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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What are the Reasons Cloud Hosting Is Actually a Good Thing

If you want to invest in cloud hosting or get general knowledge about cloud hosting, then you are at the right place. This article will be a great guide to helping you learn why cloud hosting is a good thing and much more.  

There are several reasons why cloud hosting is a good thing; prevention of data loss, use of the latest technology, cost-efficient, offers security, easy accessibility, collaboration, control, great storage capacity, disaster recovery, scalability and flexibility of resources and much more.  

Read on to learn about the steps involved in cloud hosting and much more in this article.  

What are the Reasons Cloud Hosting Is Actually a Good Thing

With technological advancement, businesses and organizations seek efficient and reliable ways to host their website necessities. Many companies are moving to the cloud to reap the benefits it possesses. Cloud hosting offers a variety of benefits that your business can't afford to miss.

What are the Reasons Cloud Hosting Is Actually a Good Thing

Let's have a look at the reasons why you should choose cloud hosting;

1. Scalability and Flexibility of Resources

Scalability is vital to small businesses and organizations. As the business grows, you can decipher what is and is not needed. Cloud hosting allows you to purchase resources. You can increase or reduce resources like storage and bandwidth. Cloud services offer a pay-as-you-go arrangement, allowing businesses to benefit from cloud services as they grow.

2. Easy Accessibility and Collaboration

Unlike traditional hosting techniques, you can access cloud hosting from any location. Cloud hosting offers mobility, ensuring no shareholders will be left behind as they can access services anywhere and anytime. Cloud hosting removes time and location constraints. Employees can work and access the same document simultaneously at different locations. Collaboration enhances work productivity and flexibility.

3. Control 

Control offers privacy and confidentiality in any business. Cloud hosting enables business owners to have complete control over vital documents. You can encrypt files, have the encryption keys then control who can access what information. In addition, management will save time as each team member will be allocated their specific files preventing them from searching for their assignments among many files.

4. Security

Security is a vital part of every business enterprise. Data breaches and cyber crimes are rising, and the culprits keep advancing their breaching techniques. Cloud hosting offers an advanced security service by hiring a team of experts to handle all matters concerning security.

What are the Reasons Cloud Hosting Is Actually a Good Thing

5. Storage Capacity

Cloud hosting offers unlimited storage capacity. You can store any type of data in various cloud data storage. The storage cost is measured depending on the data availability, performance, and access frequency.
As your business grows, you can add more storage to house all your sensitive information.

6. Cost Efficiency

With cloud hosting, you will need to pay for the services that are beneficial to you. Cloud hosting will save you from purchasing packages that you don't need. You will also not need to buy hardware or facilities as cloud hosting will handle it. Additionally, cloud hosting will help you reduce the number of IT experts in your business, as the cloud has professional experts who can handle any technological hitch.

7. Disaster Recovery and Prevention of Data Loss

Cloud hosting has a disaster recovery icon that permits users to recover their lost data anytime. The multiple servers enable automatic backups, enhancing lost data recovery. Prevention of data loss is as important as security. Your information will always be available when you use cloud hosting, even when you lose your gadgets or damage them.  

8. Latest Technology

Cloud hosting offers the latest technology available. Migrating to the cloud will enable your business to enjoy the newest technology, like upgraded software and faster processing power.

What are Cloud Hosting Key Performance Indicators?

You should identify the success and failures by using the critical performance indicators. When cloud hosting, you will need to identify the key performance indicators that go hand in hand with your set goals. Here are some key performance indicators that you should consider;

Availability Moving to cloud hosting should ensure that your product is accessible to the end users. 
Maintenance cost Migrating to cloud hosting should reduce your maintenance cost. Before making a decision, you should compare the prices.
Speed Consumers need to access products at a high-speed rate. You should ensure that the consumers can access products and the cloud system faster.
Scalability Scalability should enable you to buy resources on a need basis. You should check on the effectiveness of this indicator.
Operational load Operation and maintenance costs should reduce once you migrate to the cloud.
Select a Cloud Provider Choose a cloud model which can be public, private, or hybrid, then look for a cloud provider who fits your model.


What are the Steps to Cloud Hosting

Moving from traditional servers to the cloud is a process that requires proper preparation and knowledge. Cloud migration will depend on the company's size, infrastructure, and reasons for migrating. You should follow these steps to the latter for the success of your cloud hosting. 

What are the Reasons Cloud Hosting Is Actually a Good Thing

Below are the steps you should follow for cloud hosting;

1. List your migration goal

You need to know your applications and what you hope to achieve. How practical the applications are, and what you will want to improve. Below are what you will need to consider as you set your goals;

  • It would help if you highlighted the software you are using.
  • Separate the useful software from those that no longer serve you
  • Check applications that depend on each other because moving an application that is codependent on the other can negatively affect your work.
  • Decide on what applications will add value to the cloud.

2. Select an Automation Tool

There are automated tools that can aid in cloud hosting. Cloud service providers have the tools that will do most of the work. They include;

  • AWS server migration service
  • Azure migrate
  • Migrate for compute engine

What are the Reasons Cloud Hosting Is Actually a Good Thing

3. Select a Migration Strategy

Below are the common migration strategies:

  • Rehost: you will clone your servers and then move them to the infrastructure as a service of a cloud provider
  • Replatform: transferring applications to the cloud host while upgrading some parts.
  • Refactor: You will change the application to reap all the cloud benefits.
  • Repurchase: this will require you to move from perpetual licenses to SaaS vendors
  • Retire: whereby you will uninstall the application that is not necessary
  • Retain: it applies to applications that cannot migrate

4. Prepare for a System Backup

To transition to cloud hosting, you will need an effective backup plan. When you store data in the cloud, you will be able to retrieve data when you lose it. Here is how you can backup:

  • Adopt cloud backup tools that are safe and reliable
  • Make a data access policy whereby you will have complete control while the rest of the team will have a limited access
  • Train your staff on how to use the cloud and how to retrieve data
  • Identify critical information and switch on  an anti-delete icon
  • Have an automated data backup
  • Do a trial to confirm if the backup plan works
  • Migrate to cloud hosting, and move all your data and information to the cloud


Migrating to cloud hosting will be beneficial to your business. Cloud hosting offers a wide range of advantages, the primary one being security. Cloud hosting will protect your business from breaches and unnecessary interference. 
Get also to learn about cloud hosting steps and why you should join the migration. You can contact us at Guru solutions for all your cloud hosting services

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