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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Top Reasons you Should Choose Unity 3D for Game Development

Most people don't know why they should choose Unity 3D for game development, and that's why we've written this article to help you learn as much as possible about why you should choose it. This article will be an excellent guide in helping you learn why you should choose this excellent game engine.  

There are several reasons you should choose Unity 3d for game development, such as; delivering excellent results for free, supporting both 2D and 3D, having simple coding, supporting advanced technologies, and supporting cross-platform.  

Keep reading to learn more about the components of unity 3D and its limitations. 

Top Reasons you Should Choose Unity 3D for Game Development

Generally, everyone plays games on their mobile phones or personal computers. Gaming has taken the world in a buzz, and the industry is booming thanks to great technology. Games are among the best sources of entertainment as they release your mind from stress, that's why youths prefer them more. The more interest in games rises, game developers have more opportunities to deliver the best gaming experience.  

Top Reasons you Should Choose Unity 3D for Game Development

Developing a game is very complicated and requires an expert to use various software for perfect game development. Various gaming engines exist in the industry, but unity 3D remains the best and most popularly known. There are a thousand and one reasons why people love unity 3D game development. Guru solutions rank among the top game development agencies; Unity 3D helps us to develop engaging games following the client's gaming idea closely. We will let you know why we choose unity 3D for game development.

What is unity 3D

Unity 3D is a solid and dynamic cross-platform game engine. It has a dedicated built-in-IDE; it was developed in 2005 by unity technologies. What makes it popular and unique are its outstanding features. The games are made using a single code and can be deployed on various platforms. Unity 3D creates and develops games for several platforms, such as desktops, gaming consoles, mobile devices, and augmented and virtual reality environments.

Reasons why you should choose unity 3D for game development

1. Delivers excellent results for free

Choosing a game engine should be part of your budget for game development. The advantage of choosing unity 3D is that it delivers fantastic results for free. That's among the top reasons you should choose unity 3D for game development. It features a free and open-source game engine, although there are still paid and premium versions you can choose from.

The best thing about the open-source, free version is that it's powerful and exceptional. It also guarantees exceptional user experience for gamers and fantastic gaming features for different gaming platforms. If you think that every free version delivers poor results, the Unity 3D game engine will prove you wrong.

Top Reasons you Should Choose Unity 3D for Game Development

2. Supports cross-platform

Games should be played on multiple devices, such as Android, PC, iOS, etc. Game development firms should develop several versions that anyone using any device can play with without difficulties. With unity 3D, game developers can create different versions for different platforms. It's loved by mobile game development and console game development firms for its excellent support for various formats and platforms. 

3. Simple coding

Another reason for you to choose unity 3D is simple coding. It has advanced technologies that deliver exceptional plus immersive gaming experiences to its gamers. Additionally, it supports different programming languages like C+ and JavaScript, plus a few others. They aid game developers by minimizing the game development efforts plus time. A game developer should have coding and mastery abilities in the programming languages to quickly deliver outstanding results. 

4. Supports both 2D and 3D

Any game engine that offers the adaptability to support both 2D and 3D has every reason for you to choose it. When thinking about the capability of unity 3D, don't forget the awesomeness you can get from 2D game development. 2D games are easily made with the help of the Unity game engine. 

5. Support advanced technologies

If unity can support 2D and 3d game development, you can also think of a virtual and augmented reality. Implementing these great technologies in game development will guarantee a fantastic game experience for your gamers. 

What are the Components of Unity 3D

Top Reasons you Should Choose Unity 3D for Game Development

Unity 3D engine has impressive features which make gaming lively and worth every minute of your time. Check the table below to learn more about them.  

DOTS Netcode 1.0

DOTS Netcode 1.0 is yet another cool feature of the Unity 3D platform. DOTS Netcode 1.0 has brought about good networking making the gaming development experience much better. 

Editor Speed and UI Redesign

Editor speed and UI redesign might seem less important but come to think of it, where do game developers work? It's from the User Interface. Therefore, the overall development game speed will increase if the UI is in its best condition.  

Entities 1.0

It's divided into three components, ECS, C# Job System, and Burts Compiler.

Visual scripting

Visual scripting increases the prototyping speed; this feature is user-friendly for all game developers. Visual scripting helps designers test more mechanics without misunderstandings from game developers. 


Kinematica(preview), this feature involves machine learning and entails structuring moving data. Kinematica mainly produces high-quality animations minimizing the number of state machines or animation controllers. 

Environment System

Using this feature, you can create groups working in a layered design. Therefore, several artists can work on different gaming development parts simultaneously, saving time, unlike when wrangles emerged because teams worked on the same gaming development.


What are the Limitations of Unity Game Engine

Everything with great benefits also has limitations, and unity 3D is no different. Let's look at them to help you make an informed decision. 

Top Reasons you Should Choose Unity 3D for Game Development

1. Lacks link to external code libraries

Unity supports no link to external code libraries. It's discouraging to game developers because if you want a library, you are forced to manually copy it into the project instead of connecting to a shared folder. This makes it hard to use the activities of different projects. You can use a version control system to overpower the issues, although there is no instant fix. 

2. Expensive license  

Game developers must get licenses for game development. But the licenses don't come cheaply, although they offer functionality improvements, graphics, plus deployment. For astonishing game development, you must use stencil assistance, rendering, buffer support, and other incredible features that increase development expenses due to expensive licenses. 

3. Source code and memory consumption

Unity has a unique search function that comes with linked scripts. However, you must browse through all the elements manually in a scene to get the basic scripts and avoid all the time-consuming tasks. Games created using the unity engine take up unnecessary memory; eventually, it creates debugging issues and OOM errors in the game applications. 


For game developers, it's a relief-Unity 3D is working to simplify the lives of gamers day in and day out. Unity is making every effort to bring more advanced and optimized tools, giving developers and designers time to focus specifically on gaming. Unity 3D is a cut above the rest due to its outstanding features and the friendly development platform it offers. Give it a try; unity 3d never disappoints. You can reach out to Guru Solutions for excellent Unity 3D services. 

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