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Thursday, April 21, 2022

What Makes it Easy for People to Excel at Sitecore and Others to Fail.

Many people ask why it's easy for some people to excel at Sitecore and others to fail; there is no guarantee that you will always excel at Sitecore; it's all about putting suitable investment and efforts into place. We have written this article on our possible findings on why Sitecore reacts differently to people.

There are several reasons why people excel and others fail at Sitecore; you will excel in Sitecore if you involve a competent Sitecore developer, engage in proper caching methods, be fast in decision-making, ensure adequate Sitecore maintenance, and be flexible in your budget. And you are bound to fail in Sitecore if you work with incompetent Sitecore developers, if you are hard on decision making, work with a fixed budget, non-cooperative team members, and improper management of your Sitecore. Read on to get more insights on why people excel, and others fail in Sitecore.

Do you have a clear understanding of Sitecore? Its future predictions and what is currently happening with the Sitecore? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Sitecore present and future. 

What Makes it Easy for People to Excel at Sitecore and Others to Fail.

Sitecore's website needs a lot of hard work and resources to be put in for better results. You need to invest in your Sitecore and not just in terms of money but time, resources, and creativity. And that gets us to the difference between people who excel at Sitecore and those who don't; it's clear that you need to make sacrifices and significant investments for better results in your Sitecore and if you don't expect to fail. Let's look at the factors that lead to Sitecore success and failure. 

What Makes it Easy for People to Excel at Sitecore and Others to Fail.

Hard to onboard a new developer

Suppose you are the kind that takes time to decide on whether you should be onboard a new developer or completely ignore onboarding one because you think it might delay the projects. In that case, you call for failure in your Sitecore: you are insecure and lack management skills. You need to check why you may need a new developer; don't waste any time getting him if you feel it's necessary to get one. 

Hiring incompetent/competent Sitecore developers

It's one of the main reasons people fail and succeed in Sitecore. You need to hire a Sitecore developer who you are sure will be able to deliver the best for your enterprise; before settling for one, do your due diligence. Ensure they are certified, check on their reviews, meet with them, and analyse your project.

Hiring a Sitecore developer should be carefully done, as there are so many phony developers who will contribute to nothing but the failure of your Sitecore. Still, there are experts you can trust with your Sitecore project, and I'd love to believe that it is us, Guru Solutions.

Your team not being present

Sitecore success is more of teamwork, there is you, the developer, and the team and all of you need to be present and work towards its success. If your team is never current, who will help manage and run the operations of the Sitecore? You should urge them to be present, especially the marketers and the IT team. 

Fixed budget

It's okay to have a budget, and it's still okay to work within your budget and not exceed it. But when it comes to Sitecore, you must be flexible. After developing your Sitecore, you will need to spend extra, and unforeseen circumstances might lead to spending more than you had anticipated. For better results, be flexible with your budget, the rule of the business is to spend money to make more money.

Well version control of Sitecore items

The Sitecore items are as vital as the code; it's even more important than the code in some instances. A Sitecore project is not like a college project where it can work well without version control, it's serious business, and this can only be done correctly by trusted Sitecore partners. It's not a trial and error, either done by professionals or prepared for failure. 

Proper site caching

Sitecore implementations hide behind Sitecore caching; as a CMS, it's prone to caching due to performing many tasks. We always advise load testing without Sitecore caching and meeting your threshold earlier to beat your competitors. Improper caching for your Sitecore will lead to poor performance, which won't be good for your business.

What is the Future of Sitecore?

What Makes it Easy for People to Excel at Sitecore and Others to Fail.

Customer experience and technology are evolving at a very high speed, and it's clear that Sitecore is bound to more changes in the future. Take, for instance, how each new upgrade comes with unique features that make your experience with Sitecore even much better. We expect more upgrades in the future, which means Sitecore will keep getting better. 

The future of Sitecore is bright; if you are thinking about investing in it but are scared about its future, rest easy. Investing in a Sitecore is the best decision you can ever make for your business. With Sitecore currently being one of the market leaders in the DXP space, not forgetting about the CMS and DAM providers, talk about its features which keep getting better with each upgrade, we are convinced that Sitecore is made for greatness. Here is what the future holds for Sitecore;

Customer behavior, trust, and personalization

Personalization is mandatory and should be advanced at very high levels, especially now because of the pandemic, which has pushed consumers into online buying. Consumers expect to get personalized touch from the companies, and if they don't, they get so agitated. For key personalization to happen, Sitecore needs to be able to collect customer data from all platforms on all touchpoints. 

The advantage of this is that customers will not be able to leave carts as often. Also, sellers can browse history and Al pattern matching to find the following fitting products for the consumer. It will also enhance the relationship between the seller and the customer, bind loyalty, and increase repurchases and retention. Imagine getting your favorite face cream delivered every month without contacting the seller? How about purchasing with just a single click on the item you intend to purchase? That's where Sitecore is heading. 

The rise of augmented reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are expected to grow massively with time, especially in industries in the creative economy such as live events, gaming, video entertainment, and retail. Major applications will also be applied to healthcare, military, and real estate; with time, almost all industries will be able to take advantage of the demand. Augmented reality will allow companies to untapped new markets and audience groups and connect the digital and offline worlds. 


In years to come, retailers are likely to invest more in digital technologies that promote buying online, click and connect and picking up in-store to fulfill omnichannel shopping. This model has a high chance of delivering the speed consumers want but can be slowed down by supply issues; hence, it might take a while before being fully exploited, but it shall surely pass. 


Sitecore is the future of CMS-based web development. And to excel in Sitecore, you need to have everything in place, and guidance from a Sitecore expert is essential. He should be your partner from the beginning of your Sitecore journey. Sitecore outcomes are either you excel or fail, and the choice is yours. Guru Solutions are Sitecore experts with a great understanding of Sitecore; let us help you with all the Sitecore services that your site may need.

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