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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What are the Qualities that People look for in a DBA

When looking to add staff to your company, moreso a DBA, there are qualities you should look out for. Do you know them? Worry not! this article will help you learn about the qualities that people look out for in a DBA. 

There are several qualities to look out for in a DBA, such as; Excellent attention to detail, problem solver, a great decision maker, tactful, business-minded, problem-solving skills, ability to work independently or in a team, detail-oriented, trustworthy and dependable, positive attitude, excellent communication skills, accountable, flexible and able to manage time properly. I will encourage you to read this article till the end. 

Keep reading to learn more about common database design mistakes. 

What are the Qualities that People look for in a DBA

When it comes to getting started as a DBA, there are many qualifications that you need to possess, both hard skills and soft skills. There are no set rules on what those qualifications are, but what people look for can be slightly different based on the organization they're working in or where they are in their career path.

What are the Qualities that People look for in a DBA

To ensure that you are prepared to be as successful as possible when looking to get your first DB job, take note of these qualities people look for in a DBA.

1. Excellent Attention to Detail 

Excellent attention to detail is one of the essential qualities people look for in a DBA. You pay close attention to all details and ensure everything is accounted for, from the minor task to the most significant project. Good problem solvers are always needed, especially when starting your own business. They must take care of any problems and make quick decisions without hesitation. The person should be able to make decisions backed by data and sound logic. They should also be able to consider the needs of the company, employees, and clients.

2. Tactful

There are many qualities that people look for when hiring an individual to become their business manager. A good diplomatic person listens, understands, and respects the opinions of others and can work with people from different backgrounds. It is an important quality to consider when hiring. An excellent business-minded individual will be able to connect with the business owner and understand what they are looking for while offering their perspective on how the company can continue to grow.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are imperative to the success of any organization. Planning and identifying potential pitfalls will be challenging without the ability to handle problems. A good DBA should be able to work independently and on a team. An excellent independent worker would be able to take on tasks by themselves but is also comfortable with collaboration.

What are the Qualities that People look for in a DBA

4. Trustworthy and Dependable

People need to trust the person they are working with and know they will do the job well and on time. A dependable person will always keep their commitments and not let others down. Being detail-oriented is integral to the work of a DBA. From managing data to ensuring everything is backed up, you need to be meticulous and never lose sight of the details.

5. Flexible and Able to Manage Time Properly

Flexibility and time management are crucial skills to have as a DBA. You'll need to be flexible with your time because many tasks need to be completed, and you may not know when they'll need to be done. A positive attitude is one of the essential qualities that people look for in a DBA. A DBA is constantly going through challenges and obstacles, which can be difficult.

6. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential and often overlooked. You'll need to communicate clearly with the people you interact with daily, such as customers, clients, and vendors. Accountability is also one of the most important qualities people look for in a DBA. It's not just about following the rules and being responsible to your team, but also about being accountable to yourself.

What are the Common Database Design Mistakes

What are the Qualities that People look for in a DBA
In database design, some common mistakes can trip up even the most experienced database designers. These database design mistakes can result in an overcomplicated or inefficient design that slows down the database and results in more time spent on maintenance rather than data analysis. Here are common database design mistakes.

1. Poor Design/Planning

Poor database design is often the cause of poor website performance. Poor database design can be caused by a lack of understanding of how different data types, such as text, numbers, and dates, should be used in a database. One of the most common database design mistakes is ignoring the concept of normalization. It can be one of the most critical tasks in designing a database because it ensures data is stored with integrity. 

2. Lack of Documentation

Many of the mistakes made in database design are due to a lack of documentation. When there is no documentation, any changes that need to be made become more complex and time-consuming.

3. Not Using SQL Facilities to Protect Data Integrity

Many database designers neglect to protect data integrity by using SQL facilities. It can lead to severe consequences, such as hacking, data corruption, and loss of data. One of the common mistakes database designers make is not using stored procedures when accessing data. Stored procedures provide a way for you to encapsulate logic, enforce security, and ensure that your data remains consistent.

4. Lack of Testing

Testing is an essential part of the development process, but it's often overlooked. Testing can help you find issues with your code earlier in the game, saving you time down the road.

What are the Qualities that People look for in a DBA

5. Using the Wrong Data Types
Using the wrong data types is a common mistake that can lead to many issues. For example, using a character data type for an integer column will make it impossible for you to store values other than letters in that column. Referential integrity ensures that the corresponding data is updated when you change something in one table. 

6. Having Redundant Data

A common database design mistake has redundant data. The same data is stored in more than one table, which can confuse the user and the database if changes are made. Related fields should not have multiple pieces of information in them. For example, all the fields for a person's address should be one, with the individual pieces separated by commas.

7. Poor Naming Standards and Ignoring User Needs

You must give your database tables good, descriptive names that make sense. Poorly named tables can lead to a lot of wasted time when it comes time to do data analysis. One of the mistakes a database designer can make is failing to account for the user's needs. It means creating too complex tables that don't have enough fields or are difficult to navigate.

What are the Differences between DBA and Network administrators?

Database administrators and network engineers both perform tasks within the infrastructure. However, their duties are quite different. Check the table below showing the differences between database administrators vs. network engineers.

Database Administrators Network Engineers
Focuses on Improving database performance

Analyze network performance

DBA is responsible for the system's interaction with the front-end users

Network Engineers are not concerned with the end users

It is used to define the management aspect of the profile

It represents the technical aspects of the profile

Assigning user access to databases

Recommend network enhancements

Maintaining and updating database security

Maintaining computer networks within or between organizations

DBA develops recovery strategies and backups Database Engineer identifies and handles the errors in a database.



The qualities people look for when hiring a DBA are varied and depend on the employer's needs. The best thing to do is to be honest about your skills and experience, highlight your strengths and show an employer why you would be the right fit for them. You can reach out to Guru Solutions for quality DBA services. 

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