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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What Makes a Great SharePoint Administrator

Many people are unfamiliar with the skills and qualifications necessary for a great SharePoint administrator. For this reason, I saw it wise to come up with this article to enlighten you and others on what makes a great SharePoint administrator. 

There are several things that make a great SharePoint administrator, such as; a good understanding of Sharepoint, knowledge of SQL servers and Active Directory, and good communication and learner are vital in making a fantastic SharePoint administrator. Keep reading for finer details on the subject. 

Read on to learn more about the roles of SharePoint administrator and his importance to your business.

What Makes a Great SharePoint Administrator

A SharePoint administrator is in charge of installing SharePoint collaboration and content management tools. A SharePoint administrator is a vital job that requires expertise to run an organization's SharePoint. SharePoint admin might be accountable for managing a single SharePoint with multiple servers. However, depending on the company, an individual may be responsible for undertaking administrative tasks.

What Makes a Great SharePoint Administrator

What makes a great SharePoint administrator?

1. PowerShell(SharePoint Management Shell)

PowerShell skills are a demand to make a great SharePoint administrator. Every SharePoint administrator should understand, know and enjoy PowerShell day in and day out to work perfectly with PowerShell. I am saying this because a SharePoint administrator can only perform specific tasks in  SharePoint via PowerShell. 

How is PowerShell used on SharePoint administrator resumes?

  • Configures the audit log and generates reports using PowerShell.
  • Utilizes Windows Visual Studio for developing SharePoint sites and content. 

2. Knowledgeable in SharePoint

How do you become a SharePoint administrator if you don't know about SharePoint? You must understand how to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. You must learn the core concepts behind managing and maintaining a SharePoint farm. 

3. Good at agile methodology and scrum software development processes

Your SharePoint admins should know how these methodologies work with the framework and standard procedures. Software development teams use Agile and SCRUM methodologies to run their projects. For this reason, they'll have an easier time passing information to the teams and also come up with helpful solutions for their issues.
Web services

4. IIS,ASP.NET, and the .NET Framework

A great SharePoint administrator should have a broad experience in IIS and its relationship with the .NET Framework and ASP.NET. Understanding IIS Sites, Application Pools, applicationHost, and web. Configuration is equally essential. In addition, you must know how IIS handles user authentication.

5. Good at SQL Server Database

SQL Server understanding is underrated. A SharePoint administrator must not understand the internal structure of SharePoint databases to be superb at SharePoint administration. You must not understand the internal structure of SharePoint databases. Ensuring the SQL instance is well configured for SharePoint. SQL manages backup, restore, and disaster recovery tasks using Sharepoint.

6. Active Directory

AD is a Microsoft technology used to manage computers on others. AD helps in organizing company users or computer users. The IT department is responsible for managing the Active Directory. AD contains the company's hierarchy, which computers use which network, and which users can access the storage room. Active Directory coordinates with other groups for network integration for SharePoint. 

What Makes a Great SharePoint Administrator

7. Adapt to configuring Sharepoint farms and architectures

A good SharePoint administrator must have infrastructural and architectural skills to configure and manage any SharePoint farm in an organization. For a prosperous business, you must ensure your SharePoint administrator has the know-how and capability to boost your business productivity. 

8. Domain Name System

DNS is required to understand how web application hostnames are looked up. DNS is used to access information online. As a great SharePoint admin, you must understand how DNS works with IP addresses so browsers can load internet resources.

9. Virtualization

In a case where virtualization is being used for SharePoint or SQL servers, you should be able to identify and provide information on how virtualization can affect SharePoint and the restrictions put in place for Sharepoint. 

10. Analytical skills

A great administrator must evaluate systems to ensure they perform reliably and anticipate new requirements as customers' needs advance or change. You must be able to analyze situations and come up with the right solutions to troubleshoot the problem. 

11. Great Communicator and Learner

Communication makes a difference when trying to drive end-user adoption of a product. How you communicate as a SharePoint administrator matters a lot. As an administrator, you must be reliable and able to work with other members. You also have to be ready to learn new things and keep up with the advancing technology of SharePoint. 

What are the Roles of a SharePoint administrator

What Makes a Great SharePoint Administrator

Organizations employ SharePoint administrators primarily to implement and manage SharePoint to help colleagues collaborate, share documents, and store files. A SharePoint admin must be involved for any organization to run smoothly to meet its demands. You should know about the roles of a SharePoint admin so that you can know what to expect when you finally hire the services.

What are the roles of a SharePoint administrator?

1. Runs the Site and Accounts for Employees

A SharePoint admin organizes employees and ensures each is at the right post on SharePoint. When a team member is fired, an admin has to disable their access and retrieve the accounts they initially used. When new employees come, you'll set them up with accounts. You might edit roles and permissions to suit their new tasks.
 Sharepoint sites must be managed effectively since functions and data need to be updated often concerning the users' needs. A SharePoint admin also deletes old or unwanted files.

2. Security and Maintenance

You have to ensure the SharePoint platform, intranet, and servers are working effectively and are safe. You must manage your SharePoint server properly to avoid having a slow server with poorly installed updates and patches. Sharepoint administrators must ensure system backups are in good condition. All organizations want to protect their data from competitors. As a great SharePoint administrator, you have to safeguard everything about the SharePoint of your respective company. Top company executives should have more access to company files than employees at the bottom.

What Makes a Great SharePoint Administrator

3. Monitors System Usage

SharePoint administrators must monitor system usage by evaluating built-in SharePoint reports to ensure enough storage space for all team members. Sharepoint administrators also achieve ample disk space by deleting or archiving files and websites that are not in use.

4. Training Employees

When implementing new features or recruiting new members, Sharepoint admins must make employees understand how to interact with this new tool. As an admin, you might have to go a notch higher and do the following: create manuals to guide your team members, have in-person training, always avail yourself of any queries, and arrange orientations for new colleagues.

Importance of a SharePoint Administrator to your Business

A SharePoint Administrator has become a jack-of-all-trades. He not only becomes effective in his roles and responsibilities, but there's more. The chart below shows what the SharePoint Administrator effectively becomes once you hire him. Your business needs these roles. 


What Makes a Great SharePoint Administrator


It takes a lot to become a great SharePoint administrator. When dealing with SharePoint, you have to expect anything and have an immediate solution; otherwise, your tool may get damaged. Above are the reasons why you should work with a SharePoint administrator. They should guide you in decision-making if you are thinking about hiring one. SharePoint is a complex and powerful platform that requires technical skills and teamwork. You can reach out to Guru Solutions for professional services in Sharepoint administrator.

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