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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Top Tips: How to Improve your Consultation

If you have already invested in consultation software or thinking about investing in one, one thing you must know is how to improve your consultation. This article will be a great guide to help you learn tips on ways you can use to improve your consultation. 

There are several ways you can take advantage of to improve your consultation, like; preparing before your consultation, improving your accessibility, and finding ways to distribute your information. Additionally, you can make your discussion topic in-depth, gather previous clients' opinions and feedback, make consultation fair and accountable, and use good copy to call clients to action. If this sounds like the article you've been looking for, I will encourage you to keep reading.

Read on to learn more about pro tips on consultation and how to measure an effective consultation. 

Top Tips: How to Improve your Consultation

Are you often contacted by potential customers for your service or product, but they leave without purchasing? 
Your business needs a consultation process that converts potential visitors into clients. Each company is different and requires a different approach to consultation. While improving your consultation, it's crucial to consider the nature of your business, those you target to consult, or those who will consult you.

Top Tips: How to Improve your Consultation

If your consultation doesn't bring these positive attributes to your business, you need to improve it.

What does effective consultation do?

Effective consultation will; 

  • Increase sales by increasing your conversion rate
  • Improve trust between you and the client
  • Show inclusion for all
  • Make sharing ideas comfortable for both parties

If your consultation doesn't bring these positive attributes to your business, you need to improve it.

What are the tips to improve your consultation?

Here are tips on how you can improve your consultation;

1. Prepare before the consultation 

A client may catch you off guard if you are unprepared, maybe by asking about something you didn't cover. To represent your business confidently, prepare your consultation strategy before the client's inquiries.
To do that, you need to;

  • Know your goals for the consultation. What do you intend to gain from the discussion?
  • Understand the problems that need to be solved and the decision to be made.
  • Have ready consultation forms
  • Having read information on potential clients. Your clients are different, and each requires a different consulting approach, depending on their needs.

2. Gather previous client opinions and feedback

Encourage clients to leave feedback on how you performed and if they were satisfied with your services. Use the information to improve future consultations. Areas to focus on when collecting feedback include;

  • Views. Are they consistent?
  • Level of understanding. Does everyone understand the message?
  • Satisfaction. Are people satisfied or not?
  • Pattern. Does a particular age group/gender have a different opinion from others?
  • Expectations. Were clients' expectations met?

Top Tips: How to Improve your Consultation

3. Make your discussion topics in-depth.

You don't want to confuse or overwhelm your clients. Narrow down your topic for discussion until you reach an agreement, then move on to the next issue if there is more to discuss. For your client to understand what you'll do to solve their problem or make a particular decision, you need to;

  • Have a reason to support your argument.
  • Ensure you cover every detail on a topic.
  • Listen to areas where your client has disagreements and what they propose.
  • Understand the client's specific needs and expectations.

4. Find ways to distribute your information.

Depending on the number of your target prospects, determine the best way that is appropriate to reach them that's favorable for both of you. The method you choose depends on whether you are conducting an online or offline consultation. Both online and offline ways distribute the information differently, as shown in the table below;

Online ways Offline ways
Holding meetings on the internet via Skype and zoom.

Meeting face-to-face.

Sending text messages. Holding presentations.

You also have to consider if the consultation is private or public. You may use a more extensive network like radio and television for public consultation to send information. Confidential consultation needs confidentiality; hence you need to include measures for anonymity. These may include filling out forms with no names and meeting behind closed doors.

5. Use good copy to call clients to action.

When using your website to find clients, ensure you write quality content. Write valuable, in-depth content that convinces your readers to purchase. Use content that is simple to understand and cuts straight to the point.
Your copy should point out the following;

  • The problem you intend to solve for the client.
  • The promise of solving their problem.
  • The prescription of your recommended solution.
  • The proof that you've done it before and you can do it for them too.
  • The price. What will they pay for your service?

What are the Takeaway Tips in Consultation

Top Tips: How to Improve your Consultation

There are consultation tips that should be more insisted on. If you are reading this right now, you are lucky because these tips will be a lifesaver. Let's find out what they are;

1. Know your goals for the consultation.

What do you intend to gain from the discussion? Understand the problems that need to be solved and the decision to be made. Have ready consultation forms. Having read information on potential clients. Your clients are different, and each requires a different consulting approach, depending on their needs.

2. Make your consultation fair and accountable.

Your consultation should offer equal opportunities for your customers to influence the outcome. The client might have different expectations or require another service, but they all need results. That's why you need to justify your process and decision. It would be best if you were transparent and accountable for the outcomes. Communicate the results and conclusions made following the consultation.

3. Find out about any prior consultations done.

Enquire if the client has had any other consultation. If they had, ask them; What were the results? What did they expect? Why did they seek your services and not the previous business? If you have trouble with your consultation, seek help from software developers to help you improve your consultation. After you've improved your consultation, you need to measure if it's working as expected, thus leading us to the next step.

4. Improve your accessibility

Your business attracts different people who require your service. To make it inclusive for all, you need to make it accessible. If you have a website to promote your business, Make your content accessible. Make it understandable by using simple language and making it readable to those with disabilities. Use a simple structure by use of headings and subheadings.

How to measure effective consultation

Top Tips: How to Improve your Consultation

Having influential consultation positions your business on the right path. You need to offer your customers consultation that adds value. That will make them come back and refer you to other people. You need to measure effective how effective your consultation is, but how do you do it?

How do you measure effective consultation?

1. Evaluation

Evaluating your consultation shows;

  • What worked and what didn't?
  • Areas you need to improve on in future consultations.
  • If the talk produced the expected results
  • If it was within your budget

2. Effectiveness and application

The effectiveness of a consultation depends on the nature of your business, its application, and how it affects the clients. Find answers to the following questions to measure how effective your consultation was.

  • How much did the consultation cost you in terms of money and time? Was it more than you had budgeted?
  • Did your clients understand the objectives?
  • Did you reach the number of target prospects intended?
  • What was your conversion rate?
  • Were the clients satisfied?
  • Was the information distribution method you used the right one?
  • Did your consultation include everyone by being accessible?
  • How much response did you get?

3. Dive deeper

You need more information regarding the consultation to answer the above questions. To find the answers review these:

  • A summary of the consultation
  • Details of topics discussed
  • The information the client was given
  • Expectations and opinions of the clients
  • An overview of the decision/action taken.

Depending on your answer to the questions, you'll know how effective your consultation is.


Your consultation should depend on your business's services, prospects, and expected results. Some businesses may require you to give less information on how you will solve the problem. You don't want to give too much information that a potential client does not need further consultation.  It may apply if you run a consultant business. The consultation aimed at gain a decision needs in-depth discussion to help reach an agreement and make a decision. Using the help of consultation software will make your consultation more effective. Guru solutions are expert in Consultation services. 

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