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What are the Commonly Used applications by SharePoint administrators

It's important to have a general knowledge of the commonly used applications of a SharePoint administrator. Not only for those with businesses but for everyone because knowledge is power. This article is greatly researched to help you understand everything you should about the commonly used applications of a SharePoint administrator. 

There are several commonly used applications in SharePoint administrator; SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor, ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus, PRTG  Network Monitor, SPDOCKIT, and eG Enterprise. Keep reading for finer details. 

Get to learn more about the responsibilities and skills of a SharePoint administrator. 

What are the Commonly Used applications by SharePoint administrators

SharePoint has become one of the best tools for creating websites. SharePoint admin tools with performance monitoring provide network administrators visibility over network resources, enabling a more excellent user experience for the end-users.

What are the Commonly Used applications by SharePoint administrators

Who is a SharePoint administrator?

A SharePoint administrator oversees the installation of the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration and content management platform in an organization. Their duties include; 

  • Installing
  • Configuring
  • Support business users using SharePoint
  • Backing up SharePoint Data

In rare cases, they also oversee the SQL server database that supports SharePoint. 

What are the most commonly used SharePoint applications?

1. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor

It keeps track of physical statuses and logical activity. This application manages SharePoint performance by identifying the cause of latency and slow page loading. Some of their key features are:

  • Tracks app activities.
  • Raises alarms for performance issues.
  • Calculates request metrics.
  • SharePoint integration.

For efficient troubleshooting, SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor provide integration with SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor to identify the reason for pages loading slowly. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor are used by enterprises that need a quality SharePoint monitoring tool that's user-friendly.

2. ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus

ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus is a management and auditing solution for windows. It is a web-based tool for SharePoint where the user can :

  • Configure permission changes.
  • Form groups and delete groups.

For easy navigation through your SharePoint platform, use Object Explorer to monitor the permissions of SharePoint objects, files, and folders. Also, for usage analysis, activity tracking, query optimization, and SharePoint monitoring. ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus is among the best Sharepoint management tools available for windows download. It's built specifically for SharePoint, optimizes query performance relevant to the user's history, and is easily accessible from anywhere via a web portal. However, it lacks some vital performance features, such as infrastructure monitoring. 

What are the Commonly Used applications by SharePoint administrators

3. PRTG  Network Monitor

PRTG  Network Monitor is an infrastructural monitoring tool with pre-configured sensors for monitoring SharePoint. Sensors can are configured with custom alerts. For instance, when your server CPU usage goes beyond a point of your choice, you command the tool to send notifications via SMS, emails, etc. Its key features:

  • Server resource tracking.
  • Monitor activity.
  • It has a drag-and-drop editor, which makes it easy to build custom views.
  • Supports a freeware version.
  • Has a fully customizable dashboard for lone administrators and NOC  teams.
  • Supports a wide range of alert mediums. However, it contains many features and moving parts that require time to understand due to its complexity.
  • PRTG  Network Monitor is an excellent tool with less than 100 sensors, making it an essential tool for small and medium-sized businesses since it's free.


SPDOCKIT is a SharePoint administration and analysis tool with support for permission management. This platform generates:

  • SharePoint documentation.
  • Audit reports.
  • Manage permissions.

SPDOCKIT provides a dashboard where you can monitor SharePoint usage points. The SharePoint analytics monitor the number of hits per site and the list of site users. It comes prebuilt with permission audits and analytics; it is explicitly built for SharePoint documentation and auditing and designed for enterprise use.

5. eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise is a platform that monitors SharePoint farms. With this tool, you can monitor everything from sites, web apps, databases, and events. eG is relatively easy to use as it automatically discovers and creates a map of SharePoint applications and infrastructure dependencies, ensuring all essential services are in place. You can view this infrastructure as a map of how services are connected. Its key features include;

  • Root analysis.
  • User monitoring.
  • SharePoint application mapping.

There are many eG Enterprise to purchase, from cloud-based versions to on-premises. eG Enterprise is available for both on-premise and cloud-based services, maps help show dependencies in your SharePoint, and Real-user monitoring provides highly accurate user experience metrics.

What are the Duties of a SharePoint Administrator

What are the Commonly Used applications by SharePoint administrators

A SharePoint admin is necessary for every business to succeed in SharePoint. Their duties can not be overlooked or ignored. His roles include setting up and managing the whole SharePoint. He also keeps an organization's SharePoint running effectively to achieve an organization's pre-set goals. It's good to have one in your organization if anything about SharePoint arises; you'll have someone to turn to.

What are the duties of a SharePoint administrator?

1. Site and Account Management

A SharePoint administrator is required to give new employees accounts, and in case someone leaves the brand, you'll have to disable their access. You also have to edit their roles and permissions in a case where a team member joins a different department. You must ensure content, sites, and workflows are up-to-date. Admins also handle the following tasks:

  • Delete junk or old files.
  • Maintain backups and ensure they are running effectively
  • Deploy custom features.
  • Configure new sites. 

2. Server Management and Security

You have to ensure the server is well-managed and running. Maintain your server in the following ways: ensure there is enough space, servers have to be fast, ensure your backups are in good condition, and Install updates and patches. As an admin, you must be extra keen on server security; you'll not want your company to lose sensitive information. Also, ensure you restrict those who can access your server because not all employees are trustworthy.

What are the Commonly Used applications by SharePoint administrators

3. You Have To Train Employees on SharePoint

You have to ensure all members are comfortable handling SharePoint. SharePoint is a robust platform that helps organizations increase productivity. The workload you'll have will depend on the size of your company and the number of employees. However, it takes time to learn and understand how to use it. Here are a few tips that might help you train team members:

  • Keeping employees in the know of new features.
  • One-on-one talks to address specific issues.
  • Orientations for new team members.

4. Troubleshooting and Support

SharePoint is a complex tool and can be hard to work with. You must work quickly and troubleshoot the problem if there is a fault. Some issues require you to work with your team members and change how a custom app works. These are just some of the problems you'll encounter. You must be skilled and experienced as an admin to handle these faults. 

5. General Monitoring and Maintenance

A good administrator must be reliable and have a lot of flexibility. You have to be on the lookout for any issue that might come your way and be more than ready to handle it as expected. SharePoint is a complicated system that needs an admin that can solve various issues. 

What are the Skills of a SharePoint Administrator Skills

A Sharepoint admin must possess specific skills. The table below will be an excellent guide in helping you learn about those skills so you can know what to look for when hiring one. 

Technical skills Strategic  Planning Skills Interpersonal Skills
Installation-A SharePoint admin is required to install a SharePoint system for a brand. SkillsVisualization-Used to build a suitable system for a company. Training skills-Training sessions about the SharePoint features are vital.
Customization-An admin might use their knowledge of the organization's needs and organizational structure to customize the network. Problem-solving-For instance, if a brand has a remote or hybrid workplace, the admin should create team pages to make communication easier. Communication-SharePoint admins use their communication skills to discuss new features and develop project plans.
Maintenance-This involves monitoring the servers to ensure members can access resources quickly. Data literacy-Admins might use this skill to read internal reports about SharePoint to boost its performance. Leadership-Admins use their leadership skills to develop projects and achieve company targets.
Troubleshooting-If team members are facing difficulties handling SharePoint resources; it is your duty to investigate and resolve the issue. Analytical thinking- Admins' analytical skills can assist find effective ways to program tools and workflows. Collaboration-SharePoint admins work closely with other brand leaders to design and create SharePoint pages for sales teams.


From the above, it is evident that a SharePoint upgrade is needed for you to run your company and turn it into a significant success. Just find an expert in SharePoint administration who will guide you on what to do and what you need to accomplish a successful SharePoint platform. Also, having a general knowledge of the commonly used applications is important. You can reach out to Guru solutions for professional services in SharePoint administrator. 

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