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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What you need to put Sitecore into Action

Have you been wondering what you need to put Sitecore into action? Well, you are not alone. Many people have the same issue, so I went out of my way to research what is needed and wrote this article to help you and others with the same issue. 

There are a few factors you should consider to put Sitecore into action;

  1. Have a great Sitecore developer
  2. Make sure you have a proper hosting environment
  3. Sitecore handling training for your team
  4. Have enough funds/money

The above are just mentions; you will find more details in the article.

Read on to find out how Sitecore marketing automation helps the business in its daily operations, its elements, and how to use it effectively. 

What you need to put Sitecore into Action

Every business is looking for ways to upgrade their business and make it easier for them to perform certain tasks and reduce costs by reducing workload, that is, perform the same or even more work but with fewer resources. And that's where Sitecore comes in, to help business owners, and I tend to think that Sitecore is a savior to most businesses. 

What you need to put Sitecore into Action

If you think of adding Sitecore to your website, you are on the right track. Actually, you are already late, but it's better late than never. Before you add a Sitecore app to your site, you need to know what to put into action.

A great Sitecore developer
That's the number one factor in Sitecore implementation; you need someone to help you with that, not just anybody but an expert! Guru solutions are experts at Sitecore; we mainly focus on developing and updating an enterprise Sitecore experience platform and CMS. Once you have the right partner, you can analyze the project together and give them your Sitecore objectives, making you a step closer to having your Sitecore in action. 

Proper hosting environment 
Check the environment you plan to host your Sitecore app and ensure it's reliable enough with enough CPUs to control traffic load. It will be of no benefit if your hosting environment is unsuitable, as this will greatly generate future problems for the Sitecore, including slowing down business operations. Consider the hosting environment before setting up the Sitecore platform since a Sitecore app should make your business more effective. 

Sitecore handling training
You need to invest in training for yourself and your team; they need to have at least a little knowledge of how to handle a Sitecore, how it operates, and how to maximize its features for the better delivery of your business operations so on. A Sitecore service provider can offer the training, and it comes in handy when you finally have your Sitecore in action. 

Have enough funds
For the success of every business, you must invest and use the money to get more money. In Sitecore development, you must be able to pay for the services, and even after the implementation of Sitecore, you will have to invest heavily in it. You need money for marketing, creating ads and campaigns, and paying the experts behind all the work. Sitecore is not a one-day job; investing in it keeps on happening day by day even when it's already bringing in profits.

And also, once in a while, you need to pay Sitecore experts for extra services to help you maintain the Sitecore; it does not stop from Sitecore development. 

How to Benefit from Sitecore Marketing Automation

What you need to put Sitecore into Action

Market automation aims to create direct private chats with customers by evaluating events and actions and responding to them instantly. To achieve proper marketing automation, you will need tools to help you collect data from various channels, analyze it, and determine the proper time to release it to the customers. 

Sitecore marketing automation is a new feature that was released with Sitecore 9. It's a brand new engine plus architecture made to eliminate all the loopholes consumers had with the market automation before. Here are the top benefits of Sitecore market automation:

Great level of efficiency 
Marketing automation makes your complete team more efficient. You can greatly reduce staff costs by freeing up some of your team members to focus on other tasks. It automates tedious processes like daily posting on social media: this gives your team more time to be creative and plan for the upcoming projects and campaigns. It's efficient in that your team can post on social media, post a blog, create emails for the campaign, and create landing pages all under the same software. 

Increase conversion rate
It helps to increase conversion rate and manage the leads more efficiently. Marketing automation helps track the leads, which you can, in return, use to retarget website visitors who don't convert and increase your CRO. Additionally, your team gets to have more time to strategize on the market and think of ways to get customers to convert. 

Accurate reporting 
Market automation has made analytics an easy target which used to be such a doubtful process. The software generates automated reporting, hence solving the most cumbersome tasks. You also get to have an overview of all the processes, helping you locate complications and friction points. 

Personalized marketing strategy
Your team invests more time creating rather than performing manual data entries: this lets them create more personalized content via its segmentation capabilities plus reporting. You get a chance to target your persona on different channels like social media, via email campaigns, or search ads. 

Marketing and sales alignment
A combination of both sales and marketing automation will be able to align the business goals and efforts. It will make the process of going from marketing to sales very easy. To add to that, you may be able to generate more leads leading to more sales. 

What you need to put Sitecore into Action

Lead scoring
It sets up lead scoring for the team, which will notify the sales team if a lead goes from the marketing qualified lead to sales qualified lead. This leads to greater alignments between your team with an automated process hence delivering real-time analytics. Hence, no time wastage and fast reach out to prospects. 

Scalable process
Whenever marketing processes and systems are involved, the scale needs to be part of it. You need to know if the process is scalable; if it's not, then it won't be worth it, and marketing automation helps in that greatly by helping create scalable processes.

Elements of marketing automation

The main element used for creating marketing campaigns are: 

Elements    Functions
Default elements Define the start and the end of the campaign. 
Broadcast actions   Allow marketers to communicate directly with the consumers through emails or SMS. 
Marketing actions  Help build contact profiles by adding details based on customers' behavior.
Listeners    Wait for contacts to perform a particular action.
Decision points  They are the extension of listeners and can only be placed after them. They are the direct contact with other elements.
Other elements Make it possible to move contacts to the right customer lifecycle stage. 



Now you know what you need to have Sitecore in action; the mentioned factors are critical to consider before setting up your Sitecore platform. The major factor in all these is a Sitecore developer; he is the wheel behind the Sitecore running. Guru Solutions are among the best Sitecore services companies globally; you can trust us for all your Sitecore issue tackling. 

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