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Thursday, March 31, 2022

What are the Moments That Sum Up Your Ecommerce Experience?

My eCommerce website was excellent, with high traffic, and I was selling the best products and affordable too, but there was a problem; I had a lot of abandoned cars, I wasn't making sales as expected. I sought to find out what the issue could have been. I found out my eCommerce experience wasn't well taken care of; this article will be a guide.

There are several moments that sum up your e-commerce experience, such as;

  • Having a user-friendly website
  • Providing products support
  • Having an easy checkout process
  • Personalizing your customer experience
  • Displaying compelling product pages
  • Mobile optimization
  • Clear return policies
  • Great follow up measures

The above are just a few mentioned tips for an excellent e-commerce experience. Everything is well expounded in this article for you to understand eCommerce experience in details

For you to get more sales you must improve your shopping experience once in a while, do you know how to improve it? Do you know its importance to your website and customers? Read on to learn everything in this article.

What are the Moments That Sum Up Your Ecommerce Experience?

The ecommerce experience is a piece of your general customer experience, which lingers behind how customers perceive their interactions with your brand. Customer experience covers both online and offline experiences from the first day a customer interacts with your brand. It refers to the customer's experience when buying your products/services online.

What are the Moments That Sum Up Your Ecommerce Experience?

Ecommerce experiences vary, but they all need to be satisfying and straightforward for your buyers; otherwise, they will get stressed and leave your site for another. Below are moments that should sum up your e-commerce experience;

Having a user-friendly website
Customers want websites that are easy to navigate and get what they want as soon as possible. Your website should be well organized, just like a physical store with everything in its category. Everything from search buttons to types to making transactions should be easy to find. Let your website be simple to cater to those who want to buy, those who wish to browse, and those who need help filtering through the products. 

Having a simple checkout process
Creating a simple checkout can prevent you from losing buyers, let them be able to view the cart from every page, and make the transactions secure. Have a variety of payment options to make sure they dont get to the last bit of trade only to find out their mode of payment is not accepted. If you find out you have a lot of unattended carts, you can deploy a way to find out from your customers why they end up not making a purchase. 

Personalize your customer's experience
Personalization is not all about having your customer's name on an email message; product offers, content, plus ads should be relevant to the user. Use information like location or browsing history to give your customers offers or recommend products based on their recent purchases. 

Providing product support
Ensure your website has excellent customer support like live chats, forums, product support pages, etc. Customers want to feel like they can count on and run to you in case of anything about your products; many prefer a live chat. Failing to produce a variety of customer support systems in your business will be like chasing them away in the hands of your competitors.

Displaying attractive product pages
An attractive product page should have a descriptive copy with captivating visuals plus straightforward navigation. Let it be straight to the point and include prices, product descriptions, and product photos. Consumers should know what your product is all about and how it can help them before purchasing. Your site should be all about your brand. 

Mobile optimization
Is your website mobile friendly? It would be best to make the mobile experience effortless with the forms autofill-enabled on chrome and android, so the customer dont have to do much typing. Also, ensure that the page loads fast; it's not wise to keep a customer waiting for long. You might have to exclude some fields for a fast load. 

Clear return policies
Nothing makes a customer happy than knowing she can send purchases back if they don't fit or for other sensible reasons. Make them feel confident and comfortable by providing simple, easy-to-find return policies. 

Follow up measures
After a customer makes a purchase, it would be an excellent gesture to follow up and find out if everything is weng smoothly with the product. You can call them or email them; you can also offer them discounts on future purchases and keep them informed on any special events on your products like offers, new products, etc. 

What are the Moments That Sum Up Your Ecommerce Experience?

How to Improve the Shopping Experience

To get more sales, you need to have more buyers. How do you ensure their shopping experience is top-notch? Below are ways to improve the shopping experience; 

Pay attention to every touchpoint.
You have to ensure your website creates a rapport with customers. Availing quality products and services will keep them coming back for more. They should have a great feeling about the brand. Make it easy for them to navigate through your site.

If you have a physical store, check on how you treat them once they walk in, greet them, and help them shop. After shopping, thank them for coming and welcome them to go again. It's essential how to serve and handle customers.

Publish customer feedbacks
Your website should be customer-centered; hence it is advisable to review feedback and act accordingly. Post both the positive and the negative ones, learn from the complaints and improve your product or service.

Reduce friction during the purchasing process
You should have a speedy website to avoid lengthy checkouts and delay for your customers. By doing so, you'll retain your consumers and save them time. Customers don't like spending much time on a slow website that takes a lot of time to load and ensure deliveries should be done in time.

Don't neglect post-purchase care.
You must pay attention to your customers after they've shopped. Give them a call or email as a form of customer support and create a business friendship with them: this will help you retain your consumers and grow your ecommerce business to greater heights.

Create a community around your brand
Ensure you give consumers value beyond your products and services. If you have a physical store, hold functions or special shopping offers that attract and celebrate your best customers. If you mainly operate from an online store, encourage your customers to connect through social media and share their feelings.

 What are the Moments That Sum Up Your Ecommerce Experience?

Why it is essential to improve the shopping experience of customers
Excellent interactions with customers automatically lead to higher profits; as they buy, they will also refer you to others, making more sales. New shoppers end up becoming loyal to your company. 

Great shopping encounters satisfy the customers and hence a need for consistency by providing the services you guaranteed and even improving them in future. Superior experiences make your organization stand out from the rest even though you offer the same services and products; hence, customers will no longer compare products but the uniqueness and superiority of service.

It also helps gain trust from your consumers because of a close and robust relationship, leading to more productivity in the store. Better experience from customers makes the brand popular through positive word of mouth. Improved shopping experience starts with every bit of how you handle, treat and judge your customers, whether in an online store or a physical store.


The moments that sum up your ecommerce experience are tips every website owner should take. The customer is the person who matters most to your business; their satisfaction should be your goal: a happy, satisfied customer, a more profitable ecommerce business. If you consider the above information, be sure to get more sales leading to the growth of your business.

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