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What are the Enticing Practices for Your Cloud Migration Strategy

If you are about to invest in cloud migration, you should also consider the enticing practices for your cloud migration strategy. This article is well-detailed and informative to help you understand the enticing strategies you can use for cloud migration.  

There are several enticing strategies for your cloud migration; they include; training your staffing advance, choosing the best cloud migration services, embracing automation, taking advantage of your cloud migration developer support, and determining the cloud migration cost. 

Get to learn more about the reasons why you should hire a cloud migration developer and much more. 

What are the Enticing Practices for Your Cloud Migration Strategy

Migrating your digital assets to the cloud has multiple benefits, and developing a sound migration strategy is advisable to ensure a safe transition. Whether your organization intends to move all or part of your resources, you must plan and strategize carefully to guarantee a successful migration.

What are the Enticing Practices for Your Cloud Migration Strategy

What are the Best Practices for  Cloud Migration Strategy 

A lack of a proper plan in place can see your organization revert to an on-premise setup within a short time, and numerous resources go to waste. It could save your enterprise time and help if you and your team familiarize yourselves with the best practices for your cloud migration strategy. Here are some of them:

1. Train Your Staff in Advance

Training your employees in advance will ensure they possess the right skills in migration. The cloud differs from on-premises, so your employees should have new skills and familiarize themselves with various cloud concepts. If your employees are not up to speed in the new environment they'll be working in, it can result in delays and downtime. This also means your enterprise would need to hire personnel with the required skills, which inflates your budget.

2. Choose the Best Cloud Services 

Choosing a suitable cloud services provider for your enterprise is essential because you don't want to keep hopping from one provider to another, which is time and resource-wasting. Choosing the right provider should not only be based on their current services but also on future technological advancements they plan to achieve.

Suppose your cloud services provider has no vision of transforming and improving its services in the future. In that case, your business is also likely to make no advancements which could result in stagnation. Guru solutions are experts at cloud migration services. You can opt to use multiple cloud services to mitigate the risks and take advantage of the different features they have to offer.

3. Embrace Automation

Tools are available to ensure your organization does not handle everything manually. Some processes are repetitive, and taking each one at a time can be time-consuming. Identifying repetitive tasks and using an automation tool to save time and resources during migration is essential. Automation will also help your business in the:

  • Lowering the risk involved when handling processes manually.
  • Reduces downtime experienced in transferring enormous volumes of data and workflows.
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the burden of employing more staff.

What are the Enticing Practices for Your Cloud Migration Strategy

4. Make Use of Cloud Service Vendor Support

Before settling on a particular service provider, you should do a background check on the quality of their support services. A great support system will be critical in your migration phase. Cloud support personnel are specialists in the respective services they offer. They can answer your questions and help you solve any technical issues you may experience.

5. Determine the cost of migration

It's essential to plan for the costs expected in the migration process. First, it's advisable to determine which assets are to remain on-premise and which ones go to the cloud. This way, it's easier to determine the costs expected for migration and the necessary resources that should be available to speed up the process.

Service vendors provide pricing calculators to assist your enterprise in estimating costs. It's crucial to consider everything because changes keep happening in the cloud. Pricing calculators will also help you in determining:
Developing and maintenance costs are expected after migration.

  • The cost of transferring data.
  • The cost of the cloud vendor.
  • The cost of putting up the infrastructure

Your team may not have some of the required skill sets for a successful transition. Personnel with the right skills and experience in cloud migration will be needed to facilitate a smooth transfer.

Why Should you hire a Cloud Migration Expert

What are the Enticing Practices for Your Cloud Migration Strategy

Outsourcing for an expert knowledgeable in cloud technology is beneficial because experts can guarantee a successful migration. Here are some of the reasons you should hire a cloud migration expert:

1. Reduce Costs and Expenses

Onboarding a full-time consultant on your team means you pay them whether there is work to do. They are entitled to a monthly payment which could increase your recurrent expenditure. The best approach to curb this problem is to seek the services of an expert. You reduce costs because you only pay them for the services they provide. Their experience in the cloud computing space ensures your migration journey is smooth and effective. They can also educate your team on how to use new features in the cloud computing space.

2. Busy Schedules of Your Experts

It takes a lot of time and effort to make cloud migration a success. It's not a routine and might force your IT experts to work overtime under pressure. This can lead to technical mistakes, which can be very costly to your organization. Your experts may need assistance in some tasks from people with the same set of skills as them or even better because it's usually a more technical undertaking. A consultant can work with your experts or even replace them for the realization of better results in the migration phase.

What are the Enticing Practices for Your Cloud Migration Strategy

3. Less or No Downtimes

The cloud system is very different from the on-premise one. You need qualified experts to ensure all systems are functional at all times. Frequent downtimes affect customer experience, which may lead to negative reviews of your firm. Cloud experts will also help reduce downtimes by;

  • Formulating a rollback strategy in case the migration doesn't go as planned.
  • Using specialist tools to monitor the migration process
  • Identifying loopholes that are likely to cause downtime.

4. Enhanced Security for Your Assets and Systems

Your cloud infrastructure needs specialized protection from possible security risks. A security breach could see your business lose customers' confidential data, which can result in their loss of trust, making them shift to your competitors. An expert knows how cloud security functions. They understand the consequences of a data breach, so they always improvise ways to protect your business from attacks. Another primary concern in cloud security is misconfigurations of cloud system security settings which also increases the risk of data breaches. Cloud experts put the proper measures to lock out potential attackers in case of a misconfiguration. 

What are the Common Issues of Cloud Migration?

The cloud migration process sometimes doesn't go as planned due to various factors in the middle of the migration process. The table below shows the challenges of cloud migration and how to overcome them.

Problem How to Overcome It
Cloud Security and availability concerns Hire an experienced DevOps engineer skilled in cloud security to avoid security weak points and downtime
High Financial cost Plan for your migration earlier and train your staff to avoid extra employment. Also, have a supplementary budget in case your plan fails.
Low adoption rates Change your top management or ensure they understand all your business requirements. They also educate employees at the bottom.
Disagreement with the cloud provider Do due diligence before committing to a cloud vendor. Check out their website, terms of service, and testimonials to avoid a stalemate during the migration.



A good strategy prior to the migration project ensures a smooth and secure migration without additional costs or expenses. Best practices for your cloud migration strategy will also spare you the unnecessary waste of time and resources, which could hurt your business in the long term. Hiring an expert also eases the complex and technical aspects, which can cause downtime and misconfigurations of the cloud system. If you are looking for cloud migration services, contact us at Guru solutions.

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