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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What are the common challenges associated with Product Development

Knowing how to handle product development challenges will be a win for you and your business. We have noticed that most people don't know how to do it, so we've developed this fantastic article to guide everyone on handling product development challenges. 

There are several ways you can handle product development challenges; idea generation, market viability, validation, pricing, marketing, workflow management, and product engineering. Keep reading for finer details.

As you learn more about handling product development challenges, learn about everyday challenges. 

What are the common challenges associated with Product Development

Developing a new product is a challenging task. Coming up with a product that is market viable and a product that will not render your company bankrupt is not easy. You will undergo various changes and budgeting before a new product penetrates the market.

What are the common challenges associated with Product Development

Here are the common challenges businesses face when developing a new product:

1. Idea Generation

The first step to coming up with a new product is coming up with an idea, and you can efficiently run out of ideas or fail to agree as a business on which view is perfect for the market. Bureaucracy can also be a roadblock to idea generation. 

2. Market Viability

You can have a good idea, but the idea might not be what the market needs. When coming up with ideas, ensure you narrow the ideas to what is market viable. 

3. Validation 

You should validate any product in the early stages before introducing it to the market. The customers' input is vital to the success of your product as they are the ones who will purchase the same product. When you validate your product, you can make the product better and improve your sales and marketing skills.

4. Pricing 

Pricing a product is not a walk in the park as when your prices are high, people will not purchase the products, and when you fix the prices at a lower range, you will incur losses, and some customers might think that your products are not legit. Striking a balance between pricing at a higher or lower rate is difficult.

What are the common challenges associated with Product Development

5. Marketing

Marketing poses another challenge as you and your team must meet deadlines. Thus, you will have to ensure everything is in order. Below are some factors that can bring a challenge when marketing: Act of God: things like earthquakes, pandemics, tsunamis, and other unforeseeable circumstances can be a significant challenge to the marketing stage. Hiring: poor recruitment regulations can delay marketing. Compliance issues: regulatory bodies have established more laws and regulations to protect consumers. When you avoid complying with any rule, you risk being banned from launching your products. Post-launch improvement whereby you will have to plan on how to update your products and make them better.

6. Product Roadmap Issues and Workflow Management

Developing a product from scratch is difficult. You will need proper tools and equipment for it to be successful. Different departments tend to have other priorities, and aligning all of them is challenging. Conflicts in the various departments slow down the production process. 

7. Product Engineering

Product engineering can slow down the launching of your product. The challenge product engineering poses is that the production process will have to wait for the necessary applications to be in place before launching the product. Any delay or mistake in the application will reflect on the product development.

How to Handle Product Development Challenges

What are the common challenges associated with Product Development

We have discussed the problems facing businesses when developing new products, and it would be wise to know how to handle those challenges. We will elaborate on the solutions to each of the highlighted  problems:

Here is how you can handle product development challenges. 

1. Idea Generation

You can solve this problem by creating a suggestion box whereby any staff member and product specialists can give their ideas, and then you will use them to develop a working suggestion. Alternatively, you can group your staff and product specialists into various teams and task each team with coming up with ideas, and you will reward the best team. The reward will motivate and ensure that the teams develop lucrative ideas. 

2. Market Viability

It would help if you did not create a solution searching for a problem. You should be a problem solver, creating products that solve problems as a business person. Your team should do market research on what the market currently needs. You should not copy what other enterprises are doing. Come up with a new initiative that can solve a problem and bring in more customers. You can also gather information from the target market to learn the joint problem and use that information to devise a solution.  

What are the common challenges associated with Product Development

3. Validation

If you have not validated a product, you should not risk introducing it to the market, as you might suffer significant losses. Thrive to use your customers' input to help you know what the product needs. 
Always prioritize validation and research in the early stages of product development. Through confirmation, you will be able to understand and know how to address issues at an earlier stage. 

4. Pricing

The product manager should research the maximum amount your potential customers will be willing to pay for the products. Additionally, as a company, you should consider the following when setting your price policy:

  • Product realization cost
  • Sales and marketing expenses
  • Hiring expenses

All the above factors will determine how much your products should cost. If you can, you can minimize the factors to reap more benefits when you launch the product. 

5. Marketing

Marketing is crucial to product development; any slight delay can affect the final results. You can avoid the following issues:

Act of God

You should always put an emergency fund to cater for the unforeseeable times.


You should set policies on when to hire and have another plan for when things don't go as planned. Consider hiring a product manager who will work with the marketing team to promote your products.

Compliance You should follow all the laws and regulations set for your product to avoid having compliance issues.

6. Product Roadmap Issues

It would help if you had a clear plan and strategy for handling your products. Set your priorities based on the following:

  • Must-haves
  • Should-haves
  • Could-haves
  • Will not haves

The above strategy will help you prioritize what is essential and needs to be addressed. 

7. Workflow Management

The project manager should be able to align all the departments' interests and devise one working solution. The manager should communicate with every organization member simultaneously by conducting meetings. The meetings will enable all the team members to agree on one concept making the production process move faster and more effectively. The product manager can also provide the necessary information to every member and involve each department in product development progress. 

8. Product Engineering

Product managers should have a clear outline that includes all the members. They should also try to launch the apps earlier that when the product development process is complete. Launching the app earlier will enable them to do a taste drive and improve where necessary before launching your product. 


The product development process faces many challenges before you materialize your dream. You will, however, need to solve those challenges to launch your product in the market and reap the benefits. You can use some of the solutions provided to solve any challenges the product development process might face. Reach out to Guru solutions for all your product development services.

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