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What are the Tricks to Achieve the Best Results with SharePoint

Everyone is investing in SharePoint. You need to learn about the tricks of SharePoint to help you achieve the best results. We thought it wise to create this informative article to help you understand SharePoint tricks for the best results.  

There are several tricks to help you achieve the best results with SharePoint; ensure you can find your documents easily, use a group calendar, tag your documents, make use of SharePoint add-ons, create electrics forms, secure your documents using lock features, and filter information with SharePoint views.   

Keep reading to understand more about the things you can do with SharePoint. 

What are the Tricks to Achieve the Best Results with SharePoint

Looking through some tips, tricks, and best practices that others have used to cut costs, eliminate manual tasks, and transform inefficient workflows into super-efficient ones is the best way to dive into SharePoint and fully understand the program's capabilities.

What are the Tricks to Achieve the Best Results with SharePoint

Whether you're a seasoned user of SharePoint or a new Office 365 subscriber discovering its adaptability, we thought you'd benefit from some pointers on strategically using it in your company. Whether you use SharePoint on-premises or in the cloud, learn how to make the most of it as a beginner or an expert.

1. Make Sure You Can Find Your Documents

The search functionality in SharePoint is a valuable feature, and there are many ways to improve this potent tool. Giving each document a purposeful title is one of the best methods to guarantee that you and your users can discover what you're looking for when using SharePoint. Because the title field appears first in search results, if you use the same title too often or don't give it a distinctive enough title, your document may be buried among all the other ones on SharePoint. Additionally, SharePoint can use metadata to tag documents with optional attributes to enhance search results.

2. Use a Group Calendar

When you utilize a group calendar for your entire workplace point and department, scheduling meetings can be simplified. Each individual may locate the ideal time for setting up a team meeting by seeing the shared calendar rather than exchanging emails back and forth.

3. Tag Your Documents

You might have problems locating the necessary document even if you stick to a single naming scheme. Tag your papers for Microsoft Search to display more precise and pertinent results. Tagging functions similarly to a movie's genre or a TV show's channel. It will assist you in finding all files that fall under the same category. You'll obtain accurate results from SharePoint in this manner.

4. Make Use of The SharePoint Addons

Using one of the many Add-Ins created to fulfill various businesses' demands is another approach to getting more out of SharePoint. Look through the list of SharePoint Add-Ins to determine if any of the applications could significantly simplify your or your workers' daily tasks.

What are the Tricks to Achieve the Best Results with SharePoint

5. Create Electronic Forms

Do you need to request specific vendor information to incorporate it into your system? To expedite the process, create forms in SharePoint that vendors may access online via a web browser. They provide Built-in data validation rules, allowing you to ensure you get the information you need, download the data directly into your vendor management application, and eliminate the need to enter it again.

6. Secure Your Documents Using the Lock Feature

SharePoint data security is not solely the responsibility of IT infrastructure managers. You, as an end user, can also help by locking documents. This feature prevents unauthorized users from making changes to shared files or documents. You can lock and unlock a copy by using the built-in record management tool. SharePoint will also display an icon next to its name, so everyone knows its unique status. This setting can automatically be added to the workflow to lock the document following approval.

7. Filter Information With SharePoint Views

Using SharePoint views, you may restrict your default information display only to show you the information you need while hiding the rest if you're dealing with information overload and need to access data from a specific department of your company, such as sales and marketing.

What are the things you can do with a SharePoint

What are the Tricks to Achieve the Best Results with SharePoint

With its cutting-edge platform, SharePoint makes collaboration simple, and access to the digital workplace has never been greater. Teams may engage and communicate in real-time even when each team member is in a different city because of its adaptable and user-friendly design. Below are fantastic things you can do with a SharePoint.

1. Create Documents Between Devices

SharePoint file collaboration was previously only available on desktop computers. Documents can be shared and modified on mobile devices now that the digital workplace is more agile than ever. Whether you are working locally or remotely, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents can be created and modified within SharePoint.

2. Keep Your Branding Consistent

Site themes can be customized with unique styles and colors, providing businesses the freedom to brand their SharePoint sites. This feature maintains consistency across all SharePoint pages using company branding elements.

3. Communicate More Effectively

You may quickly find the information you're looking for through SharePoint hub pages. Sites can be linked, sorted, and shared with the right audience based on a project, department, or other categories. Messages can be disseminated widely or on a more specialized, limited basis. When you search on a hub site, results from linked hub sites will also be displayed, providing you with complete search results in one place.

4. Automate Tasks in a SharePoint Workflow

Utilizing SharePoint workflows, corporate processes may be automated to increase productivity and effectiveness. Workflows allow for the management of process tasks, which reduces the time and effort required to complete a project. Five pre-programmed workflow types are included with SharePoint: approval, feedback gathering, publishing approval, signature gathering, and three-state workflows. You can design particular workflows to meet the needs of your business.

What are the Tricks to Achieve the Best Results with SharePoint

5. Coordinated Scheduling

Every team member has access to a shared calendar in SharePoint where they may view, add to, and amend upcoming events. Events can be planned by the groups that are established in the calendar. Additionally, each event type (a meeting, holiday, etc.) can be color-coded for ease of reading because colors make everything appear brighter.

6. Manage Internal Files

By enabling file storage in a single area, SharePoint streamlines collaboration. Project-specific files should be gathered and arranged in document libraries for convenient access. Libraries have distinct folders for every work or project, and files may be easily copied and moved between directories.

7. Versioning

Different team members save successive iterations of documents using the versioning procedure. Users can check a record, make changes, and then check it back in (with permission). The most recent version is designated by SharePoint, guaranteeing that the correct one is saved and used by the editing team members.

8. Continuous Collaboration

Future-proof employment arrangements will be flexible. Resources that let workers do tasks while on the go and away from the workplace are increasingly in demand. By providing mobile app access to the intranet, SharePoint satisfies this need. SharePoint is accessible on iOS and Android devices, allowing you to keep up to speed on projects wherever you are. Staying connected is simple, thanks to SharePoint's adaptable and mobile nature.

What are the Collaboration Hacks When Using SharePoint?

SharePoint, as an obvious element of the Microsoft ecosystem, makes it simple to get started — but there may be additional functions that your company isn't using.

Hack Description
Setup alerts SharePoint alerts will automatically tell you when specified documents are modified, making tracking the information you require easier. Alerts can also be used on critical documents to ensure that changes are validated.
Leverage shared calendar A shared SharePoint calendar system is one of the most popular SharePoint features because it allows everyone on a Microsoft team to collaborate more effortlessly.
Organize your corporate data SharePoint sites should function as a business intranet repository for much of your company's knowledge. To acclimate your new personnel, create as much core documentation as feasible.



Content management is the core function of SharePoint, and it shouldn't be complicated or tedious. Additionally, SharePoint's best practices make it easier for you to complete tasks. You and your team can make the most of SharePoint to improve and streamline document organizing skills; SharePoint will undoubtedly add new features to make work easier for you. The above are the best hints for anyone to use SharePoint efficiently and without clutter. Contact Guru solutions for excellent services on SharePoint. 


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