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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

What Should you Look Out for When Choosing a Unity 3D Game Developer

Perhaps, you have been thinking about investing in game development or are curious to know more about  Unity 3Dgame developers. This article will be a great guide in helping you learn about what you should look out for in hiring an excellent Unity 3D game developer. 

There are several factors you should look out for when choosing a unity 3D game developer; He should deliver on time, be well-versed with Unity 3D game development, have reasonable game development charges, great skill set, and have an awesome portfolio.

Keep reading to learn more about creating a simple unity 3D game and unity 3D learning resources. 

What Should you Look Out for When Choosing a Unity 3D Game Developer

The gaming industry has grown with excellent profit margins. The most incredible thing in the industry right now is the addition of mobile games, which have expanded and increased the demand for games. Fantastic games are developed using a game development engine, Unity 3D game development engine. Examples of such games are; Cuphead, Temple Run, Pokemon Go, Momentum Valley, etc. 

What Should you Look Out for When Choosing a Unity 3D Game Developer

What is Unity 3D game development engine?

Unity 3D is a cross-platform development engine for 2D and 3D graphic games. The engine has great features that transform your gaming idea into an excellent working game. Its flexibility will guarantee you easiness in developing any game. On top of that, it supports AR, VR, plus other latest technologies. The engine can be used to develop games across 25 platforms and develop AAA-quality games.

What to look out for in a Unity 3D game developer

Looking for a unity 3D game developer is not easy, even with many available on the internet. However, there are tips to guide you in choosing the right game developer; These tips will help you distinguish between the average game developer and a high-quality one.

1. Well-versed in Unity 3D game development.

A great developer must be well-versed in developing unity games that support multiple platforms. Using a well-versed developer can get several benefits, as it's a potential tool. He should be able to develop great games across platforms such as Android, iOS, Consoles, Computers, Augmented Reality, Web, plus Virtual reality. 

2. Delivers on time

Developing a game is complicated and time-consuming. An extended timeline is okay if the developer delivers per the agreed timeline. Once you get a developer working on your game, you leave everything to him. You focus on marketing, including releasing the teaser and the app for pre-registration, among other vital things, to promote the game. All the above marketing strategies will only be helpful if the developer delivers on time. You can go via the company's reviews and portfolios to check their abilities to meet deadlines. 

What Should you Look Out for When Choosing a Unity 3D Game Developer

3. Game development cost

It would be best if you are looking for a game developer who charges reasonable charges. Of course, Unity 3D game development won't come cheap because it's epic and high-end, but the charges should not be unreasonable. Going for a cheaper game developer may feel okay with you, but they may not be able to deliver good results. The high-end charges shouldn't worry you as it will be worth it. Additionally, you can do market research to determine roughly how much the game development should cost. Most importantly, get the development cost and plan written down before the game development starts. 

4. Check the developer's skill sets

In the gaming industry, there's always something new. The developer you choose should keep a close eye on what's trending in unity 3D games and updates on the latest trends and demands. He should also know about the features of unity 3D, their functionalities, and how to use them to develop a great game quickly. Check the team they work with; game developers, QA testers, 3D character designers, etc. This will ensure you get an excellent team of 3D developers. 

5. Check their portfolio

A great way to get a good developer is by looking at their past projects. A good game will speak for itself. Check its graphics, story, quality, gameplay, features, and downloads that the game has. You can also talk to their previous clients to get first-hand information on their work. 

How to Make a Simple Game in Unity 3D

What Should you Look Out for When Choosing a Unity 3D Game Developer

Unity 3D engine is robust, easy to use, and free to download! I bet you had no idea it's free to download. Although there is a more robust paid version, you can still do much with the free version in game development. The good news is that it can be used for 2D and 3D games and programs in C#, Java, or Boo. You don't need the experience to follow the steps I'm about to highlight below, although it's a plus if you have the experience. Let's get started;

Step 1: Create a new project

  • Open unity 3D, and Close the window that pops out with "Welcome to Unity." Click file-New project. Choose the location of the project.
  • Add the project's name ( in the screenshot, the new project is called). Check the screenshot for how it will look before clicking the create button.
  • Click Create

Step2: Customize the layout

When customizing the layout, every window can be clicked and dragged where you want it. You can also use unity's default layouts by tapping on the drop bar under the layout. There are five windows used most of the time with unity; Scene, game, hierarchy, project, plus inspector windows. Have a look at their functions in the table below;




The game-making starts at the scene. It guides you into the elements you have in your game and where they fit. Also, you'll find a block at the top right corner showing the spatial orientation of the scene. 

Game It shows the primary camera's view when the game is playing. It's purposely used to test the game by clicking the play button in the top center of the screen. 

It shows all elements added to the scene; it's the primary camera by default. 


Shows the files used for the game. Additionally, you can create scripts, folders, etc., by clicking create under the project window. 

Inspector For customizing aspects of every element that is in the scene. Choose an object in the hierarchy window or double-tap on the object in the scene window to ascertain its attributes in the inspector panel. 

Step 3: Save the scene and set up the build

  • Click the file, then save the scene under the folder project name. Save the scene as scene or main. Click the file, then build settings.
  • Add the scene you want to build. Choose the desired platform. Click player settings at the bottom of the build settings window; this will open the player settings window in the inspector.
  • Close the build settings window; you will return to it when ready to finish your game development.

Step 4: Create the stage

The easiest and fast way to create a stage is to add cubes. Follow these steps;

  • Go to a game object, create other, then cube. Reset the cubes transform by right-clicking transform in the inspector panel. Choose the cube and rename it "Wall" by double tapping its name in the hierarchy. Scale the cube in the X direction to make it long.
  • Right-click "Wall" in the hierarchy panel and duplicate it thrice to make four "Walls." Create a game object (empty) using the game object dropdown at the upper of the screen and name it "Stage." Reset its transform. Choose the four "Walls" and pull them under the "Stage" game object.
  • Add a plane game object by creating it in the hierarchy panel, use it for the floor, rename it "Floor," and drag it under the stage in the hierarchy. Ensure the floor is -0.5 transform in the Y direction. The floor scale in X, Y, and Z directions should be 1/10 of the scale you used on the walls. 

Step 5: Create the player

You can download the players from several places, like the unity store. Your game is about to be ready; make the player move around, add lighting, fine-tune the camera angle, make the camera follow the player, and make items. Eventually, make the player collect the items and display the score and create hazards. 

Where to Get Unity 3D Learning Resources

What Should you Look Out for When Choosing a Unity 3D Game Developer

Most people have been wondering how to access learning resources and enjoy their games. Here are a few resources  to get started with:

1. Unity User Manual/ Documentation

The best place to gain knowledge is documentation. Why am I in support of this? A manual direct from the developers have more meaningful information and is straightforward. The Unity 3D manual has a breakdown of content containing everything you need to know. 

2. Concepts in Unity 3D Game Programming

Learn how to become a game developer by mastering the concepts of game design and programming in this Unity 3D tutorial. This course is a start-to-end Unity learning tutorial. It comprises basic concepts of Unity. Here, you learn and familiarize yourself with the interface before going ahead and understanding the coding principles in C++, math, and graphic images. This is beneficial for beginners due to its simplicity in understanding its concept. 

3. Learn with Unity

Learn with Unity leads you to a page full of different ways to learn about the organization. Learn with Unity offers multiple options, including live training, certification orientations, and many more. Moreover, if you feel learning alone is not your thing, you can try community-based learning. 

4. Unity 3D Concepts

You will enjoy this course as it was built from scratch and gives you a thorough understanding of the Unity 3D engine. You will learn everything from scripting in Javascript to developing your own game. Unity 3D Concepts assists you in learning and mastering the basics of coding and creating Unity games.

5. Unity FPS Tutorial Series

MisterNinjaBoy from youtube can help you grasp the concept of creating a game from scratch. From the basics, he maintains an easy and user-friendly language to aid you in understanding all you need about game creation. 

6. Unity 3D Gaming Service

UGS allows users to create games in a single platform by availing tools for; Multiplayer services, Monetization, User Acquisition, and Game operations. Unity 3D allows developers to create, host, and grow their games in the cloud. 


The factors above will help you find an excellent unity 3D game developer for your game development. You will also get an idea of how to create a simple unity 3D game; however, if you want a high-quality, excellent game that your gamers will enjoy, you should find a game developer. We offer fantastic Unity 3D services at Guru solutions; reach out.

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