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What are the SharePoint Assessment Benefits Everyone Should Know

The benefits of SharePoint assessment will greatly impact your organization positively. It's great to know them before investing in SharePoint to know what you are getting into and how you will benefit. This article will be a great guide to helping you learn about the benefits of SharePoint assessment. Keep reading to learn more. 

There are several benefits of SharePoint assessment; determining the need for training, usability assessment, security regulation, improved governance plan, and health and performance review. If this feels like the article you've been looking for, I will encourage you to keep reading. 

Keep reading to learn more about why SharePoint implementation fails. There's a lot for you to learn in this article. 

What are the SharePoint Assessment Benefits Everyone Should Know

SharePoint is the primary method used by all considerable businesses to manage team member workload. Despite the enormous reliance on SharePoint, users still have little understanding of how it works and have difficulty reaping its benefits. For it to align with your business requirements requires ongoing maintenance and regular assessment of the SharePoint environment. A business's potential and difficulties will be maximized by having in-depth knowledge of the SharePoint environment.

What are the SharePoint Assessment Benefits Everyone Should Know

An assessment of the SharePoint environment has the following benefits:

1. Determine the Need For Training

SharePoint may be encountering resistance from your team because of its complexity. A SharePoint assessment is the only way to know if it is being used. Even if this scenario can be rapidly resolved with some training, the first step is to ascertain whether or not the users accept it. There may even be instances where users work hard but take too long to complete tasks on SharePoint. Training is the only way to deal with these situations.

2. Usability Assessment

A complete analysis should involve conversations with the organization's SharePoint users in addition to a deep dive into the SharePoint ecosystem. You will better understand the difficulties and how to overcome them. These conversations will guide you through the labyrinth of options, assisting you in boosting collaboration, advancing adoption, and improving the organization. This strategy can be achieved by considering the user's point of view.

3. Security Regulation

Every organization needs SharePoint since it includes essential data. Regular SharePoint assessments are necessary to safeguard this data's confidentiality, ensuring that only the appropriate individuals have access to it-this will define how secure your information is against unauthorized access. Additionally, every SharePoint evaluation provides an opportunity to update the permissions for routine tasks, add a new member to your core team, and remove a contributor who is no longer contributing.

What are the SharePoint Assessment Benefits Everyone Should Know

4. Improved Governance Plan

Governance of SharePoint is not a theory. It is something that requires investigation and development along with careful evaluation. It encompasses all elements, including people, procedures, and policies. A formal governance strategy needs to be laid out for better management of the SharePoint environment. You must select a set of rules and keep them updated with new tactics that significantly influence data security, access management, and operational or functional issues.

5. Health and Performance Review

Understanding a SharePoint environment better will enable you to optimize the system by taking the appropriate actions. An organization can only fully recoup its investment in this manner. In plainer terms, this SharePoint health check can be thought of as having your automobile regularly serviced to reduce hazards, improve reliability, and address causes of poor performance. A health analysis will allow you to address problems before they affect work, ensure that there are no security leaks, or expand its capabilities for improved performance.

Reasons Why SharePoint Implementation Fails

What are the SharePoint Assessment Benefits Everyone Should Know

Implementing on-premises and cloud solutions built on the SharePoint platform can still be challenging for many enterprises. 40% of firms perceive their SharePoint implementations to be unsuccessful, according to a recent AIIM research. However, obstacles that frequently undermine the deployment of SharePoint have little to do with the software itself. Involving a SharePoint assessment will help you solve SharePoint challenges and advise you on the best measures. Here are the challenges to a successful SharePoint setup.

1. Lack of Problem Determination

Users can quickly adopt SharePoint after hearing a lot about its potential to address numerous issues relating to team and organizational collaboration, project management, etc. Many are confused when asked what specific issue they hope to use SharePoint to address. Implementing SharePoint without defining the problem is not advisable, as the final solution can be overburdened with pointless functionality. For instance, a blog component in an intranet will not be needed in a small business where employees must juggle multiple positions and are constantly overburdened with daily tasks because no one will use it.

2. Misuse of SharePoint Capabilities

Companies will likely fail to understand the platform's possibilities if they forego consulting services before implementing SharePoint. Therefore, organizations frequently overlook or misuse SharePoint's poorly configurable features, which can also result in the installation of SharePoint failing-this, should be avoided by all means. 

3. Lack of Skilled IT Expertise

For SharePoint implementation, maintenance, and support, a skilled IT team with extensive expertise in SharePoint infrastructure, database administration, data storage, security, software development, etc., is required. Many businesses don't have a capable internal support team to guarantee the SharePoint environment's high performance and deal with problems like system failure and extended downtime. More than 20% of firms, according to the AIIM survey, have never sought outside guidance or training for their SharePoint installation-this may negatively impact user trust in the system and lower adoption rates.

What are the SharePoint Assessment Benefits Everyone Should Know

4. Lack of Proper Governance

A SharePoint solution can quickly turn chaotic and result in users' bewilderment and lack of productivity if there is no suitable governance plan and policies. For instance, uncontrolled site creation will make it difficult for individuals to access content if a governance model lets any user build and delete sites. Additionally, if someone deletes SharePoint sites or pages, crucial information may be lost and duplicated locations and documents. It would be challenging to determine which document versions are pertinent in this scenario.

5. Budget Underestimation

Budgeting for the implementation of SharePoint is exceedingly tricky because integrations are frequently needed to fill in the functional gaps where standard deployments of SharePoint fall short. Even the setup of items that come pre-installed can be overlooked. In addition, SharePoint deployment efforts have hidden costs. Businesses frequently underestimate the expense of a SharePoint project, which could lead to an unsuccessful implementation.

6. Team member Resistance

According to AIIM research, user resistance causes SharePoint implementations to fail 25% of the time. Employees don't want to adapt to new technology or change how they already work. Such user resistance is typically brought on by a lack of understanding of how SharePoint may simplify work for each team member and boost productivity.

What is SharePoint Rapid Assessment

SharePoint Rapid Assessment assists analyze and predicting the duration needed to implement a SharePoint. It consists of three steps, namely:

  • Assess
  • Analyze
  • Recommend

The assessment identifies the details of an existing SharePoint so the modernization can be more accurate. SharePoint assessment helps organizations discover and analyze your SharePoint farm in a way that best suits your unique situation. 

What are the SharePoint Assessment Benefits Everyone Should Know


From the above, the SharePoint assessment greatly benefits your organization. Investing in it will be the best decision you can make for your business. It is always advisable to bring in a top SharePoint consultant when your business is getting ready to switch to a SharePoint infrastructure and perform first training to help decision-makers grasp what they would like to accomplish using SharePoint. To be profitable, organizations must regularly assess their performance and take the necessary steps to secure their ongoing security and benefits. You can reach out to Guru solutions for efficient Sharepoint Assessment services.

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