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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

SharePoint Upgrade: Why SharePoint Upgrade Is Right for You

Many people don't know why SharePoint is right for them. There is much to gain from upgrading your SharePoint, and this article will be a great guide in helping you learn why a SharePoint upgrade is right for you.

There are several reasons why a SharePoint upgrade is right for you; unwavering support, increased storage capabilities, improved mobile experience, zero downtime, durable links, data loss prevention, new hybrid capabilities, enhanced stability, MinRole management, health analyzer and cloud hybrid search. I will encourage you to read this article till the end. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to upgrade SharePoint.

SharePoint Upgrade: Why SharePoint Upgrade Is Right for You

SharePoint's latest versions come with new features and improved user experience. The new versions enhance and adhere to the most current business process standards. Upgrades also play a part in Sharepoint's security to ensure your new version is free from cyber threats. Organizations should consider upgrading their Sharepoint to realize more return on investment with a much easier-to-use system.

SharePoint Upgrade: Why SharePoint Upgrade Is Right for You

Reasons why a Sharepoint upgrade is right for you

1. Unwavering Support

Some of Sharepoint's older versions don't receive constant support or sometimes no support. Their support can discontinue indefinitely. Steady support is needed for your business to continue operating well and for reliable communication and your team's collaboration. You may be using an outdated version that is still supported, but it's good to upgrade to proactively avoid an indefinite support closure.

2. Increased Storage Capacities

A newer Sharepoint version offers more capabilities when uploading and downloading files. It has a  bigger content database that can store Terabytes of data. The upgrade also provides a double number of searchable items and listview thresholds.

3. Improved Mobile Experience

With an upgraded Sharepoint, it's easier to navigate its homepage on a mobile device. This is possible by tapping easy-to-use tiles and links. It also enables you to switch to a desktop site view that displays its pages the same way a client would view them. An updated Sharepoint also comes with touch capabilities.

4. Zero Downtime Patching

Older versions of Sharepoint are marred with numerous interruptions when updating their servers. An upgraded version doesn't require you to take your server offline for an update. The size and number of patches in newer versions of Sharepoint are significantly less, which avoids downtime when upgrading. Your users can continue working on, searching, and saving files as you patch your Sharepoint server farm.

5. Durable Links

Renaming or moving a file would break the link in earlier versions of Sharepoint. Using the latest Sharepoint versions, you can rename or transfer your files without the fear of breaking links-this caters to all office files, such as PDFs. 

SharePoint Upgrade: Why SharePoint Upgrade Is Right for You

6. Data Loss Prevention

Sharepoint's newer versions have a data loss prevention feature(DLP). It protects your data's storage and ensures it is retained whenever it is transferred or shared. It's possible to monitor your credit card number and SSN, and other documents containing sensitive information using this feature. Sharepoint provides the DLP capabilities for free, meaning you don't need third-party tools, which are costly and complicated to use. The DLP helps you save time and money and assures your sensitive information's security.

7. New Hybrid Capabilities

Newer versions are primarily made to integrate with Microsoft Office 365. Previously, moving full trust codes to Sharepoint online posed a challenge. But with more recent upgrades, you can now use cloud features in your Sharepoint on-premises.

8. Enhanced Stability

Upgraded Sharepoint versions are entirely cloud-based and deployed to on-premise clients. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they provide the best services for their users. Their stability ensures zero downtime and improved customer support.

9. MinRole Management

An upgraded Sharepoint allows you to install specific roles on particular servers-this will only install the necessary components and ensure that all roles' servers are compatible. You can even convert servers to perform new duties if required.      

10. Health Analyzer
Newer versions have an advanced health analyzer that assists in identifying current and potential issues within the Sharepoint infrastructure, architecture, security, and performance. You can schedule and scan your Sharepoint daily to ensure your files are safe from cyber threats.    

11. Cloud Hybrid Search

The latest version of Sharepoint offers a unified search experience when used with Office 365. Without the need for Result Blocks, you can display all search results on a single page while simultaneously listing results from office 365 and on-premises by storing your index–not your data–in the cloud.

How Do I upgrade SharePoint?

SharePoint Upgrade: Why SharePoint Upgrade Is Right for You

New functionalities and improved performance on more recent versions of Sharepoint lead more users to upgrade their current versions. But with many new features, some users find it challenging to upgrade their Sharepoint versions and end up sticking to outdated ones. Outdated versions can cause negative returns on investments because of their limited capabilities. Every Sharepoint user needs to know how to upgrade their Sharepoint to enjoy its unlimited benefits. Here is how you can upgrade your Sharepoint:

1. Create A New Sharepoint Server Farm

Installing database servers with the latest version, installing the destination Sharepoint to the new farm, and configuring farm settings are the firm administrator's first steps; This should happen after verifying all needed components for web servers and apps. The farm administrator of the Sharepoint version you are upgrading must set the web servers, applications servers, and database servers to read-only mode.

2. Copy The Sharepoint Databases Servers You Are Upgrading From To The New Environment

At this point, the Sharepoint you are upgrading farm administrator uses SQL server management studio to back up the service application databases and read-only set content. The Sharepoint you upgrade to farm administrator can restore this backup utilizing the farm's SQL server instance. In Sharepoint, you upgrade to set the new status to read and write after backing up the databases.

SharePoint Upgrade: Why SharePoint Upgrade Is Right for You

3. Upgrading Service Applications And Databases From The Sharepoint Version You Are Upgrading

At this stage, the farm administrator must set up service applications, such as secure store service, user profile, business data connectivity, performance point service, search service, and managed metadata. The administrator's following action is to install all server-side customizations and create web applications in the new farm for each web application present in the Sharepoint you are upgrading.

The Sharepoint you are upgrading databases must be connected to the new Sharepoint farm. Microsoft PowerShell is used to boost the attached databases to newly built web applications in the new Sharepoint farm. Execute these commands in the new Sharepoint server farm for testing before mounting: Test-SP Content Database and Mount-SP Content Database.

4. Upgrading The Old Sharepoint Server Site Collections

This is the last stage in the upgrading process. The server farm administrator upgrades the My Site host first before instructing the respective users to upgrade their My Sites gradually.

Why Should you Hire a SharePoint Expert?

Sharepoint has some technical aspects that even experienced users can find challenging. Some assistance would go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your platform. Hiring a SharePoint expert helps you customize various functionalities, which will, in turn, increase user adoption. The chart below highlights some reasons you should consider hiring a Sharepoint expert.

SharePoint Upgrade: Why SharePoint Upgrade Is Right for You


SharePoint enhances the security of your files and makes it possible for better collaboration between your employees. It also speeds up and streamlines business processes giving your organization a competitive edge against your rivals. Upgrading your Sharepoint will give you access to new features and improved functionalities, enabling your business's smooth running. With A Sharepoint upgrade, your files and data are secure, and you don't have to worry when sharing or moving them anymore. You can reach Guru Solutions for quality SharePoint Upgrade services. 

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