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What an expert wants you to know about SharePoint assessment

Learning something from an expert's perspective is so fulfilling; you have an assurance that whatever you've learned is true and will be helpful to you. This article is well researched to help you learn what a SharePoint assessment expert wants you to know. 

There are several things that a SharePoint assessment expert wants you to know; Infrastructure, access, understanding, support, and design. Everything is highlighted in this article; keep reading for finer details. 

Get to learn more about the tips for a successful SharePoint implementation. There's more for you to learn. 

What an expert wants you to know about SharePoint assessment

Many organizations are discovering that the data and content they have been physically and technologically keeping has grown to be a huge administrative burden. Not forgetting a security concern and the key to maximizing the organization's potential as the Information age reaches a new level of maturity. 

What an expert wants you to know about SharePoint assessment

As a result, a business must evaluate its current status and develop and implement solutions to address these demands, mainly if SharePoint is at the center of those needs.

Here is what an expert wants you to know about SharePoint assessment;

1. Infrastructure

The ability to efficiently centralize content production and administration inside the company is at the core of SharePoint as a Service. But to fully utilize this functionality, a solid and efficient logical infrastructure must be created and put into place like:

  • The client's method of content access.
  • Where is the data located for compliance and security reasons?
  • What level of data availability assurance will there be?
  • What integration requirements, like tasks or email, are required or beneficial?
  • How will customers interact with one another as customers?

2. Access

Internal logical design must support the anticipated services once the necessary infrastructure has been developed for the implementation to be helpful to the workers in fields like:

  • How, where, and how will the client access their data?
  • Once clients have access to the content, how secure will it be?
  • How will customers be notified of content changes, and how may such changes affect them?
  • How will customers share pertinent information with other customers?

3. Understanding                                                                                                                                                           

Locating and comprehending that material to increase the effectiveness of the client's job is necessary. There may be excessive data saved for the company for unlimited periods and in various data formats: How simple can a customer search for content that applies to their work? How will the client determine whether the content is suitable or pertinent to their work? Can the client comprehend their existing data more thoroughly? Will the client have access to content in several places or formats?

What an expert wants you to know about SharePoint assessment

4. Design

Businesses have different needs, and neither do organizations. Requirements vary, even within the same organization. As a result, it becomes imperative to develop customized solutions swiftly and effectively to enhance both internal and external usage in areas like:

  • How rapidly can modifications be made while causing the least amount of inconvenience to clients?
  • Will clients have access to applications or solutions depending on their unique demands?
  • To what degree will the client experience be targeted or relevant?

5. Support

Whichever approach is used, the technical support for preserving access, security, and availability needs to be practical. Also straightforward enough to avoid placing an undue strain on the supporting groups in areas like:

  • How adaptable and transparent will the client's environment management be?
  • How fast and efficiently can the surroundings be improved so that the client experience improves?
  • What expectation is there for the client's key content to be preserved or restored?
  • How will current services be enhanced or added to meet the demands of the client?
  • What impact will it have on the client if compliance and policy support are completed?
  • How will changes to the environment be made to accommodate clients' needs openly?

Tips for Successful SharePoint Assessment

What an expert wants you to know about SharePoint assessment

With Office 365's continued growth, more small and medium-sized enterprises are using SharePoint Online as a primary tool. When properly deployed, SharePoint's enormous array of helpful features and services can become a vital tool in your daily business operations. Sharepoint implementation will be of great benefit to your business.

Here are some ideas for successfully assessing SharePoint;

1. Clearly Define Your Problems and Goals

The first thing to remember is that a solution won't work if the problem isn't clearly described. Due to the extensive range of capabilities offered by SharePoint, this is even more obvious. SharePoint enhances document management, communication, and record-keeping. When misused, it might have the exact opposite effect of improvement. Any technical solution must accommodate the way people already operate and avoid imposing its method. By creating a highly functioning set of procedures that correlate to the issue you are attempting to solve, you may avoid delays and aggravation.

2. Have a Better Training Strategy

One of the worst choices you can make is choosing a subpar training plan or skipping it altogether. Before using SharePoint in a natural production setting, your staff must know how it works. Demanding that they pick it up on the spot while maintaining the same productivity will not go well. During the early phase of SharePoint deployment, you must set up a time for training. Thanks to this, you'll be able to avoid any frustrations that would otherwise occur. The new technology will give your team a sense of empowerment and ultimately benefit you.

What an expert wants you to know about SharePoint assessment

3. Start Small

Be careful not to overwhelm your personnel with technical words and new procedures when introducing SharePoint to your company. You can be sure that your argument will be well received and that adoption will move forward faster if you show how SharePoint will assist its users with their regular tasks and issues. Thinking about people and their unique needs is the most direct path to achieving this. While they might understand the broad picture and even like your lofty idea, their everyday routines take precedence. Strategy from the top down, then carry out your plan the other way.

4. Hire Experts

SharePoint implementation is a difficult task that needs knowledge in many different fields. Your IT department won't be able to handle everything. You must have a robust procedure analysis. Coordinated with your entire business strategy planning and strong human resource management skills. If you cannot find this knowledge within your ranks, this might be a good moment to bring in an outside consultant with extensive SharePoint deployment experience.

5. Have a Governance Plan

According to Microsoft, governance is the collection of rules, obligations, and procedures. They regulate how an organization's business unit and IT teams work together to accomplish its objectives. You ought to have a long-term governance strategy that strikes the right balance between the business and IT. Accountability, accuracy, limitations, and compliance are a few factors to consider. The key to a successful SharePoint adoption is aligning people, processes, rules, and technology.

What are the Characteristics of a Great SharePoint Assessment Expert

Working with a competent expert can create a smooth path during the SharePoint Assessment process. Organizations considering assessing their SharePoint can ensure the project's success by working with assessment consultants with the following traits: Check the table below. 

Free to ask questions

As a consultant, you must find out what is going on -to understand the company and what the clients want. You must keep an open communication channel with all departments and ask relevant questions during the analysis.

Conduct proof-of-concept SharePoint demos

When addressing a certain feature, you should be able to demo that feature to the client for better understanding. 

High experience in the latest trends and features

As SharePoint introduces new features often, a consultant must continue learning all the relevant features of SharePoint.  

Effective client management

SharePoint experts must adapt quickly to the business users they are working for. Also, simplify and explain technical terminologies so the client can understand and make more vital business decisions. 

Effective teamwork A successful SharePoint project is all about teamwork and mentorship. Here, experts assist in developing new SharePoint consultants who could eventually manage a project independently. 



SharePoint assessment and use of its features require careful preparation. Also, an evaluation of your company's needs. Make sure to be proactive in making improvements as the demand increases, even after it has been assessed. You must be aware of the programs you use to manage your environment and ensure that data is not lost. Keep it up to date and maintained properly. Although complicated, it is essential. You can reach out to Guru Solutions for effective SharePoint Assessment services. 

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