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What are the Ways To Reinvent Your Process Automation

Most people have come to us to ask how they can reinvent their process automation; we've noticed it's a common issue among many people. That's why we resolved to write this article to help as many people as possible learn how they can reinvent their process automation.  

There are several ways you can reinvent your process automation; identify the potential, analyze and improve your workflow, define an executable procedure, prepare the required input masks, prepare for the rollout, execute the process, and monitor the results. I will encourage you to read this article till the end for finer details.

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of process automation. There's a lot to learn in this article.

What are the Ways To Reinvent Your Process Automation

Process automation keeps growing daily. Business people are slowly embracing it. We can oversee a tremendous increase in the adoption of process automation in the future. You will need the necessary knowledge and equipment to understand the process and know how to implement the strategy in your business. 

What are the Ways To Reinvent Your Process Automation

Below is an elaborate procedure for process automation;

1. Identify the Automation Potential

It would help if you recognized the possibilities for automation by evaluating your process portfolio to confirm whether you are ready for the automation process. Characteristics like complexity, execution frequency, and degree of standardization will help you evaluate your portfolio for process automation. If you have proper existing documentation, it will be easier to incorporate the other requirements like systems involved, dangers, and the repercussions of upstream and downstream processes.

2. Analyze and Improve Your Workflow

Before starting the automation process, you should ensure that you have analyzed your selection process and removed any form of weakness. If you automate a flawed process, then the automation will also be faulty. To make an informed decision, you can also do a budget and benefit analysis by comparing the automation process before and after. You can do the research through a simulation process before making any changes.

3. Define Executable Procedure

Transform your automation process into a graph to see how the execution will occur. The chart will include new tasks for execution. Afterward, you will add technical information concerning the execution process. The automation process that you will choose will define the upgrading that you will need. 

4. Create the Required Forms / Input Masks

After creating an executable process, you will design the required forms. The forms will help you see everything in perspective. Completing the forms will pave the way for the end users to validate the documents and improve the process's quality and acceptance.

What are the Ways To Reinvent Your Process Automation

5. Prepare for the Rollout

During this stage, you will have to ensure that all the technical activities you put in place for the new changes are in place and effective. You should also assemble your team and educate them on the latest changes and how to operate them. You should implement the technical approvals and management changes in good time. 

6. Execute the Process

The new process automation will be accessible at this stage. The staff can use the forms and graphs to implement and refer to whenever they get stuck. You can also do a test drive by allowing a particular department to execute the process before involving the entire staff. When you approve that the process works effectively, you can enable everyone to enjoy the beneficial changes. 

7. Monitor the Results

You can monitor the results and confirm whether or not it matches what you expected when setting it up. It would help if you keenly considered how effective the process is and whether the cost benefits the business. When you know what is working effectively and what is not, you can improve or adjust what you don't like. You can also use the observations for future automation processes. 

What are the Benefits of Process Automation

What are the Ways To Reinvent Your Process Automation

Process automation has a lot of benefits for your business. Implementing the process in your business will be advantageous in running your business. 

Here are some benefits of process automation:

1. Efficiency

Through process automation, your business efficiency will increase in the following ways;

  • Faster processing will ensure you serve more customers and meet various business needs. Faster services will attract more customers, investors, and partners, as time is essential in business.
  • Operations: process automation can work 24/7, thus keeping the business operations running. Process automation can also set aside tasks requiring human intervention when the staff returns to work.
  • Accuracy: by using process automation software, you can remove unnecessary errors as you have designed the process automation to follow specific rules.
  • Analytics Collections: process automation collects data on every task and gives an analytical report. The information you will gather will aid you in improving the critical areas.

2. Productivity

Process automation can boost business productivity. Automation saves time. The amount of productivity depends on the process automation you will use. There are two types of effective process automation, attended and unattended bots.

  • Attended Bots: the attended bots work hand in hand with human beings to complete their task. Due to human influence, the attended bots are slow.
  • Unattended Bots: in unattended bots, the process is automated and executed without human intervention making the process faster and running 24/7. The unattended bots increase productivity and are more efficient.

The type of bot you choose will depend on the task and nature of your business, as some functions will rely on human control while others will need a fully automated system.

3. Cost Effective

Process automation saves money as you can reduce the number of employees. Process automation can remove workers' repetitive tasks, who can focus on more creative and productive jobs. 

4. Reduced Errors

Process automation reduces errors caused mainly by human intervention. Process automation reduces errors by gathering data and providing feedback that the business can use to upgrade and solve any issue. Reduced error saves the business money and time since rectifying a mistake costs money. 

What are the Ways To Reinvent Your Process Automation

5. Compliance

The automation process can help the business comply with the set rules and regulations by building a compliance program that will automatically handle all the necessary compliance. 

6. Customer Satisfaction and retention

Customer satisfaction is vital to every successful business. When the customers are satisfied, they will refer more people to your business, and you will also retain the old ones. Process automation responds to the customers' needs faster and more efficiently, making the customers satisfied. 

7. Employee Retention

Process automation does a lot of work that would otherwise require the employees to do repetitively, making the work environment tedious. As most work is automated, the employees will be left to handle more creative work making it exciting and satisfying, and you will be able to retain the employees. You will need to involve your employees in the automation training process to be comfortable with it rather than fearing for their jobs. 

8. Reduced Paper Work

Process automation is environment-friendly. The process reduces and eventually eliminates paperwork, saving money and time. Process automation grows as your business grows. You can continually update your software to fit your business needs. 

What are the Challenges to Process Automation?

It is usual for any process or software automation to face several challenges, and process automation is no different. Below are the challenges associated with process automation; check the table below.  

Difficult to scale

Contributing factors such as limitations of tools, lack of strategic direction, and variations to processes bring about the difficulty of scaling. However, most of these issues are resolved if the research is done correctly. 

No goal management

Those business objectives and goals that are initially set in are often sidelined. Once the system works as planned, checking on the goals becomes a duty that may be forgotten. However, with proper automation, this can be avoided. 

Errors in implementation

One of the most crucial steps when developing process automation is breaking down all the steps into a simplified form. If the steps are left out or missed, the system will fail. There is no room for assumptions and neglect during automation: the process must be thoroughly detailed. 

Implementing everything at once An attempt to implement a complex system at once will not succeed. It is an excellent habit to automate one task at a time. This allows for incremental changes and gives more chances for prosperity. 



Process automation is an essential part of any growing business. As the business grows, you will have to engage in competitive services; thus, the more advanced your business is, the more competitive and relevant you will be.
We have elaborated on how to reinvent your process automation and the benefits it brings to your business, and you can use the information to upgrade your business. You can also reach out to Guru solutions for all your process automation services. 

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