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What's the Importance of adding a QA Staff to your Business

Many people don't know the importance of adding a QA staff to their business. If you are reading this article is because you are one of them. Keep reading to learn as much as possible because this article is well-researched to help you learn the importance of adding a QA staff to your business.  

There are several benefits/importance of adding a QA to your business; organized and well-maintained Quality Assurance process, controlled testing, enabled CI/CD, better communication, efficient reporting, and a non-technical perspective. Keep on reading for more precise details. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to plan an outline for a successful QA strategy. 

What's the Importance of adding a QA Staff to your Business

Quality assurance-QA is a must-have aspect of consideration during product development. It would be best if you had a QA staff create a strategic plan for product development to ensure your end product meets your expectations and is user-friendly. You may prefer a third-party quality assurance analyst for your business, which is not bad. But, adding a QA staff to your business brings more collaboration within the development and product teams toward building a quality product.

What's the Importance of adding a QA Staff to your Business

You may have a team of experts who know what they are doing and the product requirements. But a QA staff will help facilitate the development process, organize requirements for better understanding, and help create a team effort.

How QA staff benefits your business

1. Organized and well-maintained QA process

To ensure the end product meets the quality expectations, the Quality assurance staff will ensure that the development process runs smoothly for the product to be successful. 

  • To facilitate success and product quality in development, QA staff will organize the process by
  • Keeping all requirements clear, current, and in order 
  • Running other details such as product design and workflows
  • Answering developers' questions like behavioral expectations of the product 

2. Controlled testing

The testing phase is an integral part of a product during development. It enables you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the products and make the required changes.
 With QA staff, there is more control when testing your product as they;

  • Enable verification of any requirements needed during testing
  • Have a detailed plan for testing and the tools required to run the tests
  • Understand what needs testing because they were part of creating the product requirements.

3. Enabled CI/CD

Technology is developing very fast, and you don't want your product to be outdated in a few years. To ensure your product is produced within your time limit, you need QA staff with the oversight role to integrate CI/CD practices during development. CI provides merges of code changes added to a shared respiratory, triggering a new build. Your staff will oversee the integration of automated CI/CD to keep everyone working on the latest code instead of assumptions or ideas that have not been updated.

What's the Importance of adding a QA Staff to your Business

4. Better communication

You wouldn't want your product developed with small details not considered. A QA staff will make communication between developers and product managers possible. They take care of all non-technical issues required leaving developers to do what they do best: code. Hence making all team members happy by working within a conducive environment. They will;

  • Communicate requirements to developers
  • Ensure every suggestion is heard and put into consideration
  • Provide details on how the product is supposed to work for end-users

5. Efficient reporting

After testing, you need a detailed report on the test results, and you may not achieve this if you work with an external quality assurance analyst. Having a QA staff in your business means you can get a detailed report on the areas tested and the results, not just the bugs found on the software. The staff makes this possible because they have paid attention to every product requirement. With a detailed report, you can track the progress of correcting errors found and plan on timely releases. 

6. Provide a non-technical perspective

Most of the team members in product development are developers who work with code and are all-things technical. With a QA staff, your business gets the product view from a non-technical angle. 
From a different viewpoint, developers are challenged to think deeper about how to improve their product to suit the end-user expectations.

How to Plan an Outline for a Successful QA Strategy

What's the Importance of adding a QA Staff to your Business
Your business needs a quality assurance plan to ensure the end product is successful. You don't need a product; you want it to be desirable and add value to the end user. Your QA staff should create a plan to achieve a quality product. Below are factors to follow when planning a quality assurance strategy.

1. Define your goals

What goals do you have for the product? List them down. Goals should be specific and attainable in a realistic and timely manner; they should also align and capture your team's purpose and values. Quality goals must adhere to your organization's security, performance, and quality standards and match the customers' expectations.

2. Assign roles and responsibilities

Allocate roles to your team members depending on their commitment and skill set. By training and setting requirements for the team, each member should follow the rules set to attain the project's expectations.

3. Follow the acceptance criteria

To ensure your product meets the required market standards, follow the guidelines and comply with any legislation on producing the product. Following these guidelines makes your product secure, high quality, and user-friendly.

What's the Importance of adding a QA Staff to your Business

4. Design a test approach

Testing is a significant part of Quality assurance. It would be best if you discussed testing with your team to be on the same page. For an elaborate testing plan, determine the following;

  • which testing method you'll use
  • How you'll handle the test reporting
  • The tests that are to be prioritized
  • The test tools to be used

5. Put the plan into action

Once you have goals outlined, a team in position with the requirements needed, and a test plan, start putting them into action. To do that, the QA staff will have to convey meetings with the development and product teams to discuss these matters in detail and make changes where necessary. Also, ensure that every member has the tools they require to work for you to achieve success.

6. Examine the results of your plan.

Is your Quality assurance plan working positively for every product team member and toward a quality product? Check the results. If everyone follows the instructions depending on the project and the positive outcome, encourage them to continue. If the results do not align with your goals and expectations, discuss why it isn't working with the team and make changes. Also, give feedback on what is working to encourage positivity among your team members.

What are the Qualities of a Good QA Analyst

Working with the right QA staff is an excellent idea for faster success in your brand. Here is a summary of the qualities of a QA professional:

Good communication skills

Communication skills are vital to ensure client needs gathered at the beginning of the project are clear so that information is passed on to the people handling the task correctly and precisely. 
Prioritize A professional QA tester is organized and must be able to prioritize critical features and cases to be analyzed. 
Creativity Testers must see what's beyond the project and consider ways visitors can misuse the software. In case of any vulnerabilities, you need to know the product developer. 
Great at testing Although this seems very obvious, it should be taken into deep consideration. A QA staff must have the skills to dive into a module and run thorough tests to hunt bugs. 
Programming skills  In the case of automation testing, knowledge of coding can guide testers in identifying the types of bugs that can be injected during programming. 


Quality assurance is key in developing and maintaining a software product; it's wise if your business has a QA staff. They ensure the implementation of every requirement in the product and enhance collaboration leading to the development of a quality product on time. The planning on how to make a quality product needs an expert to implement detailed documentation of requirements and development progress. With the right QA staff, you can be assured of a product that meets all the necessary standards and adds value to end-users. You can reach out to Guru Solutions for great Staffing QA services. 

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