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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Process Automation: Everything You Need to Know

This article is for those thinking about investing in process automation and those who want to know a thing or two about it. There's a lot to learn about process automation; this article is well researched to help you learn everything you need to know about process automation. 

There are several things you need to know about process automation; types of automation, phases of business process automation, processes you can automate, and much more. Read on to have fine details about everything you need to know about process automation.

Learn more about how to get started with process automation and the kind of processes you can automate.

Process Automation: Everything You Need to Know

We are all aware that time is money in any business. Almost all organizations have a large number of operational departments that carry out hundreds of various duties daily. In this sense, it's more important than ever to recognize the fast-escalating competition among businesses and the widespread desire to boost workplace efficiency. Process automation is beneficial in this situation.

Process Automation: Everything You Need to Know

You can enable a full-scale digital transformation of your business with the appropriate software platform. You are expanding your company's capabilities, creating new revenue opportunities, and setting it up for long-term success.

What are the types of process automation

Basic Automation

Your company's primary automation centers are straightforward tasks that provide a centralized location to store all relevant data. Instead of hiding information in numerous email accounts, having a centralized messaging service for a subject or group provides transparency in communication.

Integration Automation

Integration automation is more complicated than process automation because it allows machines to watch humans execute tasks and mimic their actions. But the rules must be established by humans. You may, for instance, combine your BPM and customer support applications. This can provide you with information from a customer support checklist that has been run through for each customer complaint, and you may allocate workers as necessary.

Artificial Inteligence Automation

By incorporating A.I. into integration software, you may make decisions with technology that are as conscious as possible. Based on its knowledge and ongoing analysis, the system would decide what to do with the data. A.I. automation, for instance, may drastically minimize supply chain forecasting mistakes in the manufacturing industry.

Process Automation Your business processes are managed and documented for task consistency and transparency. It is more potent than simple automation, and specialized apps and software may work.

What are the four phases of business process automation?

There are four phases of process automation that you should be aware of. Check the table below; 

Process Automation: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you should know about process automation

1. Analysis

You examine the infrastructure of your company throughout this phase. Before thoroughly analyzing the present systems, data requirements, and business processes, evaluate its needs and objectives. Afterward, choose a technology solution based on its architectural layout and business compatibility. External consultants with technical expertise are beneficial at this point.

2. Implementation

Set up and customize the technology during this phase. If necessary, implement customized plugins and add-ons to the present I.T. systems. Documentation is essential right now, and you should note every single functionality. To determine feasibility before moving on to the next phase, you should implement administrator and chosen end-user training, followed by end-to-end and user-acceptance testing. Perform API integration at this stage. This allows the new programs to interact with and access other current programs. 

3. Integration

During this process, you should also execute data integration to combine data from various sources. Businesses should implement the enterprise service bus (ESB) in a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Software applications can communicate with one another thanks to an ESB.

4. Maintenance and Support

This final stage looks for process bottlenecks and faults so they can be fixed. It would help if you consistently migrated to new platforms as they become available while keeping your system versions updated. Technical assistance must be accessible to the entire organization.

How to Get Started with Process Automation

Process Automation: Everything You Need to Know

Making your process more efficient is the primary goal of business process automation. It can assist you in getting rid of tedious duties and provide workers more time to concentrate on higher-value work. When appropriately implemented, business process automation can completely transform your firm. To begin, adhere to these guidelines.

  • Get Buy-In From Your Team.
  • Audit Existing Processes.
  • Identify Organizational Requirements.
  • Choose an Automation Solution.
  • Start Small and Involve Your Team.
  • Measure and Monitor Your Processes.

What Processes Can You Automate?

Process Automation: Everything You Need to Know

Marketing, customer care, human resources, and sales are just a few departments that might benefit from business process automation. We'll delve into a few instances from each category below.

1. Client support

You can alter how you communicate with your consumers using process automation solutions—this aids in streamlining and accelerating the application evaluation procedure. Utilizing process automation, you can automate each data validation linked with a client profile and collect the necessary data sets without requiring your personnel to switch between applications or make them search for information manually.

2. Sales Requests

Adding information to CRM systems, updating ERP reporting, looking for orders, etc., are standard trading processes. Businesses can automate operations like placing sales orders, invoicing, and more using client forms for any sales activity. Automation programs also assist in maintaining a clean database, enhancing customer service, and inspiring your sales team to produce more significant outcomes.

3. Processing of Invoices

Processing invoices daily can be difficult and tedious. The difficulties of dealing with different file formats, bothersome email attachments, and other time-consuming manual processes are known to the workers. Automation makes it possible to quickly find files and evaluate employee bills without involving people. Additionally, as billing is a rule-based process, automation will inform the client of its status.

4. Recruiting Personnel

To automatically create and submit job offers robotic automation is used. Additionally, if an employee account is created, automatic workflows are started. Companies can employ electronic filing systems in place of paper copies to assist the H.R. team in reducing the volume of processed papers.

Process Automation: Everything You Need to Know

5. Project Management

As a strategist, you frequently oversee many projects and initiatives. You may digitize your operations and fully automate the logistical aspect of a campaign with business process automation. Ask management solutions, for instance, can let you know who is responsible for what and when it is due. The system can automatically alert the next person in the workflow when an employee completes a task.

6. Onboarding

It is a tedious process to onboard. Documents must be signed, tax forms must be completed, and signatures must be gathered. Thanks to business process automation solutions, your recruiting and human resources team don't need to handle things manually. They can submit these requests online and check the program to see what has been and has not been accomplished.

7. Social Media

It can be exhausting to post on multiple social networking sites every day. And it takes longer than you anticipate. You don't need to manually upload your content daily with social media automation tools because you can schedule posts in advance. Other social media platforms can assist with content selection. Your concept process can be significantly streamlined using these tools.


Process automation can be applied in myriad ways throughout your business. Businesses lose thousands of dollars annually due to human error, manual delays, and ineffective business processes. From inventory management to staff onboarding to digitizing everyday tasks, you'll find that streamlined digital systems cut out manual processing in favor of slick, error-free operations. You can get the most out of the proper process automation. Reach out to Guru solutions for effective process automation services. 


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