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Which Ways Can You Have a More Appealing Accessibility Sites

Many people have accessible sites but don't know how to make them more appealing. I want to help as many people as possible get answers to the question. This article is for you; I encourage you to read it till the end. 

There are several tactics you can use to make your accessibility sites more appealing, like; using meaningful link text, the proper text structure, image descriptions, providing all content as text, good color contrast, and background, and using clear language that everyone understands, and much more. If this sounds like the article you've been looking for, I still encourage you to keep reading. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of accessibility sites to your business, how to grow your accessibility sites, and much more. 

Which Ways Can You Have a More Appealing Accessibility Sites

It's crucial to mind how attractive and accessible your website is. Ensure that it is comfortable and easy to work with anytime. This way, you will reach a larger audience hence growing your business. Your web should also be accessible to people with disabilities containing all the required features to tackle any issue. Any evident obstacle when interacting with your web may result in visitors leaving your website.

Which Ways Can You Have a More Appealing Accessibility Sites

Technology laws have been applied to digital business accessibility. Businesses providing goods or services should comply with the accessibility standards as per the law. If this is ignored, serious repercussions and the necessary legal action can be taken. An appealing, accessible site will benefit your users and keep them returning for more. 

Here are ways you can take advantage of to make your accessibility sites more appealing. 

1. Structure your text by ensuring you have the correct headings

Number your headings in the proper order. By so doing, readers who use a screen reader will not miss anything or get lost along the way. Here, readers will decide from which point to start reading a particular page in the browser. Also, headings give visitors a taste of the content on a page. A well-structured header is very crucial for a  website to increase. 

2. Use meaningful link text.

In case you decide to add a link to your text, your users must know where it leads and what to expect. Unclear links may include; click here, more, download, etc. For instance, a visually impaired person may find it challenging to understand an incomplete link read from the screen reader. Make sure you have meaningful link text quite quickly and give your visitors a clear picture of what is ahead. 

3. Minimize the use of bold, italic, and uppercase text

This case affects people with disabilities, for instance, people with dyslexia. Use this style to emphasize particular words or phrases only. To some users, it may be challenging to read such. Ensure color contrast for text on a colored background is suitable, and low contrast text makes it hard to read for all users, especially those who are visually impaired. It would help if you also availed of a unified platform with a customizable contrast with all color combinations.

Which Ways Can You Have a More Appealing Accessibility Sites

4. Use image descriptions

Alternative text is essential for visually impaired people as it describes what an image is. To add an alt text to your vision, visit the image editor in your content management system. If an image is of no value to your content, ignore it. Let your alt text be short and precise, containing only what is necessary and helpful for users. 

5. Provide all content as text

Including text as part of the different types of content, you offer is essential. With more text, your site will be easily accessible using search engines. Provide a complete description of what an image entails and add an audio description to a video without text. In this way, the blind will also have a better experience of what is happening in the video. People who are deaf still benefit from the video and audio content because the relevant sounds are translated into written text. 

6. Use precise language that everyone can understand.

Plain English is suitable for all web content because users want to easily and quickly access the content. Employing the use of accessible language can help readers gain a better understanding of your message. Ensure your text is understandable to everyone to attract as many people as possible. Use simple language that is easy to read under any conditions without compromising your content. You should scan your website and make the necessary changes to make your site more readable for your potential audience.

What's the Importance of Accessibility Sites to your Business

Which Ways Can You Have a More Appealing Accessibility Sites

It is just the right thing to do by availing your website to people with disabilities and ensuring online content is accessible with the same ease as the rest. To have a successful business, you must have a good accessibility website that is easily understandable to your users.

Below are the importance of having accessibility sites for your business

1. Legality

For instance, just as a physical store should be easily accessible, so should a website. In putation
A badly accessible site will ruin your reputation and put your brand at risk of losing customers due to your incapability to deliver. Understandable and reasonable websites can attract more visitors. It is, therefore, essential to ensure all your users and customers are satisfied with your services. Once your brand stands out, customers will visit now and then. No user would want to interact with you after discovering your benefits are poor.

2. Inclusivity

This is another equally critical factor to the importance of digital accessibility. Every user should be able to browse and interact over the internet without limitations. How would it feel when you lack access to specific websites and web applications due to something outside your control? Therefore, it is wise to internalize the understanding of the web for everyone and ensure all users are accounted for. 

3. User experience 

By sidelining some critical features in a site, you are excluding many users by preventing them from having a similar experience as users without disabilities. Any complete website must contain all the necessary features to suit everyone's needs. Accessibility majors around user experience. It understands that certain features are meant for certain persons to improve their overall experience. 

Which Ways Can You Have a More Appealing Accessibility Sites

4. Audience

It would help if you made your site customizable to suit all user needs to reach a wider audience. Ensure your website has relevant modifications that align with assisting people with disabilities. Being there for every user is the only way to boost your brand.

5. Growth

Your website is your online store. An accessible site that favors disabled people will enjoy free marketing within particular organizations. Even though business outcomes are your main priority, it is equally advisable to maintain your users and customers. Preventing people from accessing your services is the same as digging your own grave. No customers, no money! 

Evaluating Web Accessibilty Tools

Accessibility evaluation is also known as assessment or audit. When considering redesigning your website, assess accessibility early throughout the development process to identify accessibility problems early when there is ample time to address them. There are evaluation tools that assist during auditing. These tools use software programs or online services to assess a website. Examples of evaluation tools include:


Checks the pre-enhanced version of a web page designed with advanced features.

Color Contrast Accessibility Validator A free website compliance tool that displays the color contrast issues of a web page per WCAG Guidelines. The results show color combinations that fail the contrast checkpoints and avail recommendations. 
Checker This is a warning about the HTML Markup code accessibility issue, and you can know the accessibility issue by an open console and see the warning. 

Sitechecker is a tool to analyze the whole site against accessibility criteria. It uses axe-core to achieve these checks. 

CSS CSS tends to warn developers of possible risks and mistakes that exist in HTML code. It also assesses a site's quality. 


Making your online store accessible to all users shows that your brand is based on equality and care for all people. For any business service to run smoothly, it must follow all the standards of web accessibility and ensure all clients use your website comfortably. Above all, your accessibility site must be more appealing. It is essential to follow the above for the benefit of your business. Contact us at Guru solutions for all your Accessibility site services. 

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