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Staffing Business Analyst: Why Every Firm Should Hire a BA

There are so many reasons every firm needs to hire a business analyst, from his skills, duties, and what he can do for the betterment of the firm. This article is well-researched to help you understand why you need to get a staffing business analyst for your business. 

There are several reasons why every firm needs to hire a business analyst; analyst and problem-solving skills, leadership skills, business process and planning, and technical skills. The above business analyst skills will be of great benefit to your firm.

Keep reading to learn more about what a business analyst does and the role of software and tools in business analysis. 

Staffing Business Analyst: Why Every Firm Should Hire a BA

Businesses have largely grown over the years, and so does their need to hire more staff. Thanks to the transformation in technology, they can comfortably hire more staff via staffing services. With just a single call, they will be able to have the business analyst they need, not just any business analyst but a qualified one. A business analyst, also known as a BA, is a perfect fit for any business to achieve its objectives.

 Staffing Business Analyst: Why Every Firm Should Hire a BA

What is a business analyst?

A business analyst is a communicator who helps to narrow the gap between IT and the business. Generally, he is responsible for using data analysis to assess processes, determine requirements, and deliver data-driven recommendations. He also reports to the executives and stakeholders. Because of their high abstraction in work, they can comfortably switch between industries, such as finance, insurance, software services, banking, government, and telecoms.

What are the typical duties of a business analyst?

A business analyst may work in-house for a company or as a consultant. The duties of a firm's business analyst include the following;

  • Using data modeling techniques to identify ways in which a firm can use to operate more effectively.
  • They communicate with senior people in firms to find out what their objectives are.
  • They formulate ways for businesses to improve depending on the previous research.
  • Convince stakeholders of the benefits of adopting new technologies or strategies.
  • They oversee the implementation of new technology plus systems.
  • Run workshops plus training sessions.
  • Doing their research to find out how the firm is doing includes interviewing employees and collecting quantitative data.
  • Explore several solutions, risks, benefits, plus impacts.
  • Proposing great solutions to firms and updating the leaders on the progress.
  • Creating documents to outline the changes and the steps involved.
  • Ensuring changes are made by implementing new software implementation.

 Staffing Business Analyst: Why Every Firm Should Hire a BA

What are the skills of a business analyst?

Business analysis demands a wide range of soft plus technical skills. An experience in either IT or business-related background is vital. A successful business analyst has unique skills that enable him to work comfortably and manipulate data, also uncover hidden business analyst that often goes unnoticed, the skills of a business analyst are as follows;  

Analyst skills and problem-solving skills This is among the most vital skills that a business analyst should possess. With amazing analytical skills, business analysts can seamlessly perform their tasks and drive the business to success. The above skills allow them to analyze data, information, documents, workflow, and user or stakeholder inputs. 
Leadership skills Leadership skills are vital for a business analyst to head and direct the team. He should also be able to handle and help the team with any problem and allocate tasks appropriately. 
Business process and planning They should be able to plan the scope of business projects and understand and implement the requirement at a minimum error. Additionally, they should identify and allocate resources for the project.

Technical skill
It's not a must for a business analyst to have an IT background, but a basic understanding of how IT systems work will be of great help. More importantly, this skill will give you a competitive edge to win over clients and be considered for jobs. 


Why Do Firms Need Business Analysts?

It's no doubt that firms need the input of business analysts because of their valuable input to the business. And this need will continue to scale in the future. The reason for this trend is due to the following reasons; 

 Staffing Business Analyst: Why Every Firm Should Hire a BA

1. Business analysts make digital transformation easier.

Business analysts build and execute the digital transformation strategy of any firm. That's the main reason why many businesses seek to hire them. Digital transformation is a complex process, but business analysts make it seamless and more straightforward. They point out the shortcomings plus errors in a firm's operations. They also give vital advice and develop practical solutions that fully utilize digitalization in the business world.

2. They narrow the client-developer gap.

Business analysts help accelerate the dev team's workflow by bridging the client-developer gap. In coding business users, developers may not be able to achieve the task as effectively as it's supposed to due to miscommunication between the two teams. Thus, having a business analyst will help avoid this situation because they know exactly what the business user demands and how to translate this to developers. Both developers and business analysts can work together to achieve the best. 

3. They translate complex processes during development.

When a firm is launching a new project, they may want their employees to grasp an in-depth understanding of the implementation plus the ultimate goals. Communication between the business leaders and the staff may not be proficient enough, which might create issues during the whole process because staff cannot digest what the managers want, and that's where the business analyst comes in and saves the day. He also performs the role of a contact point during the firm's development; they respond quickly as the staff is occupied with other business needs. Therefore, the burden from prolonged and complicated projects can be alleviated. 

4. Drive change in management

Business analysts change a business's project by bringing positive management changes. It's normal for a project to bring changes in the business; getting staff to adopt and adapt may be a hard task for the firm, but business analysts save the day by coming in and helping the business ease the task and create great changes in the management that are easier understood by the team. 

What are Business Analytics Tools and Software

 Staffing Business Analyst: Why Every Firm Should Hire a BA

Business analysts must rely on software like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, SQL, Tableau, Microsoft Access, and Google Analytics. These tools help collect and sort data, create graphs, design visualization, and write documents. A business analyst does not necessarily need database or programming skills, but it's an added advantage if you have them. The kind of software and tools you will need will highly depend on the job title, the organization you work for, and what it needs.

The role of business analysts in software development

Business analysts use real-time user data and analytics programs to identify user trends, successful functions, plus potential user adoption issues with the apps. The more data becomes more valuable, so does the business analyst. The expansion and the speed of software development have rapidly changed the involvement of business analysts in project development. Firms usually assign business analysts to various projects if they are small enough or assign each business analyst to a single project if it's complex. It's also important to note that firms can assign huge software development projects to business analysts. 


You now have more than enough reasons to hire a business analyst for your firm. You will get many benefits from hiring one, and the best way you can do it is by reaching out to a staffing agency. And Guru solutions can be of great help in helping you out. We have effective services in staffing business analysts. 

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