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Thursday, July 7, 2022

What are the Facts and Myths behind Mobile Friendly Web Design

If you are doing your research on mobile-friendly website design, you are at the right place. This article talks about the facts and myths associated with mobile-friendly website design, and it will be of great help to you if you are thinking of building or redesigning your mobile-friendly website.

There are several facts and myths behind mobile-friendly web design; the facts include; Google uses mobile-friendly web design for ranking, a mobile-friendly website is a cost-effective way to boost SEO, it's always accessible, and it features large buttons with simplified menus. The myths include; that you can build a cheap, mobile-friendly web, mobile-friendly web design is unnecessary, and once you design your website, you are done.

Do you know why you should hire a professional, mobile-friendly web designer? Keep reading to be enlightened on why you need to hire one. 

What are the Facts and Myths behind Mobile Friendly Web Design

The latter takes the lead compared to how many people carry their phones and those that bring their laptops. That's why most people shop online using their mobile devices. Undoubtedly, mobile-friendly websites have made businesses grow, and you may wonder, what's the fuss about mobile-friendly websites? Whether you need one for your business, what it can do for the business and many more questions.

What are the Facts and Myths behind Mobile Friendly Web Design

When you go to Google and search for the term mobile-friendly website, you'll get over a thousand results. You'll get to hear and read a lot about mobile-friendly websites, some of which are true and others misleading. If you are still in doubt about whether you should have a mobile-friendly website, you are at the right place, and I'm here to clear your doubts. Here are the facts and myths about mobile-friendly web design. 

FACT: Google uses mobile-friendly web design for ranking
One of the top factors that Google considers when ranking your website is mobile-friendly web design. Websites that are built on mobile versions are more prioritized than desktop versions. If you have your website built under mobile-friendly web design, then you have an impact on your general Google ranking. 

FACT: Mobile-friendly web is a cost-effective way to boost SEO
Mobile-friendly websites have a vast potential to increase sales plus conversions. It allows users to have a perfect mobile experience which helps a business to stay at the top of their competitors. In addition, maintaining several versions of the site for different devices is no use, hence boosting overall revenue. 

FACT: Features large buttons and simplified menu
Mobile-friendly web design features large buttons for users to tap on perfectly without trouble. It also has simplified small menus which aid the user in finding whatever they are looking for fast. Additionally, it's appealing to look at, and the user enjoys a great experience.

FACT: It's always accessible
The ease of accessibility surrounds mobile-friendly web design, boosting your conversions and sales. Users can interact with your brand across different devices without being inconvenienced. The earlier you invest in a mobile-friendly web design, the better as it creates long-term loyalty and customer retention.

MYTH: You can build a cheap, mobile-friendly web
You can easily find a mobile-friendly website template and get your site running at a low price, but the truth is that it will cost you much more in the future and won't be of much use to your business. You need to invest in an excellent mobile-friendly web; your website should look good, work great and achieve all your business objectives. By investing, you'll have the freedom to create something great that will speak for you and your brand. The only advisable way to achieve this is to work with a great web design specialist who will create a site that reflects your brand identity, like Guru Solutions. 

MYTH: Mobile-friendly web design is not necessary
Let nobody discourage you from getting a mobile-friendly web design when almost everyone uses a mobile device to make purchases. And clearly, the mobile-friendly web is here to stay as mobile devices are getting better with the release of new devices each time. Not having a mobile-friendly web will have your business suffer and lose many customers. It would be best if you also had it to stay relevant and in competition.

MYTH: Once you design, you are done.
Every website needs routine maintenance and updates for optimal performance. The digital world constantly changes with evolving traits and new advancements. You must create time to work on your site, monitor analytics, readjust it accordingly, and take the necessary precautions to keep it current and relevant.

Why you should hire a professional mobile friendly web designer

What are the Facts and Myths behind Mobile Friendly Web Design

A business and online marketing go at hand. Whether you run a big business or a start-up, we advise you to invest in digital marketing. This will be best achieved by creating a mobile-friendly web design, and for you to achieve a robust online presence, you must consider getting help for a professional web designer. Guru solutions will help with the hassles and complications in designing and building a mobile-friendly website. Here are the reasons why you should hire us;

We have a clear understanding of the industry.
Your website should be the center stage in enhancing your brand equity. Having been in the industry for quite some time, we fully understand the strategies needed for your website. We will help you have an engaging world-class website with great conversions. 

It saves you time and money.
In business, time and money are critical, and that's where we come in. We ensure that your website is up and running in the shortest time possible. We also provide you have all the features you need to stay ahead of your competitors. You don't have to worry about anything and can delegate your time to other activities as we handle the website, from designing and developing to managing. 

You experience a professional look.
An eye-appealing website will sell itself. We have an eye for detail and strive to make professional websites, i.e., how to get the proper image text ratio, when and how to use to right fonts, plus color scheme. With all those details, we ensure that a user will fall in love with your website by just looking at it. 

You get to have a marketing advantage.
Website and marketing go at hand. People want to know what your business is about. With a mobile-friendly site, you attract many people; we all know that mobile devices are primarily used to shop and search. You will also rank well on Google, adding credibility and giving you a competitive edge.

You have technical support.
Designing a website is merely one part of getting it online. Instead of getting one service provider to do the design, then another to build, and another to maintain, it'd be wise to get one service provider to do all those; it will be cheaper for you, and you will have someone to call when an issue arises. 


There always will be myths and facts about anything, and websites aren't any different. You have all the reasons to hire a professional web designer, and all are to your advantage. The good news is that you can reach out to us with all your questions on mobile-friendly web design, and we will be there to assist you. Give us a shout, email, or send your details, and someone will reach out to you. Guru Solutions are expert when it comes to mobile-friendly web design

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