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What are the skills of a SharePoint Administrator?

Many people don't know about the skills of a SharePoint administrator. It's important to know, especially if you plan to invest in one. This article will be an excellent guide in helping you learn about the skills of a SharePoint administrator.  

There are several skills of a SharePoint administrator you should watch out for; adapt at configuring Sharepoint farms and architectures, and have a firm grasp of SharePoint out-of-the-box features. He should also be a great communicator and learner, have a strong understanding of IIS manager, active directory, an exceptional awareness of his daily responsibilities, network balancing, and SMTP servers, and master-level skill with PowerShell. Keep reading for finer details.  

Learn more about a SharePoint administrator's responsibilities, certifications, and more.  

What are the skills of a SharePoint Administrator?

Most companies prefer SharePoint compared to other platforms. SharePoint requires very skilled and knowledgeable persons to run it effectively and maximize production in a company. A SharePoint admin must be able to oversee all moving parts within SharePoint. In case of any issue, the admin should act promptly and delegate tasks to other SharePoint employees for review.

What are the skills of a SharePoint Administrator?

A SharePoint admin should possess several skills, some of which are gained through experience working in an organization with SharePoint and others through training. Here are the skills you should watch out for in a SharePoint administrator.

1. Adapt to configuring Sharepoint farms and architectures

A good SharePoint administrator must have infrastructural and architectural skills to configure and manage any SharePoint farm in an organization. For a prosperous business, you must ensure your SharePoint administrator has the know-how and capability to boost your business productivity. 

2. A strong understanding of IIS manager, active directory, network balancing, and SMTP servers

Sharepoint administrators also need technical knowledge behind the running of SharePoint integration and performance. As an admin, you must be very skilled in understanding IIS Manager, Active Directory, and Network Balancing of servers. If your administrator lacks a proper understanding of the SharePoint infrastructure, you might run into problems they can't tackle. Hence may result in severe damage to an organization.

3. An exceptional awareness of his daily responsibilities

Sharepoint administrators have several duties to ensure that SharePoint applications are entirely stable and optimized. Therefore, an admin has to monitor servers, handle content databases, and verify and apply patch updates on time.

4. Firm grasp of SharePoint out-of-the-box features

A great admin should have sound reasoning and logical ability. Sharepoint administrators sometimes need time to understand your SharePoint custom features in your platform. However, when it comes to out-of-the-box features, an administrator should be conversant with the tactics to handle any issue using the best practices without help. For this reason, you should work with an admin possessing critical and analytical thinking.

What are the skills of a SharePoint Administrator?

5. Master-level skill with PowerShell

To optimize your operations and grow business productivity, you have to deal with an admin who understands the ins and out of PowerShell. PowerShell as a tool enables admins easily undertake or automate their work duties-this is a must-have tool for any SharePoint to deliver accordingly.

6. Good at agile methodology and scrum software development processes

Your SharePoint admins should know how these methodologies work with the framework and standard procedures. Software development teams use Agile and SCRUM methodologies to run their projects. For this reason, they'll have an easier time passing information to the teams and also come up with helpful solutions for their issues.

7. Great communicator and learner

As you are aware, technology advances now and then. You must ensure your admin adapts quickly and is willing to learn new things. Communication skills are vital; an admin must ensure good team member relations and address problems. Sharepoint is an essential tool in your organization. It would be best if you had the right personnel to offer quality administrative duties within SharePoint to maximize business productivity.

What are the SharePoint Administrator Responsibilities

What are the skills of a SharePoint Administrator?

Getting the most out of SharePoint means having someone with skills, knowledge, and experience to assist companies in reaching their full potential. A SharePoint admin is in charge of all things concerning a SharePoint.

Below are the responsibilities of a SharePoint administrator;

1. Site and Account Management

When a team member is fired, an admin has to disable their access and retrieve the accounts they initially used. When new employees come, you" ll set them up with accounts if the need arises. You might edit roles and permissions to suit their new tasks. Sharepoint sites must be managed effectively since functions and data need to be updated concerning the users' needs. A SharePoint admin also deletes old or unwanted data to ensure sufficient space. 

2. Server Management and Safety

You must manage your SharePoint server properly to avoid having a slow server with poorly installed updates and patches. Information stored on your server must be safe and secure from threats to prevent data loss. Your admin should equally take care of internal threats. Employees should only access what they need to deliver their tasks in SharePoint.

3. Training Employees on SharePoint

Sharepoint is a complex platform that aids brands in improving their productivity. But it requires devotion to learn and understand how a SharePoint runs and what it entails. Running orientation for new arrivals is key to updating the new employees on their duties. It is your responsibility to ensure your SharePoint team is more than capable and willing to work together to make SharePoint a more helpful tool. As an admin, you must have teaching ability for a strong team.

What are the skills of a SharePoint Administrator?

4. Troubleshooting and Support

Working with SharePoint involves ups and downs, just like any other platform. Sharepoint, being complex, may be challenging to work with and handle. If any point in the SharePoint breaks, troubleshooting will have to come in handy. Here, SharePoint's experience and skills are put to work to tackle the problem quickly before it causes further damage to SharePoint and the firm.

5. Security and Permissions

Leave alone server security; you must also consider site and permissions security. A SharePoint admin must have administrative permissions on the following;

  • SharePoint sites and ensure safety is well enacted.
  • Edit and read permissions.
  • Limit those who have access to the site to only trusted employees.

6. General Monitoring and Maintenance

The above are just a few of the issues you" ll be handling. You have to take control of the whole ship, from the employees to SharePoint, and ensure no stone is left unturned. Sharepoint is a vast and complicated platform, so it is up to you to note any setbacks and come up with helpful solutions. Maintaining and monitoring your SharePoint operations is a good practice for business growth.

What You Need to Become a SharePoint Administrator

SharePoint administration is a well-paying job. However, you have to be qualified to earn this position. The following steps can help you become a great SharePoint administrator:

1. Attaining a bachelor's degree

A bachelor's degree is vital to distinguish you from other candidates with diplomas or general education development in SharePoint. Relevant degrees for aspiring SharePoint administrators include computer science, information technology, and computer engineering. A master's degree can increase your chances of joining SharePoint and growing your career.

2. Gaining Specific SharePoint experience 

You can gain the relevant knowledge to handle SharePoint administration by working in an entry-level role that regularly uses the platform. This role needs experience in IT; therefore, understanding Microsoft and programming languages may be crucial.

3. Become certified with SharePoint

Earning SharePoint certificates can help boost your proficiency in using this tool. The table below shows the three levels of Microsoft SharePoint certifications;


This certification level is advisable if you have limited SharePoint experience. It's mostly for professionals who want to change careers. 


This level is appropriate for professionals with practical experience working with the platform. You might also require an associate certification to pursue higher qualifications. 

Expert It's the highest certification. Its certification level is appropriate for professionals with vast working experience with SharePoint.



You now know what to look out for in a SharePoint administrator. Both skills and responsibilities are important when deciding to hire one. It is also good to understand that different types of companies have different SharePoint admins depending on the roles needed. So be clear on your objectives and why you need a SharePoint administrator from the word go. You can reach out to Guru solutions for professional SharePoint administrator services.  

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