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How to Get the Most Out of Your Internet of Things

Do you know how to get the most out of your internet of things? It would be wise to know a thing or two about it. This article will be an excellent guide in helping you learn how to get the most out of the internet of things.

There are several things you can do to get the most out of your internet of things; check your software updates and connection point, your VPN connection, the number of devices connected and interferences, the distance from your router, and run a speed test. 

Please keep reading to learn about the typical applications of the internet of things, mobile data, and how to improve it.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Internet of Things

Do you have a slow data connection, and you are wondering why? A slow data connection makes using an iPhone, Android, or PC device exceedingly irritating. It's easy to get frustrated when service isn't up to par while you're attempting to watch a video or conduct some research.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Internet of Things

These minor inconveniences gradually mount up and become aggravating barriers to work, study, and life when your world depends on almost instant connectivity. Try these easy measures first to see if they resolve your slow connection troubles before contacting your service provider's technical help.

1. Run a Speed Test

Running a speed test is one of the common ways that you can use to improve your internet experience.
However, before running a speed test, it's better to know your plan's speed (Mbps).

Why should you run a speed test?

The speed test results can help you have a better internet experience by;

  • Identifying the fastest provider.
  • Running it on different internet providers separately and comparing them.
  • Finding a favorite place to work at home enables you to discover a location that gives you the fastest speed.
  • Identifying dead spots in your house in the areas where you use Wi-Fi.

2. Check Your VPN connection and Connection Point.

When connecting Wi-Fi to a large area, relying on a single access point may not be enough. It is advisable to install multiple access points for a better experience. VPN offers security for your connection to the internet. However, a VPN adds extra steps to your connection, like encrypting and sending it to a secure server, which might lower your connection's speed.

How can you improve your internet speed while connected to the VPN?

You can improve your internet speed while connected to the VPN by applying the following simple tips;

  • Check your internet speed and VPN protocol settings if available.
  • Study the differences in encryption protocols and adjust the encryption levels.
  • Avoid using a VPN and the router at the same time. You can decide to use the VPN on your computer or phone only.
  • Choose a closer server location and avoid using free VPNs.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Internet of Things

3. Interference

Most of us have microwave ovens in our homes. But have you ever thought that microwave ovens could affect the speed and signal strength of your Wi-Fi? The old oven can leak their signals because they have poor shielding compared to new ones, which, in turn, will likely affect the signal strength of your internet. This is because microwave oven signals are of the same frequency as Wi-Fi; when the two collide, the microwave signals are more likely to interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.

Although it is less likely to happen, you should consider fixing the problem if you continue experiencing Wi-Fi problems in your home. It would be best to replace your old oven with a new one as old ovens are more familiar with causing this problem.

4. Check The Distance From Your Router

The distance between your router and your device can affect your internet speed, especially if you are connected to Wi-Fi. The signal tends to fade out the further you are. You can improve your internet experience by moving closer to the router or by moving the router to a more central place in your house or workstation to strengthen the signal. Also, barriers like walls can lower the speed of your Wi-Fi.

5. Number of Devices Connected

You can have a good and fast internet speed, but at the end of the day, the number of devices connected will play a significant role in the strength of your internet. You are more likely to experience a slowdown when multiple devices are connected. The number of devices connected should be limited to not more than four so that your bandwidth is not affected by slowdowns or up to twenty if you are using Wi-Fi. 

How to fix your mobile data not working

How to Get the Most Out of Your Internet of Things

When the mobile data on your Samsung, iPhone, or other device isn't working, it isn't enjoyable and can cost you money if you miss out on job possibilities. Now is the time to take action if you've realized that even if your mobile data is turned on, it's not functioning as you would like. The table below will help you learn about what you should do and give a brief explanation as to why to help you solve your mobile data issue.

Solution A brief explanation as to why
Disconnect Your VPN  VPN offers security for your connection to the internet. However, a VPN adds extra steps to your connection, like encrypting and sending it to a secure server, which might lower your connection's speed. You may be connected to a server location with a slow internet connection, affecting your phone's internet speed.
Disable Your Data Saver Option

Data saver is designed to limit the amount of data your device can use in the background. When activated, it limits the usage of data by some apps in the background, which might slow your device. It can also make your connection sluggish at times. Consider disabling it if it affects your internet connection continuously.

Change Your Location

Your internet speed will likely be affected if you are in an area covered by hills, mountains, and other natural barriers. Also, the connection will be slow in highly populated areas with many buildings. If you are in the above areas and experience persistent problems with your internet speeds, try moving elsewhere.

Restart Your Phone

Most phone users believe that restarting their phones only helps to fix cliches. However, restarting your phone can help you to improve problems with slow cellular data connections.

Update and Disable Heavy Apps

A troublesome app leaves less bandwidth for other apps and slows everything down by hogging your connection. You should check if any unusual app is affecting your connection and do a quick fix by disabling the app access to your cellular data connection.


What are the Common Applications of Internet of Things

How to Get the Most Out of Your Internet of Things

1. Smart home appliances

Intelligent home appliances that are IoT-enabled can range from air conditioning, security systems, lighting, and heating applications. This technology can help preserve energy by turning off devices that are not required. Most intelligent homes are based on a central hub that links to smart devices. They usually are operated from a smartphone or other device at times without requiring a WIFI bridge.

2. Medical and Healthcare

This technology can be utilized in several medical and healthcare appliances. It can be sued for patient monitoring, collecting data, and analysis for research. When used in this case, it is referred to as The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). This intelligent system links resources to a computerized healthcare system that can check the health and emergency notification system, like heart rate and blood pressure monitors, pacemakers, and improved hearing aids.

3. Consumer applications

There are various ways that consumer applications use IoT, such as home automation, connected vehicles, wearable technologies, remote video-enabled doorbells, and other appliances that have hidden monitoring abilities.
Building applications IoT appliances can monitor and control components of distinct types of buildings, such as mechanical and electronic systems. Combining the internet with structures leads to intelligent buildings that can help reduce energy usage and check occupant behavior.

4. Energy Management applications

Connecting the internet can manage energy usage for household devices, industrial appliances, and lamps. You can remotely manage energy-consuming devices to save energy when they are not in use.
Care applications Internet-enabled appliances can offer essential aid to the elderly or the disabled, thus offering better life quality. For instance, voice-controlled devices can help users with limited sight or mobility; alert systems can be linked directly to the cochlear implant to help those with hearing limitations. Sensors can help monitor medical emergencies like falls.


Hopefully, you won't need to call your carrier to increase your mobile data speed. However, if none of the above fixes the problem, your provider may blame you. Keep in mind that a slow data connection is simply one possible issue. If your phone's Wi-Fi performance is still subpar, you'll need to consider other options. Wired connections are more dependable and swifter. It is worthwhile to use instead of Wi-Fi. Guru solutions are expert in Internet of Things services.

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