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What are the ways to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design?

Many people don't know how to reinvent their mobile-friendly web design. You should know those ways to help you get more from your website; if you don't know them, it's not a reason to worry you as you are about to find out. This article is informative enough to help you learn how to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design. 

There are several ways to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design; avoid text blocking Ads and pop-ups, try the different device sizes using your desktop, and use a large and readable font. Also, space out your links, change button size and placement, use a third party to host your videos, compress your images, make light images and CSS, and make your website responsive. 

Keep reading to learn more about how a mobile-friendly web should look and why you should hire a mobile-friendly web designer. 

What are the ways to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design?

The world is moving to mobile-first technology. Therefore, your website should be too. Having a mobile-friendly web design is beneficial to your business and web. It will enhance your ranking and traffic, which we all want for our business; traffic and high rankings automatically will bring in more sales. 

 What are the ways to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design?

Why should you make your website mobile friendly? 

Before you reinvent your mobile-friendly web design, you must have optimized your website to mobile friendly. That gets us to the next question, why should you make your website mobile friendly? It would help if you made your website mobile-friendly for the following reasons; 

  • A mobile-friendly design makes your site more available.
  • Improved user experience
  • Responsive web architecture is cost-effective
  • It increases sales
  • A mobile-friendly site engages google ranking

What are the tips to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design?

After making your website mobile-friendly, don't just sit and relax; it's a working process. It's essential to find ways and keep on learning about tips to reinvent your mobile-friendly website. Below are ways to reinvent your mobile-friendly website design. 

1. Make Your Website Responsive

You need to create a website that is available for mobile users. A responsive website design uses a single HTML code and a single URL for all the platforms. That means you will get the same content, whatever gadget you use to browse. Still, the website will modify the information according to the screen size of your electronic device. 
However, if you are using an old gadget that has a non-responsive theme and you can't switch, you should try the following:

  • Add this code line to each page, < head> tag: This process will automatically reformat to fit the size of your gadget.

2. Make Light Images and CSS 

You should always make your website as light as possible since each element on your website carries a virtual weight, be it an image or file size. Your website speed is essential, as Google uses website speed as a significant ranking factor. The heavier your website is, the slower your search engine will be, resulting in a poor rank. So what can you do to make your website light?

  • Compress Your Images-You can use a free online tool to compress your images when uploading them. Compressing the image will make it lighter and faster when viewing it without tampering with the quality of the picture.
  • Use a Third Party to Host Your Videos-Using a third party to upload your videos and then embed them to your site reduces the virtual weight of the video to your site, as the third party will carry most of the video the importance. To host your videos with a third party like YouTube, do the following:
  • Go to your WordPress.
  • Get the embedded code and press on the 'text' tab.
  • Search for src= "YouTuber here."
  • Add?autoplay=0&rel=0.
  • The code should read src=”youtubeurlhere?autoplay=0&rel=0”
  • Click on Update

Suppose you want viewers only to get your video through your page. You should set visibility to unlisted; no one will see the video anywhere but through your website.

 What are the ways to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design?

3. Test Regularly

To ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, you must do regular check-ups. You can do the check-ups using the following manner:

  • Use Google" s mobile-friendly tools to run URL-google offers free mobile-friendly testing tools that you can use to confirm how mobile-friendly the different URLs are- whether it is on a homepage or within your site. 
  • Try the different device sizes using your desktop. It would help if you tried reducing the size of your tab to see how visible the content and images will be when using different gadgets. Alternatively, you can right-click on your webpage, press inspect, and then select the icons that appear in the toolbar. 

4. Space Out Your Links

It is more complicated to access links using fingers than the mouse. Therefore, to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design, ensure the links aren't too close. This will help avoid clicking on the wrong link, which should link to mobile-friendly pages.

5. Use a Large and Readable Font

To get web traffic, the content on your website should be readable. Ensure that mobile users can read the font you choose. Reconfirm the readability of your font, especially when you type using your desktop. The same font can be readable on the desktop, but it might appear small on your mobile. Alternatively, use a font that cuts across the board to every user regardless of their gadgets.

6. Avoid Text-Blocking Ads and Pop-up

It is annoying when reading exciting content or viewing an image using your mobile when a big ad or pop–up appears on the screen. Most users will not bother closing the pop-up. They will find another website with similar content; hence you will reduce your website traffic. To make your web mobile-friendly, disable the pop-ups or set your site, so the pop-ups appear at the bottom.

How Should a Mobile-friendly Website Look?

 What are the ways to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design?

The way a mobile-friendly web design looks is significant because it will be the first thing a visitor will notice. By looking at it, they will be able to decide whether to stay or to leave. There are four elements that an excellent mobile-friendly website should feature. Check the table below;

Responsive page display This is the foundation of mobile-friendly web design. Users will see a miniaturized version of the desktop site, meaning they will scroll vertically and horizontally to find whatever they will be searching for.
Readable fonts If your fonts are not readable, what do you expect? The fonts should be easy to read; play around with the fonts, more if you have a logo with a specific typeface. 
Proper text formatting Keep your texts short and break them up with headlines plus lists. Users may find it hard to go through close-together lines of text on the small screen. 
Optimized media display

Test your images, videos, and infographics to ensure they look great on phones and tablets. Users should not waste time resizing their array. 


Why Should you Hire a Mobile-friendly Web Designer?

 What are the ways to reinvent your mobile-friendly web design?

A mobile website design is essential since mobile usage revolutionizes and affects how businesses are run. Web traffic has migrated from computer gadgets to mobile devices. Having an effective mobile-friendly web design will transform your business. To be competitive, you need to hire a mobile-friendly web designer. You must employ a mobile-friendly web design to succeed in this mobile-friendly world.

Why should you hire a mobile-friendly web designer?

Here are the reasons why you should hire a mobile-friendly web designer. 

1. High-Quality Web Design

When you hire a mobile-friendly web designer, your website will be more attractive; hence you will be able to retain the previous users while attracting new ones. People tend to go for beautiful things, and you will get more traffic with an excellent-looking website. With the knowledge and experience a web designer has, they will create a fantastic site that is great to click and read through.

2. Reliability

A reliable web design is a crucial aspect of every mobile-friendly web designer. Fixing website issues can be time-consuming and annoying when you have no idea what to do. It is also costly to outsource someone to handle the case at hand. But hiring a mobile-friendly web designer will save you the unnecessary pressure and resources when your website goes down. With their help, they can prevent errors, and the designer will fix them promptly when the error occurs.

3. Competitive

A web designer will ensure that your mobile web is up-to-date and that your website will be at par with technological advancements and trends. With their skills, you will be ahead of your competitors, getting more traffic and ranking. Some of these skills include;

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Design
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Newsletter Template

4. A Faster Website 

Hiring a mobile-friendly website designer will ensure that your website performs optimally. A web designer will create your site with multiple plugins and integrated features that enhance your website's speed and security. How fast your website is will result in how much traffic you will get and how Google will rank your site. 


Given the above discussion, it is crucial to design your website as mobile-friendly as the world is revolutionizing from normal computer usage to using mobile in assessing the internet. Follow the above ways to reinvent your mobile-friendly website. As you know the various methods of reinventing your mobile-friendly web design, you should consider hiring a mobile-friendly web designer to handle all your website necessities. We have highlighted the benefits that come with hiring a mobile-friendly web designer. Get one and enjoy their services. Guru solutions have experts in mobile-friendly web design. Reach out for efficient services.

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