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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What are the advantages of using SharePoint in your Business

You don't need convincing that SharePoint has significant advantages for your business; reading this well-researched article will be enough. It's informative enough to help you learn about the advantages of using SharePoint for your business.  

There are a couple of advantages of SharePoint upgrade to your business; a better collaboration of teams, enhanced data security, increased productivity, easily customized, streamlined business processes, and ease to use. I will encourage you to read this article till the end. 

Read on to learn more about why you should hire a SharePoint expert. There's a lot to learn in this article.

What are the advantages of using SharePoint in your Business

Are you still stuck in the traditional ways of sharing, editing, and organizing your firm's files in the legacy system? If that's the case, your team isn't meeting its full productivity potential. Introducing SharePoint to your team will enable them to collaborate and work effectively. By creating websites where they can store, organize, access, and share crucial business data from any device.

What are the advantages of using SharePoint in your Business
Your organization will enhance your team's workflow and reap multiple benefits from using Sharepoint management systems. Some management systems include; content management, knowledge management, project management, and document management. Here are the advantages of using Sharepoint in your business:

1. Better Collaboration Between Teams

Sharepoint enhances collaboration between teams by sharing:

  • Applications
  • Homescreens
  • Folders and files
  • Popular links
  • Company's resources

Many firms use SharePoint as the central file repository. Your staff can utilize the centralized system for document management and actual time collaboration from anywhere in the world. Multiple users can edit documents simultaneously on Sharepoint. The collaboration potential spreads across all Microsoft Office apps.

2. Enhanced Data Security

Your data's security is a serious concern that may have severe consequences if it falls into the wrong hands. Sharepoint has advanced security features that ensure no outages and unauthorized access. These security features consist of updated workflows and improved authentication. You have the privilege of editing, accessing, and further configurations at the document or item level. You can configure special permissions in Sharepoint to determine control over the following entities:

  • Web applications
  • Documents
  • Lists
  • Folders
  • Sites

3. Easily Customizable

Sharepoint allows you to tailor its features and benefits to your needs. It gives your team the privilege of creating custom elements in each part. You can also customize the whole application's interface to reflect your brand identity while improving general employee usage of the application.

What are the advantages of using SharePoint in your Business

4. Increased Productivity

Sharepoint is designed to get all your staff on the same page. It is integrated with other Microsoft products like Teams and Office 365 so that your organization can realize the collaboration potential of the app. Communication tools don't have the potential to improve productivity by themselves, but they can be used to increase productivity by:

  • Texting
  • Emailing
  • Scheduling
  • Emailing
  • Presenting

This ensures that communication does not hinder the performance of your team. Sharing information is also made easy, eliminating the need for physical meetings, which can be time-consuming.

5. Easy To Use 

You don't need to hire more staff to add to your team to improvise your websites or take care of your data management system. Sharepoint helps you gain the necessary knowledge and skills to create individualized solutions that will allow you to fulfill your company's needs. Sharepoint Online has Application Programming Interfaces(APIs) to execute all these jobs. You can reduce your expenditures using built-in Sharepoint features when aiming for customized app development.

6. Streamlines Business Processes

Sharepoint simplifies business functions by enabling access to files and documents in a central repository. Some of the everyday activities and business activities Sharepoint simplifies are:

  • Tracking issues, projects, or tasks
  • Collecting signatures
  • Collecting feedback
  • Routing a document for publication or approval

Several pre-built workflows in Sharepoint are intended to automate these processes and more. These capabilities enable staff to make informed decisions, identify and follow market trends and client preferences, and forecast potential changes in demand and supply.

Why you should hire a SharePoint expert

What are the advantages of using SharePoint in your Business

Sharepoint offers a wide range of features. You may be unable to utilize them because you either don't know to or don't realize their full potential. Failure to exploit Sharepoint's full potential can be bad for your business. You may miss out on opportunities to meet some of your organization's needs. Hiring a Sharepoint expert will help you maximize its benefits and make the most of it for your business needs.

Reasons you should hire a SharePoint expert

1. Assists You In Defining Your Sharepoint Vision

An expert will help you understand why you need Sharepoint in your business. There are key points you may need to address and business processes you may need to improve. However, you might not know how to use Sharepoint to affect them. A consultant will assist you in planning and designing your solution. This is where you examine the critical components of a standard installation to see whether any more work is required to meet your objectives. A consultant can help you break goals into realistic benchmarks and develop a strategy for your company's success.

2. Enhanced Capabilities

An expert can tailor Sharepoint's numerous features to fit your business needs. Some things that can be used to tweak Sharepoint features to suit you are Web parts, Third-party tools, and Sharepoint Custom development. When developing on Sharepoint, an expert can assist you in finding new ways of using the platform to its maximum capabilities taking your business to the next level.

What are the advantages of using SharePoint in your Business

3. Saves Time And Increases Return On Investment(ROI)

A Sharepoint expert saves you time, energy, and resources. Your team would have spent learning how to navigate the platform, which could be months or years. A consultant not only helps you reduce the general deployment costs but also aids in innovating ways your business can use to save money. The costs that would otherwise have been used are injected into your business in critical departments to facilitate other crucial tasks.

4. Your Employees Gets Trained More Quickly

Investing in a Sharepoint expert ensures your team is trained quickly and with the best materials. They save you time because your staff gets direct training without having to be constantly distracted from their duties. Training every employee on the nitty-gritty of Sharepoint features would need a lot of time, ending up draining the money in your pockets and probably not getting the best quality training for your staff. One-on-one training ensures your team is equipped with the platform knowledge and gets to work more quickly to take care of more critical business.

5. Relevant Updates And Development

Besides being a tool, Sharepoint is an essential technology requiring constant development and updates. It can be difficult for you to keep track of the updates personally. Pinpointing the areas that need to be developed and modified can be a challenging task without the help of an expert. Updates and timely development give you a competitive edge in your industry. A Sharepoint consultant will perform all those tasks for you behind the scenes. He will also ensure the platform is in its current version, which enables your business to grow alongside it.

Differences between SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint online

Although SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint Online offer similar capabilities, they are not the same. The table below highlights some of their notable differences:

SharePoint On-premise SharePoint Online
It has a physical server farm. Its servers are in the cloud.
Your IT team maintains it. Microsoft does maintenance.
No end-month bills. You are billed monthly.
More secure as there's no third party involved. Third-party involved that can compromise your data.



The massive advantages of using Sharepoint in your business are essential in evolving and taking it to the next level. Hiring a Sharepoint expert will also ensure you reap the benefits without any hitches or performance delays. It's time to invest in SharePoint for your business. Reach out to Guru solutions for effective SharePoint services.

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