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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

What Features of Sitecore Make Everyone Love it?

I have been thinking about Sitecore, generally on its features. Sitecore has great features which undoubtedly makes everyone who uses the software love it, I included. I'm well informed on Sitecore features, let me break everything down for you to get a clear understanding as well. 

There are many Sitecore features that help you to harness it to its full power; some are;

  • Multi-site capability
  • Experience editor
  • Easy integration with other software solutions
  • Excellent content management system
  • xConnect
  • Workflow
  • Marketing taxonomies
  • Content profiling
  • Marketing automation
  • Commerce

The above are just a few; a lot is mentioned in detail in this article. 

For a complete understanding of Sitecore, you must know its purpose for your business in all aspects; you must also understand how the features make your enterprise function at ease. All that will be found in this article as you read on. 

What Features of Sitecore Make Everyone Love it?

Sitecore is a modern experience platform that is robust, scalable, and powerful. Its features make it stand out as a leading experience platform. It's also a multi-channel platform that uses automation to grasp customer interaction and conversion over various touchpoints in the customer's journey. 

What Features of Sitecore Make Everyone Love it?

Your enterprise's success highly depends on how you relate with consumers. Direct customer interactions aren't the only sides you must refine, but all aspects of your sales, outreach and service processes must be perfect. But not to worry, as Sitecore has all the features to help you achieve all that and much more, as long as you choose the best Sitecore developer, you will be good to go.

Sitecore is feature-rich in that it has advanced editing and digital marketing capabilities that let users build exciting, dynamic, and awesome websites. With the recent updates, the features keep on improving. As expert Sitecore solution partners, we have put down the best Sitecore features that undoubtedly will make you love it and harness its full power. 

Experience Editor
The experience is a 'what you see is what you get' interface. It makes it easy to create and edit pages and saves you time. 

Multi-site capability
With just one Sitecore license, you can manage several domains plus microsites and share content between them. 

Simple integration with other software solutions
Sitecore accepts third-party softwares; Guru solutions can help you connect other software you've invested in like EPR, CRM, or ecommerce platforms. The customer data you get can be put in your Sitecore experience database. 

Excellent content management system (CMS)
Sitecore offers excellent CMS features: the page editor, user management and workflow, Sitecore web forms for marketers, and Sitecore states. 

This excellent feature opens up Sitecore's xDB analytics database, making it a seamless core system for any business marketing tech stack. It allows the collection and interchange of customer data across different channels.

Workflows moderate content, allowing editors to create one or several workflows following the business requirements. Workflows contain three elements: 

States(allocated for workflows) They are the different stages of content creation
Commands(assigned for states) Transfer content from one stage to another.
Actions(set for commands) Activates actions when they are in a specific workflow state. 

It allows the user to create new versions of content. Users can see different versions and tell which editor made them: this helps keep version tracks. There are two types of versioning:

Numbered versions Versioning of the same language items.
Language versions Versioning of different language items. 

Marketing taxonomies
They hierarchically categorize marketing activities for more outstanding tracking of activities. We have four types of taxonomy:

Channels Fall under emails, social, etc.
Campaign groups Categorize campaigns into groups
Assets Consist of consumable content like videos, pdfs, etc. 
Venues Location-based, such as events.

Content profiling
This feature helps track visitor behavior during user journeys by tagging content with defined profiles. It allows marketers have a better understanding of how content is being consumed. Elements of profiling are: 

Profiles Categories
Profile keys Reports the attributes of the profile
Profile cards To identify plus segment contacts and assign them to the relevant content.
Personas Fictional character for customer representation
Pattern cards They implement personalization, like mapping profile values to particular types of visitors. 

Email experience manager
Allows marketers to create appealing emails and allocate a distribution list. It also helps in tracking and personalizing email communication.

Marketing automation
It's an integrated system available from the main dashboard. Marketers use it to create automation campaigns to deliver real-time responses gotten from actions that visitors complete through the user journey. For instance: 

Trigger A customer leaves their shopping cart
Automation An email sent to remind the customer about their abandoned cart
Action The customer makes the purchase
Automation A thank you email is sent to the customer 

With the commerce feature, you can create a safe, perfect, and personalized online shopping experience. Users can set up shops using these essential tools;

merchandising Creates plus manages categories, catalogs, and sellable items.
Inventory Organizes and controls the availability of sellable items in different channels.
Pricing Controls pricing
Promotions Done using date/time, shop, catalog, or customers purchase history.
Orders Allows users to check essential data on customer orders
Customers Stores all customers' critical information
Relationship definitions Creates a relationship between sellable items and upsells

Sitecore analysis features three reporting tools which are presented in different views.

Experience analytic Categories audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversions.
Experience profile Shows a detailed view of the site.
Path analyzer Tracks paths web visitors take during user journeys. 


What is the Purpose of Sitecore?

Now that you already know the features Sitecore contains, it's time to understand its purposes. Sitecore is mainly defined as an enterprise content management system. Its primary role is to manage complex websites. If you have ever used a Windows PC, it will be straightforward for you to navigate through Sitecore. It uses a web interface that is almost similar to that of Windows. 

What Features of Sitecore Make Everyone Love it?

Sitecore helps manage online content, track, and analytics, build marketing campaigns, personalization, content optimization, and gain a single view of individual customers. It also lets you have all the customer data you need, all in one place with the help of CMS, and rectifies any problem with the CMS. It helps create, deliver and optimize for an end-to-end customer experience. 

It reduces the need to manage multiple systems and the need for more employees. In addition, it helps to supercharge your online presence while reducing complexity effectively. It helps in leveraging the help, which in return aids in increasing sales, improving customer experience, maintaining digital presence, and cutting costs in several enterprise tasks. 

Sitecore can be used for so many purposes with lots of benefits, but it's not a matter of just installing the app and expecting to succeed immediately. If need be, you have to work hard to involve your Sitecore partner to help you out in every Sitecore development and management step. We have the Sitecore and CMS expertise that you need to build a system that increases the relevance of your content plus the brand.


If you are yet to get a Sitecore for your enterprise, it's about time you do so. With so many outstanding features, you and your customers will significantly benefit. Guru solutions are one of the fastest-growing software development companies globally; contact us for your Sitecore services.

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