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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Sitecore's Problems

Most businesses and enterprises come to us asking for help on Sitecore issues, the issues have become more rampant in the Sitecore world. For that reason, we decided to write this article to help more people with the same issues, to help understand how to overcome Sitecore issues. 

There are several practical measures you can take to avoid Sitecore issues;

  • Proper configurations
  • Avoid poorly-written codes
  • Getting an excellent hosting environment
  • Proper housekeeping
  • Great version control
  • Involve a Sitecore service company
  • Adequate infrastructure

The above are but a few measures you can take; you will find more steps and in-depth details.

How can you tell that you need a Sitecore for your business? Do you have an idea of the factors to consider when you need one? it's okay if you don't know yet, that's why you are reading this article. Keep on reading to understand and know more. 

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Sitecore's Problems

Sitecore performance problems can cost you your business. The issues can chase customers away due to unreliability and time wastage on the app. Imagine customers logging in to your site; then it takes time to load; the next thing will be to leave your site and go to your competitors. So in all this, you need to find a way to overcome the issues, and here are the most effective ways to overcome the Sitecore problems:

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Sitecore's Problems

Proper configurations
Most of the configuration issues are central to the media. Any fault in your configuration may reduce the speed of the site. You must ensure that the MSSQl is configured to fit about 90% of the total RAM usage. You also have to configure your server to compress static content like JavaScript for good performance. Be sure Sitecore is configured to fetch media using /-/, or media requests will not be tackled fast-this makes the transfer of data very fast. 

Handle the caching issues properly
Poor catching leads to a slow process during data retrieval. Since most media is stored in the database, the Sitecore will have to reach the media and resize it page by page, which is a waste of time. You have to work with a good developer for the best HTML caching to organize renderings appropriately and allow smooth running within your platform.

Poorly written code
When the code of your Sitecore is not properly written, it may lead to underperformance. Your code should rely on indexes which should be configured to work with the amount of content intended.  

Get an excellent hosting environment.
For a better experience, ensure your site is set up in a reliable hosting environment. Your environment ought to have enough CPUs to manage traffic load. Moreover, it is advisable to use the necessary RAM to allow for HTML and data caching; for instance, both rely on the system RAM to function appropriately.

Proper housekeeping
Maintaining your indexes is equally very critical. Sitecore's databases depend on the MSSQL indexes in data retrieval. You also have to routinely check for outdated or unwanted media files and delete them to allow enough room within the database. This action will fasten your database server and will enable you to more accessible access content.

Adequate Infrastructure
Here are a few essential practices for your Sitecore to perform perfectly: Separate the content management and delivery servers. Use the help of a trained professional if you lack the basic knowledge. Working with a Sitecore expert to fully exhaust your Sitecore advantages is always to your benefit. Also, separate Solr Master and Solr Slave Servers to boost speed within site.

Version control
Sitecore itself is a complex platform that enables you to go back into your website's history. Your website's design should be customized so that when your editor makes changes on a webpage, Sitecore will immediately save the new version of the content. The fact that Sitecore offers new and advanced features is amusing. But it requires a detailed approach to ensure you are fully advantaged for what you signed up for. Take action and avoid common Sitecore problems.

Involve a Sitecore service company
At Guru solutions, we recommend a Sitecore implementation audit for a Sitecore having issues. In that process, we uncover the reasons that could be slowing down your app. You may have attempted the above and still failed to resolve the issue, but you will be sure to fix it with the audit. 

How do I know if I need Sitecore

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Sitecore's Problems

There are a thousand reasons why you may need a Sitecore, the common one being you need your website to provide information about your business, organization, or products. Well enough, that's the main reason why lots of people get Sitecore: for their business. You know you need a Sitecore when: 

  • You have several brands, websites, plus landing pages, and you need one CMS platform to be able to access all of them.
  • It would help if you had a CMS that allows economies of scale by eliminating redundant hosting, maintenance costs, training, and consolidating vendor relationships.
  • You feel you need a platform that makes innovation possible by easing the integration of APIs plus all your other third-party systems such as ecommerce, marketing automation, CRM marketing automation, PIM, DAM, etc.
  • When you need a platform that will allow you to entertain and engage your audience in multiple languages across several channels and devices.
  • Suppose you want to enjoy a user-friendly interface. Sitecore usability and interface functionality play a significant role in achieving your digital marketing campaign's success. You get to experience a windows-like interface.
  • When the industry you are in is heavily regulated, you require a platform that makes it possible for you to follow security information best practices and comply with the federal and data privacy laws like CCPI, ADA, PCI, etc.
  • If you want to maintain a corporate brand standard through all your sites plus pages and yearn for a platform that lets you enforce a strict rule over content styling.
  • You have several content editors over different sites or brands. You feel you require a permissioning system that will let you restrict content editors to specific areas and editing capabilities.
  • The kind of content you publish needs to be reviewed and approved by legal counsel or managers before it is published, and you want a platform with solid workflow capabilities.
  • You need a platform that will let you nurture customer relationships by personalizing content plus recommendations on time based on the clicks and location.
  • If you need to localize content with great need of country particular photography and currency

A lot of brands have entrusted their websites to Sitecore experience. Global brands, for that matter, so why not get yourself a Sitecore for your business? To fully exhaust your Sitecore, you need a trusted partner to walk with you in every step of Sitecore implementation, on budget and on time. And that would be us. We are dedicated to maintaining, monitoring, and supporting your Sitecore. 


If you experience Sitecore issues at some time, which is not impossible, you will be able to handle the situation. You now know what issues cause the problems, so you should avoid them at all costs or work to resolve them as soon as possible once you notice them. Avoiding them may escalate to bigger issues for your Sitecore. Another effective way to overcome the issues is to involve Guru Solutions to help you with all your Sitecore services. 

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