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How to Make your Security Pen Test Work Effectively

If you are wondering how to make your security pen test work, this article is for you. We have done extensive research and created an informative article to help you learn about how to make your security pen test work effectively.

There are a couple of ways you can make your security pen test work effectively; conduct your pre-assessment, know your assessment goals, aim for accurate scoping surveys, consider a multi-tiered assessment, ensure a stable, responsive environment, establish an escalation plan for high-risk findings, and use pen testers for pen testing. If this feels like the article you've been looking for, I will encourage you to keep reading.   

Keep reading to find out more about the types of security penetration testing. 

How to Make your Security Pen Test Work Effectively

If you're new to the world of security testing, then you may not be sure what makes a practical test. The industry has many standards, approaches, and definitions. This can leave newcomers feeling lost in translation when they first enter the workforce or if they're trying to understand more about the field.

How to Make your Security Pen Test Work Effectively

Understanding the best practices of pen tests will make your job much easier and more efficient. Learning how to make your security pen test work effectively would be best.

Ways to make your security pen test work effectively

1. Conduct Your Pre-assessment

A pre-assessment will give you an idea of what you need to prepare before the test. Conducting a pen test can be expensive and time-consuming. It's best to get as much info as possible before the trial begins. Also, if you encounter anything that may point toward future issues, your team can address it before testing.

2. Know Your Assessment's Goals

It's easy to start testing all interfaces, but it's not the best approach. Determine your assessment goals and how they may change during the process. For example, if you originally wanted a detailed report on a system but now need a fix for a security breach. Try breaking down your goals into sections so that you can focus on one or two at a time and create achievable checkpoints for your tests.

3. Aim for Accurate Scoping Surveys

Accurate scoping surveys help you understand your organization's software and systems development priorities. It also identifies the company's areas of greatest need. It will give you a clear understanding of what you are going after so that you don't spend time on things that won't affect you.

4. Consider a Multi-Tiered Assessment

Determine the attack surface of your applications: Penetration tests are designed to mimic attackers' actions to determine how vulnerable your application is. Running a penetration test against each application with a rich and varied attack surface can help you understand where potential vulnerabilities lie and provide insight into whether or not they have been addressed.

How to Make your Security Pen Test Work Effectively

5. Ensure a Stable, Responsive Test Environment

Establish a stable test environment. Ensure the hosts and services you need are running. If they're not, troubleshoot and get them working. The last thing you want is to find at the end of your pen test that the service you need isn't running. This can happen because of an error with DNS or because you didn't manage to get a system started on time. Once it's up and running, ensure it remains stable during the pen test.

6. Ensure the Developer's Team Availability During the Test

Once the pen test has been completed, a debrief is sent to all stakeholders, including the development team. The development team must be available during the test to take a trial of any bugs and ensure all documentation is being taken care of properly.

7. Establish an Escalation Plan For High-Risk Findings

For your security pen test to be practical, you must understand the scope of your testing. Know what parts of the program you want to test and what skillset you need. Users are aware that it is a test, not a real-life breach.

8. Use Pen Testers for Pen Testing

Pentesters, security experts hired by businesses and agencies, provide their employers with their findings after performing a pen test. Pentesters can help you assess the effectiveness of your security plan and are worth the investment if you want to know the details of how your application is defended against various attacks.

What are the Types of Security Penetration Tests

How to Make your Security Pen Test Work Effectively

Organizations use penetration tests to test their employees' ability to maintain good data and system security levels. It also ensures compliance with policies and standards and gauges the effectiveness of existing protective measures. Penetration testing has many different techniques that can be performed from internal and external points of view.

Types of penetration testing

1. External Network Penetration Testing

It helps you to ensure that your network security is up to date and no weak points are present. Every type has its benefits, but they all come with their risks. Knowing the pros and cons before choosing which method is best for you can help you stay prepared and keep your company as safe as possible.

2. Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration testing is a newer type of attack that has become prominent in the past few years, primarily due to the increasing popularity of wireless devices. More and more companies are going wireless for everything from cell phones to computers. It leaves them susceptible to this type of attack.

3. Application Penetration Testing

In the world of penetration testing, application penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities in an application or its interfaces. These are typically designed to emulate a user's actions, such as inputting certain information and browsing certain links.

4. Mobile Application Testing

Mobile penetration testing is used to identify security weaknesses in mobile applications. This technique involves a tester manipulating an application by exploring and exploiting vulnerabilities. A typical goal for a tester would be to achieve privileged access within the system.

How to Make your Security Pen Test Work Effectively

5. Social Engineering Testing

Social engineering involves utilizing psychology and manipulation to extract information from unsuspecting people. The objective is to gain access or manipulate the victim to infiltrate a company's network or cause harm. Companies need to educate employees on social engineering to identify if they are being targeted. If you're interested in learning more about this type of penetration testing, contact us today!

6. Physical Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing is another way that pen testers can bypass perimeter security. The idea behind physical penetration testing is to find ways to access the building and evaluate the target from the inside out. A tester may attempt to walk through the front door or figure out how to climb onto a rooftop and see if there's an easy way.

7. Client-Side Penetration Testing

Client-side penetration deals with anything that happens on the client's computer. Hackers can launch malicious code that could take over their system and record every keystroke. For this reason, it is necessary to use programs such as Firewalls, Antivirus Protection, and Software Restriction Policies to prevent unauthorized access.

What's the Difference Between Penetration Testing and Security Testing

Penetration testing and security testing may assess an organization's network state. Still, they are two different approaches to security that should not be confused with each other. The table below shows the difference between penetration testing and security testing. Hence, you know what to expect from each option before you choose how to approach your business's security needs.

Security Testing

Penetration Testing

A broad term covering several security exercises.

One of those security exercises. 

Never exploits vulnerabilities. 

Exploits specific vulnerabilities to access them. 

Has a broad yet shallow area of operation. 

Contains a narrow yet deep area of operation. 

Advanced security tests like network scanning take 20 minutes to one hour. 

Penetration testing takes 4-10 days, depending on the scope of the test, and rescans 2-3 more days. 

Results in a long list of potential vulnerabilities.  It produces a list of real vulnerabilities rated according to risk. 



No two security pen tests are the same. Each project is unique in its needs. You can always lean on tried-and-true methods for running a successful test. However, your experience and approach will ultimately define your success. You can achieve the best in your pen test journey by letting Guru solutions walk with you; we offer effective security pen test services. 

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