Author: James Fleming
Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Quick Ways To Solve Problems with SaaS Product Development

If you are looking for quick ways to solve SaaS product development problems, you are at the right place. This article will be a great guide to help you learn about ways to solve the issues; keep reading. 

There are several ways to solve problems with SaaS product development; collaborate with your team, get the right tools, use checklists, test early and do it often, pay attention to reviews, make sure everyone on your team understands your user personas, and be transparent with users as you make changes and add new features.  

Get to learn more about the mistakes to avoid when developing SaaS products. 

Quick Ways To Solve Problems with SaaS Product Development

When companies start developing a SaaS product, one of the first things to realize is that there will always be problems. Some new bugs and issues arise from customers using your product in ways you never expected or from bugs in the underlying codebase. However, the best thing you can do is to learn how to solve problems before they become big.

Quick Ways To Solve Problems with SaaS Product Development

Here are the quick ways to solve problems with SaaS product development

1. Collaborate with your team

You should involve your team in product development decisions as much as possible. Working together will improve the relationship between you and your team. It will also help you make better decisions when building your product. You can start with simple steps, such as developing a shared understanding of what problems are being solved, how they are being solved, who is solving them, and why they're being solved.

2. Get the right tools

Having the right tools is crucial to your success in any business. These tools can help you reach your end goal more quickly and efficiently than without them. For example, having a wireframing tool or prototyping tools like Axure or Invision will make it easier for designers and developers to communicate how the site should function to stakeholders.

3. Use checklists

One way to stay on top of software development is by using lists. Use a list for each significant part of the project or for each product or process you need to develop. After completing a checklist item, tick it off, so you know what needs attention next.

4. Test early and often

Testing early and often is essential for success when launching a software product. The only way to know how your customers will react is by testing the software in the real world. Use a landing page and run an A/B test so you can figure out what resonates best with your potential users. Make sure you have at least 50 - 100 people interacting with each test version to get statistically significant results.

Quick Ways To Solve Problems with SaaS Product Development

5. Pay attention to reviews.

Knowing how your customers feel about your product is one of the most critical factors in determining whether you will make the proper changes. It's always a good idea to pay attention to reviews, be ready to respond, and continually improve. Reviews can tell you what people love about your product and what they don't like so much. 

6. Make sure everyone on your team understands your user personas

Ensure that everyone on your team understands the personas who will be using your product. It will ensure more empathy for those users and a better understanding of their needs. It also helps provide consistency when dealing with the user experience since everyone is on the same page about who we're designing for.

7. Be transparent with users as you make changes and add new features.

The last thing you want is a user to come across a change or added feature they don't like. Even worse, when users discover changes and new features in the middle of a series of tasks, they'll get annoyed with the time-wasting interruptions. Take time to notify your users about upcoming changes that may affect their workflows and make them aware if any of these effects would be costly or difficult to adapt.

What are the mistakes to avoid when developing SaaS products

Quick Ways To Solve Problems with SaaS Product Development

One of the essential parts of developing your SaaS product is choosing what to create it with. Whether in-house or using software from another provider. Knowing where to draw the line between customizing something you've bought and building something from scratch can be challenging. Whichever path you choose, there are several mistakes you want to avoid at all costs. Here are the mistakes to avoid when developing SaaS products;

1. Not doing enough market research

Not doing enough market research is a mistake because you need to ensure that your product or service solves worth solving. Make sure you speak with potential customers, ask them about their biggest frustrations, and find out how they would use your product or service to solve those frustrations.

2. Developing a poor SaaS marketing strategy

In the early days of launching a product, it may seem like marketing is the furthest thing from your mind. After all, you have limited resources and need to focus on developing your product, which will take precedence for the foreseeable future. The truth is that without a solid marketing strategy from day one, your company could be destined for failure.

3. Poor customer service

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is a lack of customer service. Providing excellent customer service and acting on feedback is one of the best ways to retain customers, get positive reviews, and build your company's reputation. It goes hand-in-hand with listening closely to your customers and making them feel heard-- this doesn't just happen overnight, and it's also essential that you avoid taking feedback personally. It's all about being proactive, responsive, and helpful.

Quick Ways To Solve Problems with SaaS Product Development

4. Hiring unqualified people

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is hiring someone not qualified for the job. Worse yet, they find out too late that hiring anyone else is impossible. These mishaps are more accessible than ever before because skilled talent is always so hard to come by these days.

5. Hiding your product's prices

Many SaaS companies try to hide their pricing and costs, but that's not a good idea. If you want people to sign up for your product, it must be readily visible when they go through the front door. If you're advertising a free trial period, it may seem weird or sketchy if the price is out of the blue.

6. Failing to nurture your customers

Failure to encourage your customers is perhaps the most common mistake when building a SaaS product. It can come in many forms, such as neglecting a customer suffering from churn. Maybe you overlooked them because their monthly recurring revenue is too low or they're not using your product enough. The key is that you don't know what might help this customer succeed with your company, and there are ways you can try and get them back.

7. Forgetting customer feedback

Forgetting customer feedback is the number one mistake when developing a Saas product. The benefits of listening closely to customers and responding to their feedback may seem obvious, but businesses often ignore this seemingly simple advice. The adage failure is not an option still rings true: entrepreneurs know the key is rapid iteration and making adjustments based on what they hear from their target market.

The Characteristics of SaaS

Saas offers the most efficient and flexible method of delivering business software to your users, whether located in the same building or different parts of the world. Below are the characteristics of SaaS, as shown in the chart.