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What are the Common Limitations of Unity 3D

Everyone should know about the limitations of unity 3D. If you don't know them yet, don't worry, you are at the right place! This article is for you, it is informative enough to help you learn more about the limitations of unity 3D. 

There are several common limitations of unity 3D; It does not Allow Developers to start from a template, mix JavaScript and C# scripts, use the asset store, and failure in unity's source, poor physics simulation, issues with the visual editor, expensive license cost, and inadequate graphics. Keep reading for finer details.

Keep reading to learn more about why you need unity 3D and the differences between unity 3D and 2D. There's a lot for you to learn.

What are the Common Limitations of Unity 3D

Any complete game engine provides several functionalities that are used in developing games. These functionalities include ordinary harps, dynamic shadows, physics simulation, and more. Like any other platform, Unity 3D has some limitations. It would be great if you knew about them, to guide you and stay informed. 

What are the Common Limitations of Unity 3D

What are the common Unity 3D limitations?

1. Unity 3D does not Allow Developers to start from a template

You must execute the details because Unity doesn't support developers starting from a foundation. Otherwise, you'll have to start from scratch with each game you develop. Unity 3D gives you nothing to work with. 

2. Mixing JavaScript and C# scripts

Unity 3D allows using one language for attaching scripts to objects. These scripts must be written either in JavaScript or C#. There are other practical issues; it is uncommon for a hand to access another. The solution is straightforward when both scripts are written in the same language but challenging if they aren't. It is tricky to choose which language to use in your game. After all, Javascript and C# have limitations, so it's better to go for the language you are familiar with.

3. Using the Asset Store

Working as a team while developing your game is advisable because you may not have all it takes; this is why most developers use the asset store. You have to be sure the asset you are purchasing suits your game. You also must know that buying a popular asset means sharing it with several other games. 

4. Rigidbody in Unity 3D 

Rigidbody has several hidden features. By changing the position of an object, you are likely to cause inconveniences in these hidden properties-this will result in unpredictable physics; hence things won't move quickly. If you want to proceed, you'll have to add torque. From Rigidbody, you can refer to AddForce to accelerate it realistically.

What are the Common Limitations of Unity 3D

5. When Unity's Source Code Fails

Unity 3D has a search function to trace linked scripts. Sometimes you must manually browse through all the functionalities to find related scripts. Unity's source code has an architecture that improves the game app's performance. The unavailability of the source code makes finding and fixing the performance problems hard, which is time-wasting and tiresome.

6. Poor Physics Simulation

In the Unity 5 engine, the built-in support for the PhysX physics engine has performance difficulties and lacks the crucial elements required to develop a fantastic game. However, the Unity 5 engine is expected to update the physX and add other features to perform better. 

7. Issues with the Visual Editor

When visual work experiences issues, that's a limitation; the other setback is that Unity is incompatible with external libraries. Programmers have to manage on their own. 

8. Inadequate Graphics

Unity's graphics might seem incredible, but to some level, it lacks numerous capabilities for availing high-quality visual representations. Unity's graphics lag compared to game engines like Cryengine and UDK. 

9. Expensive License Cost

Game developers must have licenses to have the best graphics and performance improvements. However, these licenses are expensive to buy. The most costly licenses offer mainly graphical and performance enhancements but are worth the cost if you have medium/large equipment and a significant project. Moreover, stencil assistance, buffer support, and other essential features increase development charges. 

What are the top reasons for using unity 3D

What are the Common Limitations of Unity 3D

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should use unity 3D. Don't let anything come between you and your game or have a dull moment when playing. Unity 3D will get you sorted! Guru solutions are experts in unity 3D, which you can reach out to at any time. There are several game engines, each with its benefits. However, our primary focus is going to be on Unity 3D.

What are the reasons why you should use Unity 3D?

1. Unity 3D has Great Versatility.

Unity 3D is unique because it is tough to find a game engine that performs different tasks, just like Unity. When you need a 2D engine, Unity got you. In terms of versatility, Unity has the best. 

2. Unity is a Cross-platform

The fact that Unity 3D has games compatible with multiple devices and platforms is no joke, Android, Windows, Playstation, MaS, and many more. All these many platforms work using different architectures and require effective modification to start running. 

3. Modular Editor

Unity 3D does not run on static features. By visiting the Package Manager, you'll come across additional functionalities that you can add to your editor. If you need something more customized, you can create your functionality in the editor by applying the same technology to develop games.

4. Unity 3D offers several Services.

Unity 3D avails more than just the game engine and its numerous features. You can also earn money from your games through Unity Ads. When you need analytics, you have Unity Analytics. Unity also has cloud Build and Multiplayer services at your disposal, in case you might need any. 

5. Unity3D is Free

In its simplest form, the Unity 3D game engine is completely free to use. It is impossible also to distribute your games or exchange them for money. It's incredible how Unity 3D has no restrictions and permits small developers to expose their first games to the world.

What are the Common Limitations of Unity 3D

6. Unity 3D has Online Tutorials.

Online tutorials make beginners grasp the concept of game development easier. Learning from videos is very efficient since you can review the content you might fail to understand. Through online tutorials, Unity has allowed everyone to be part of the game development team. 

7. Unity has a Large and Supportive Community.

Unity's vast community facilitates developers with reasonable solutions and suggestions to solve their issues in no time. Unity 3D also holds annual events where members interact and share ideas and experiences. Therefore, in case of any development or design issue, you can resolve it quickly by asking another member who is more experienced in game development. 

8. Unity is Easy to Use

Unity 3D is friendly and easy to work with, as you can see the results of what you are working on in the editor without having to wait for the game to build ultimately. Isn't this great? From the interface to the workflow and to porting. It's how great Unity is in simplifying the life of game developers. 

What is the Difference between 2D and 3D Video Games

Using the Unity 3D game engine, you can develop 2D and 3D games separately. The primary difference comes from the objects you want to use or the type of camera in use. The table below shows the difference between 2D and 3D video games.

Game typecharacteristics
2D video games
  • 2D video games use flat graphics with two-dimensional geometry.
  • A few examples of Unity 2D games are Hollow Knight, Children of Morta, and Tiny Bubbles.
3D video games
  • Unity 3D games usually apply three-dimensional geometry.
  • 3D games use textures on the surface of GameObjects to make them appear stable environments. 
  • 3D games usually render the scene using perspective, so objects appear more prominent on the screen.
  • Examples include Eastshade and Pray for the Gods.


Every game engine has limitations; however, Unity 3D is user-friendly and fits your project requirements. In Unity 3D, it's easier to import assets, for instance, 3D models, unlike other game engines, which cause hassles in porting. If you are thinking of taking part in game development, think Unity! Reach out to Guru solutions for expert Unity 3D services. 

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