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What are the Great Consultation tips you Should Never Forget

Most people invest in consultation without knowing anything about it; you shouldn't stop at that; you are supposed to do your research and know great tips about consultation. This article talks about great consultation tips that everyone should know. 

There are some great consultation tips you should keep in mind, such as; the meet and greet, asking the right questions, knowing your area of expertise, setting your goals, getting certified, setting your rates, networking, choosing your market target, and choosing your location. 

Read on to learn more about the types and characteristics of a great consultant.

What are the Great Consultation tips you Should Never Forget

Consultation is the most crucial part of your business. Consultation is essential to keep and attract new customers as it sets the ground for your client's experience. But do we know what a great consultation should entail?

What are the Great Consultation tips you Should Never Forget

What are the Great Consultation Tips that you Should Never Forget

1. The Meet and Greet

First impressions are everything. How you will welcome a client will determine whether they will stay. Whether a regular or new client, how you receive them will boost or destroy your business clientele. There are some guidelines you should follow during your meet and greet. Check the table below.

Greeting  How you greet and welcome your client matters greatly as that will build your trust relationship. To achieve a successful greeting point, ensure that you receive them warmly and joyfully. Make your clients feel comfortable by asking friendly questions.
Body Language

Ensure that your body language is friendly and does not depict negative energy towards your client. You can have a face-to-face consultation and listen keenly to your client. Avoid distractions like using your phone, talking to other people, or arranging your items.

Remember the Little Things

Remembering your frequent clients' names, favorite items, and what they like carries weight. Clients love belonging, and once you create that environment, they will keep coming back. It is also essential to repeat their order to show them that you remember what they have ordered. In addition, you can also offer advice when they ask for one. 

2. Ask proper questions

Gathering the necessary information about your client will aid you in offering a proper consultation. By asking the right questions, you will know your client's needs and wants, thus prescribing the right solution to their problems. 
Here are some questions you could ask:

  • Ask questions about your client; focus on general questions. General questions will help you know more about your client and will make your client comfortable hence opening up more.
  • You can also ask about their likes, dislikes, and allergies to offer better services.
  • You can ask about their history, allergies, expectations, limitations, and what they like or dislike.
  • You can also ask about their preferences. 

3. Know Your Area of Expertise

Being honest with what you are good at is crucial. Honesty enables clients to trust you. You should be able to tell your clients what you know and are unsure of for them to make an informed decision.
Know what area you are good at and research more on that. You can also acquire new skills and build on them.

4. Set Your Goals

Goals are a roadmap to success, and they will show you where to go and what you have achieved. Proper goals will also show you what to improve on. Below are some guidelines on how to set your goals:

  • Your goals should be specific and clear
  • Have measurable targets, and you can track
  • Goals should be attainable, realistic, and manageable
  • Set goals that are oriented to your business
  • Have set deadlines for your goals

What are the Great Consultation tips you Should Never Forget

5. Get Certified, Set Your Rates, and Networking

Being a certified consultant will make you competitive. A client trusts a certified consultant because the certifications show that you have specialized in that area. Set your preferred rates and let your clients know beforehand. Do not charge less than required to get clients, and your skills will be able to bring clients. Charge what is fair and reasonable. Networking is a way of bringing more customers to your business. You can quickly get referrals through networking. Be friendly and pleasant to network appropriately. 

6. Choose your Target Market and Location

Know your target market and understand what their needs are. Your target market can also assist you in setting the price rate for your consultancy. Having a designated area for your consultancy business is crucial. After deciding who your target market is, choose a location that favors that market. However, before selecting a location, consider the following;

  • Affordability
  • Space
  • Area of location
  • Your Capabilities

What are the types of a consultant

What are the Great Consultation tips you Should Never Forget

Who is a Consultant?

A consultant provides professional advice in a specific field to either a person or an organization. He provides expertise that a client lacks, needs, and cannot fulfill. In exchange for their services, they charge a certain amount of fees. They operate independently from a client, meaning there is no conflict of interest between the client and the consultant. 

Why do Clients Hire Consultants? 

One of the main reasons why people hire consultants is because they possess a knowledge advantage. More reasons are;

  • Consultants are independent and provide an objective view of an issue and a solution.
  • External consultants are not affected by sensitive internal issues
  • Hiring an external consultant may be cheaper than retaining an in-house expert.
  • If there is a capacity shortage for projects, a consultant can fill in.
  • Consultants can make decisions that no one would have made from the team.

What are the Types of Consultants?

The consultancy industry is one of the rapidly growing industries. With the growth comes different types of consultants. Check the chart below.

What are the Great Consultation tips you Should Never Forget

What are the characteristics of a successful consultant

What are the Great Consultation tips you Should Never Forget

Great consultation attracts more businesses. Below are some of the characteristics of a successful consultant;

1. Professional and A Good Listener

Professionalism builds trust. Clients need to know that they can trust and depend on you professionally. A good consultant should be able to strike a balance between being relatable and professional. Through listening, you can effectively handle your clients' needs.

It would help if you never assumed that you know every problem and can solve them. Clients need to know that you are keenly listening to their problems for them to trust and open up more to you. Avoid distractions and focus solely on your client and their issues. You can have a notebook to write down some significant bits.

2. Good Communication Skills

Communication skills entail both written and oral forms of communication. Being able to pass your message clearly and understandably is a vital part of consultancy. To be a good communicator;

  • You must know your client, understand their problems, and know how to solve them.
  • You need to know what message you are passing on and who your audience is.
  • You should also pass the message confidently without second-guessing your advice. 

A good consultant should be able to execute their area of expertise. You should research and read widely to handle the different types of clientele. With excellent knowledge, customers will be knocking at your door to understand their situation and get a workable solution.

3. Persistent, Sociable, and Team Player

A great consultant is persistent and self-driven. It would help if you did not allow critics or lousy feedback to break your business. Let the negativism do your research more and be better. Additionally, it would help if you did not allow unforeseeable circumstances to stop you from handling every situation and persist in being a good consultant.

Great consultants are friendly. They can fit into any conversation and can be able to break the ice. As a consultant, you should listen before speaking. A consultant should have a good relationship with co-workers and clients. Collaborating with others helps improve your consultancy skills.

4. Be Confident and Organized

Knowledge is brewed from knowing your business. Explain every detail of your price range. In addition, state how beneficial your products are. A consultant should always be organized. It will help if you put in a proper time management schedule to avoid time clashing or having clients wait the whole day and cancel. 


The key to a great consultation is knowing and understanding your client's needs and expectations and looking for a way to solve those problems. It's a crucial part of any successful business or organization. We have discussed the tips for a successful consultant and the characteristics of a great consultant. The qualities and tips should assist you in being and improving your consultancy skills. Guru solutions are consultation services experts; reach out to us for help.

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