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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

How to make your product stand out with Sitecore

Many people have an issue with making their products stand out with Sitecore. Some believe you are done once you hire a developer to help with Sitecore development, but that's not the case. You have a lot of work to do to your Sitecore website for your product to stand out; I did my research and came up with this article to help you out

There are several tactics you can consider to have your product stand out on Sitecore such as offering a personalized customer experience, effectively using social media channels to market your products, having a beautiful and user-friendly site, staying in charge by upgrading to the latest Sitecore each time there's a new upgrade, ensuring great content marketing takes place and getting help from Sitecore experts. 

Do you know the products of Sitecore? They are an essential part of making your products stand out. You need to know them and take full advantage of them to stay in the competition and beat your competitors. This article has highlighted all that in detail; read on. 

How to make your product stand out with Sitecore

When you decide to venture into Sitecore for your business, the goal is to make greater profits with your products. That is only possible if you fully exhaust Sitecore features and make your product stand out among your competitors; you need to give your customers reasons to choose your product and not your competitors. You also need to know how to retain buyers and get new ones, so how do you make your product stand out with Sitecore? And make customers choose you over and over again against your competitors? Here is what you need to do. 

How to make your product stand out with Sitecore

Offer personalized customer experience.
A personalized experience won't only be important to you but to your customers. It will make them connect well with you. Ensure you develop products and services that meet their unique preferences. Greet them with their first name and design offers that are likely to please them and make a purchase, the main goal here is to make your product stand out, and great personalization is the new differentiator. 

Make use of social media.
Social media is one of the best ways to advertise your products. Sitecore has prebuilt connectors for web connection through social media channels such as linked in, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Share posts on these platforms about your products and services, and you will be able to create awareness and reach a greater audience hence generating more traffic for your site, making your products stand out. Remember, not everyone is using social media channel marketing; make use of it to stay unique and relevant. 

Have a beautiful, user-friendly design
It is said that love at first sight exists. Let your customers fall in love with your site with just a single look. Also, control the kind of content that shows up on the devices and make your business stay appealing. Customers don't love complicated sites with no clear directions on what to do next after spotting a product they want to purchase.

Your products will stand out if you make things easy and have an easy-to-navigate site and simple terms. Also, check on the payment models, be flexible, and offer as many payment options as possible.

Upgrade to newer versions
Each time there's a new release of an upgrade, make sure you upgrade to the latest one. An upgrade comes with more excellent features and a unique experience essential for your business and your customers. 

Get help from a Sitecore expert.
Getting a helping hand will be very helpful for your business, more so help from an expert. You need help to maintain your Sitecore and upgrades and manage it. This help will ensure that your products stay on top, your Sitecore will always be in great shape, and you won't have to worry about anything because an expert is behind running the operations.

Guru Solutions are experts in Sitecore; reach out to us to help you out and take the Sitecore weight off your shoulders.

Ensure excellent content marketing
Your products won't be recognized if you don't market them. And Sitecore does that very effectively, creating marketing campaigns and Ads to reach out to as many people as possible. Make use of Sitecore CMP to exhaust marketing capabilities fully. 

What are the products of Sitecore?

How to make your product stand out with Sitecore

Sitecore keeps on growing, and so do its products; each version comes with new great products, so you can only imagine the rapid changes in Sitecore products. To get rid of the confusion, we have broken everything down to help you understand Sitecore products much better and be able to exhaust them fully. Below are Sitecore products;

Sitecore experience manager (XM)
When you hear or read about the Sitecore experience manager, think about the Sitecore content manager (CMS). It presents users with a rare opportunity to manage several websites under one roof. In addition, a user can deliver content across several devices and channels and also offers integration with third-party tools. 

Sitecore customer data platform
It offers a personalized experience for users together with decisions, experimentation, and optimization capabilities. The marketers can use it to capture, unify, and use the omnichannel customer data to segment prospects properly. It also takes care of customers' experience and makes sure they get the best actions regardless of their channels.

Sitecore experience platform (XP)
It consists of the CMS and several marketing tools like marketing automation, personalization, email marketing, Omnichannel automation, and advanced analytics. It gives you a 360 view of your customer's journey on the site. Marketing automation lets you nurture your prospects without necessarily adding another automation app. 

Sitecore content hub
You can refer to it as Sitecore's SaaS content lifecycle management tool. It makes it possible for users to manage content strategy, plan, create, collaborate, optimize, distribute plus measure under one roof via the contents lifetime. It plays the same role as that of Sitecore XP in one way or another.

Sitecore order cloud
It is a headless, API-first commerce platform. It offers customizability, scalability, extensibility, plus agility for commerce business requirements. Users can design their commerce solution using the order cloud to fit order management and e-commerce experiences with the help of B2B marketplace apps. 

Sitecore experience commerce (XC)
It makes it possible for users to implement personalized buying experiences fully. They can create custom storefronts with headless architecture plus streamlining supplier orders and inventory management to order fulfillment. 

Sitecore Send
Send is both marketing automation and a management platform with A.I.-powered capabilities, allowing marketers to streamline content, responses, and interactions in several channels. It has all marketing automation features and drag and drops email template creator. This is incredible because you can create your new email newsletter instead of having a developer do it each time you need one. 


The main aim of getting a Sitecore website for your business is to make more sales, for your products to stand out, and of course, to be on top of your competitors. You can only do that by making sure you are in charge of your Sitecore and thoroughly exhausting its features. You may need an expert's help for much better results, and that's where Guru Solutions comes in. We are experts at Sitecore services, and we are just the best people to run to for all your Sitecore issues. We walk with you in your Sitecore journey. 

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