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What everyone must know about website development

Everyone needs to know a thing or two about website development; it doesn't matter whether you are thinking about investing in it or not.  This article is informative enough to help you learn what everyone needs to know about website development.  

There are several things everyone must know about website development, such as; website development basics, your website doesn't appear the same on all devices, updating your website constantly, multimedia impact on your website, and great coding.   

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of website development, the process of website development, and much more. 

What everyone must know about website development

Website development involves all the stages put together to come up with a profitable website. This includes development tasks in e-commerce, content management system server-side scripting, client-side scripting, and network security configuration. Internet users are increasing rapidly.

What everyone must know about website development

Here are the things everyone should know about website development;

1. Your website doesn't appear the same on all devices

Your website appears a lot different from other users' devices. The difference is quickly notable when viewing your website using Google Chrome, and another user does the same through Safari on his iPhone. It all depends on how browsers translate and display code, making it hard to create a browser that will suit everyone's needs. Your developer should do what it takes to ensure your website is accessible through all platforms.

2. Multimedia impact on your website

Multimedia content can impact your site. Web developers have to use images and videos optimized for websites. Optimized websites load quickly with the same high picture quality. Effective multimedia content lengthens the load time for your website. It will make visitors impatient and go to other faster sites. 

3. Update your website constantly

Your website won't last forever because you must continuously update it. Browsers and online devices are often changing, so your website must also change. Outdated browsers offer visitors a poor experience due to their speed, inefficiency, poor display, or loss of data and content. Considering the evolving devices and browsers, your site needs proper updates and maintenance. 

4. Great coding.

Your website's coding influences its visibility in search engines. Your website is as good as nothing if it's inaccessible. Good website coding makes users easily find it. Coding is part of the foundation of your site, and you wouldn't want to joke around with it. 

What everyone must know about website development

5. Responsive and mobile design website

It's wise to consider responsive design and mobile design. Mobile design can be restrictive due to your screen size; this will avail tiny details of your website, and mobile users won't access all they need. Responsive design is highly flexible and allows websites to resize their layout based on the visitor's screen size. Responsive websites quickly adapt to all devices without altering images and navigational features.

Your website design should easily avail information for visitors. If users take the time or can't find vital information quickly, they'll leave your site. It would help if you worked with great website designers to improve your user experience. 

6. Website Development Basics

Basics will give you an idea of what to expect in web development. Below is a table showing the available website basics.

Basics About

Internet Protocol address

They are also known as IP addresses. They are unique numerical addresses used to access a website. They are responsible for tracking and warning you of spam emails and malware. Each device has a different IP address that separates it from other devices over the internet.


It's a language a computer understands. Website coding makes it possible to create computer software and websites. It includes abbreviations and punctuations that give commands to devices and programs. Most software is written in one coding language.


Refers to the part of the software that you interact with as a visitor. Front-end code is the technology users touch and see. It requires excellent skills to become a strong front-end developer.

It's also referred to as server-side-this is the invisible side when interacting with the internet. Back-end development determines how a website functions. The back end of websites majors on servers, apps, and databases. The server receives and sends data, the application runs the data, and the database ensures the data is safe.

CMS A content management system is a web application used to create, manage and modify web content. With a CMS, you don't need to write all the code from scratch. A CMS provides plugins and add-ons that let you create the structure with your code. CMSs are used in all types of websites. 


What are the types of a website development

What everyone must know about website development

Types of Web Development
When users click a specific command on a website, they rarely consider the underlying code that will take them to their destination. There are different types of web development that you should know about; check the table below;

Types of web developmentAbout

Front-end development

This is responsible for the appearance of a website. That is, color, icons, and how images look. Front-end developers major in the user interface part of the website. 

Back-end developmentBack-end development ensures that the website's code is in good shape. This code connects the website to the server and ensures proper data flow to the website. The back end involves what the users don't see. This includes servers, programs, and software. These developers collaborate with front-end developers to avail their products to users.
Desktop development

Desktop developers specialize in creating applications for your device and not over web browsers.

Mobile development

 builds apps for smartphones or tablets. 

Security development

Security developers come up with suitable strategies for creating procedures for software security. They also build systems that detect and get rid of security risks. 

What is the process of building a website?

The process of building a web needs solid strategies and ideas. 

  • Form a plan- It is essential to consult with the right persons before creating a roadmap for your website. Your goal, audience, content, budget, and website type must be understood.
  • Create a wireframe- All successful websites have a blueprint-this gives you the go-ahead for you and your developers. Here, you'll know where to start and the course to follow. You can have it on a whiteboard or using a tool you desire.
  • Draft up a sitemap-A sitemap gives developers the information required to achieve their goals.
  • Have a website code-Developers will use different coding languages for other functionalities. These various languages will create and manage your site.
  • The back-end of your website- This will be responsible for the data that enables the functionality of the front end. For instance, Instagram's back end stores photos and videos so that the front end can allow other users to view them.
  • Build the front end of your website-  Front-end development involves a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It's also in charge of navigation, positioning, and browser compatibility.
  • Acquire a domain name and launch your site- By now, your website will have an IP address but will also require a memorable website name that your users can use to find you through search engines. It's not easy; you'll have to frequently test your website before launching it.

What are the Components of Website Development

A successful website is identified by the number of users and the length of each visit. Having a high ranking and SEO of your site increases your online identity hence more traffic enabling more cash flow. Here are a few components you should consider while creating your website:

1. Content management system

Your CMS helps you manage your website. A CMS organizes website pages and metadata, making it easier for consumers to navigate your site. First-time website creators should consider using a website builder for a more effortless experience. 

2. UX(user experience)

For your website to be successful, you must make it accessible and efficient. Here are a few crucial elements of a fantastic UX:

  • Mobile-friendly templates-It's crucial to have templates compatible with desktops, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Mobile-friendly web pages have higher ranking and SEO than non-mobile-friendly pages. Build a site that provides the best user experience. 
  • Use attractive calls to action(CTA)-While designing and creating buttons for your website, you should consider using appealing colors. You should also mind the words you use for your buttons and use the right words. Use action-oriented words to motivate the visitors to act- a call to action. 
  • Use images carefully-Online users can quickly identify a generic or non-personal style of stock photography. Stock photographs may be high quality but may not create a connection between a user and a firm. Using images specifically for your company to market your products and services to your desire is wise. 

3. SEO basics

It's crucial to optimize your site for search engines. This will help your site become outstanding and increase your users' visits to your website. You need to identify the keyphrases your customers use to find your site. Below is a chart showing the basics of SEO. Take a look;

What everyone must know about website development

4. Analytics tools

After optimizing your site, you should monitor its growth. Analytical tools such as traffic statistics will help you assess parts of interest within your website. In other words, you can see what works and what doesn't. 


The tips highlighted in this article should be at your fingertips; they will help you know about website development and also guide you in knowing what to look out for when it's time to invest in website development. Contact Guru solutions for excellent services in website development services. 

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