start, consider reading about what's already in the market. Understand your competitors' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Additionally, research further on your funding options and marketing strategies. It is also important to look out for information on app developers and other collaborators. Any information helpful to your course should be in the ideation draft. 

No one knows your app idea better than you. That's why your biggest concern should be developing an app that serves the intended purpose. In this article, I'll discuss what you need to consider before, during, and after the app ideation phase. 

How to Create My App Idea | Turning Ideas to Reality

How to Create My App Idea  Turning Ideas to Reality

If you already have your app idea written, the next big step is research. It's necessary to collect data on your target audience and their needs. Also, expand your knowledge about your competition. Likely, there's already an app idea similar to yours. But even with the many mobile apps in the market, your idea could be the next big development in your industry. In the end, your aim should be offering solutions and creating an app idea that's user-friendly and reliable.

Keep in mind that building an app can be expensive. So, as you come up with the mobile app ideas, consider funding. Have a list of possible collaborators and the percentage of stake you can offer to support the project. Also, research extensively on your marketing strategies. Draft timelines and financial expectations during certain periods.

What Next After Coming Up With an App Idea?

Outline Your App Idea

How to Create My App Idea  Turning Ideas to Reality

This is the beginning of the ideation process. It includes writing down every solution to all the problems you hope to address. At this stage, you are giving your mobile app idea a description, format, and structure. It is at this moment that your mind visualizes the concept. As you expand your thoughts in the ideation phase, ensure your outline addresses these concerns;

What solutions will the app offer? Indicate what users will gain from your app. Keep in mind the initial aspects that drove you to imagine the creation of the mobile app. At this point, reconcile all notes and thoughts of solutions you may offer through application development.

Is my app idea valid? Write down your thoughts on the demand for the app. Who are your target audience? How much do you imagine them liking the app? Is the app marketable? Is it a long-term problem-solver or a seasonal requirement? Remember to highlight the validity of your app idea and its relation to return on investment.

What features should I include? These are the graphic illustrations, design, and the general look of the product. These should just be the outlines of what you intend to work with throughout the app development processes.

Research App Market and Competition

A thorough research ensures you have enough data before diving into application development. It addresses issues with competition, target audience, and funding options. During research, collect data on the following;

Your competition - Research mobile applications offering the same services as yours. Understand their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. Remember that researching your competition gives you an understanding of some wrongs they may be doing that you can make right in your application. A thoughtful building on your app idea entails resolving existing challenges to gain a competitive advantage.

Your target audience - Different demographics have diverse preferences in mobile apps. To ensure maximum returns, create an idea that targets and addresses needs based on requirements. Know your audience so you can work on application development processes that solve their problems.

What Financial Aspects Should I Consider?

There are three financial issues that your mobile application idea should address;

How much does it cost? Your app idea should include estimates of development costs. The costs can cover software, hardware, and personnel expenses. Considering that the app is a continuous venture, every cost from the ideation phase through to launching and customer support should be considered.

Where can I get funding? Consider all options for funding. Every opportunity from individual funding to partnerships should be stated.

What about monetization? How do you intend to earn revenue from the app? A few strategies you can consider include;

  • One-time fee where users pay to download the app.
  • A free-to-download app that depends on ad revenues.
  • Extra charges for additional services on the app.

Create a Prototype

How to Create My App Idea  Turning Ideas to Reality

Once you have all the information in place, create a prototype of your ideas. The prototype is the wireframe indicating processes to the final product. You can divide your app idea prototype into three types;

Conceptual - Deals with the usability of the app. The model illustrates aspects like screens, and buttons and how their actions influence the ease of navigation through the app features.

Interactive - The wireframes visualize models created in the conceptual stage. It includes script presentation to developers, testing of scripts, and simulation of processes.

Animated - At this stage, every application development process is put into action. Visualization of your app idea from a user's perspective happens here. Simulation of every UI/UX design also takes place at this point. At times, developing an animated prototype is included in this process.

Start with a Minimum Viable Product

A minimum viable product (MVP) is necessary for testing. It allows interaction with a small number of users. MVP identifies the problem areas before officially launching. If your app is too slow or difficult to navigate, starting with an MVP allows for correction. It is also a viable prototype for presentation to investors.

Take Note of Your Privacy

How to Create My App Idea  Turning Ideas to Reality

Who should you share your idea with?

Your app idea is a treasure. Selective sharing is necessary to avoid losing ideas to thieves. Conduct thorough research of app builders, coders, investors, and team members before sharing your app idea.

Additionally, get enough information on NDAs, copyright, and trademark ideas for your app. Remember to legally guard the authenticity and confidentiality of your idea.

Publish Your App

At this point, your app idea is already a reality. Your final step is to click the publish button. But keep in mind that most of what needs learning begins here. Customer feedback will guide you through the next steps. Often, the revenues will also indicate if there are issues with app interaction. Don't be afraid to ask for reviews. As you market your app on social media, website, or word-of-mouth, build relationships that promote the growth of your app.


Developing your app idea is a continuous process. This is made so by the presence of competitors looking to outsmart your every move, at every opportunity. For success, review your app regularly. Understand that research, testing, and marketing should be constant to ensure a satisfactory user experience. Remember that the success of your app idea depends on relevance in the market. Additionally, choosing a reliable business app developer like Guru Solutions is necessary to quicken your app development process. Picking a reliable partner gives you a better chance of turning your idea into a successful reality.

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